The Best Little Whorehouse in Paleo

The title of this post is a nod to a Broadway play and I believe movie by similar title, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  It was what came to mind when I learned that Robb Wolf was actually bringing his paleo message to the Bunny Ranch in NV.  The Bunny Ranch is a legal brothel billed as providing "Sexy Girls, Great Drinks and Fine Cigars since 1955".  From time to time this place has made the news, and such.  It's where men of means go to pay a goodly sum to obtain the sexual services of a woman.  

One of the things that has many in the paleo community upset lately is the supposedly "mistaken images" of the diet that pop up in magazines and such whenever the diet is written about.  There can be no doubt that paleo suffers from some of these problems through their own doing.  One such "misconception" is that paleo is a diet for men engaging in stone age reenactments.  Gee, wherever would  anyone get those sorts of ideas?  
Paleo has an image problem and if it goes more mainstream, folks like Robb Wolf should expect to be held to the same standards as the society as a whole.  It's ironic that he was bemoaning some supposed double standard applied to paleo science but thinks it is perfectly fine to tell me to go eff myself.  Then he goes off trying to make me out to be some sort of unhinged stalker type (don't these clowns have anything else to say?) which anyone who has read the emails knows is hardly the case.

So apparently there's some manufactured outrage over what I said in my last post:
Meanwhile, y'all will be comforted to learn that Robb's outreach to women is to bring paleo to actual whores (dictionary definition).

For  this I've been taken to task by Karen Phelps (who seems to have a bigger problem with Melissa but is just ... clueless in my opinion, and who I'm told does PR for AHS. Good choice there.)

Karen supports women whoever they may be?  Ha!

This is part and parcel of what is wrong with feminism and why I don't identify with the term.  People, all of us, men, women and whatever else should be judged on our own merits, for better or worse.  

Both Karen and Robb are treating Melissa and myself as one in the same because we are both women who have spoken out about some common things.  Karen, your feminism is one of throwing out strawmen and fem-bravado with such gems as: 
“There are also lots of types of feminists thru anti-porn to sex positive.” Exactly. And there are feminists who aren’t afraid of the word “c*nt,” who don’t care what insults are lodged at them because in the large scheme of things they just don’t matter, who understand that life is an even playing field even if the other players don’t, who know these things because they are borne of real life experience and not the wishful idealistic thinking of keyboard feminists who pretend to speak for all feminists while throwing other feminists under the bus because their ideas don’t jive.
My world is not one of feminists and non.  It is one of one standard for all and arguing ideas on that basis, not by devolving into profanity, degradation and ultimately threats.  Keyboard feminist.  Pot. Kettle?  Look at your last tweet in the above exchange.  The hallmark of faux-feminism is trying to pigeonhole women based on virtue of gender.  

As to the Bunny Ranch, I am not compelled by virtue of my genitalia to respect the people who work there for the work that they do.  But go look up whore in the dictionary, here is the mainstream Merriam Webster definition:  
whore noun \ˈhȯr, ˈhu̇r\
1: a woman who engages in sexual acts for money :prostitute;

I used the term correctly.  After all of the inane explanations about how the c-word can be a term of endearment between penis possessors across the pond, please don't come at me with the other definitions of the word, etc.etc.   I said what I meant and told you exactly how I meant what I said.     You all know there's no equivalence here.  Oh, and the same alternate meanings can be found for most/all of the synonyms and euphemisms for "woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money", including the incorrect term for the sex workers at the Bunny Ranch preferred by Robb (hookers).  

But what ever happened to "it's just a word" anyway?  Yeah, that's just exactly the same as just one of  the spews from Nikoley:

You'll see a nice feminist in there.  Sigh.  Too bad when I was being threatened by Kruse and Nikoley I just didn't have this installment of platitude laced fluff to see me through.  This was last May, so you all will have to pardon me if I'm not feeling all too empathetic to Robb Wolf's plight about his two year ordeal of committing to doing Jimmy Moore's silly ass cruise and some people (including myself) wondering why on earth he would want to associate himself with such a circus.  Poor poor Robb.  

For the record folks, the worst threats against me have been deleted. They occurred after the open declaration of war. Such posts and declarations have included the word annihilate on multiple occasions. There is no ambiguity in the meaning of that word. There have also been references to rape and murder (though not by Nikoley himself, posted for long periods in his comments section that he now moderates). Threats to post my address and place of employment (former I think, but cannot know for sure). To contact students and interfere with my job. This is not just name calling.  This is not a feminist issue ... or it shouldn't be.    Yet Robb and Mark and Paul and others are still doing business with this man.  That is your paleo community.  

So yeah, I think it is funny (not in a ha ha way) that after Robb Wolf tells a woman to go eff herself, and he chooses to align with and even accept the support of Richard Nikoley, his next speaking engagement happens to be at a brothel.  But Robb loves women because working at the Bunny Ranch is da best, and just like being a professional athlete for a few years because there's an exit strategy and they have a 401K and receive investment advice and good healthcare.  Woot!  Robb has the life getting to speak there.

Here is my personal view on the Bunny Ranch.  If you're going to be a prostitute, that's the best place to be.  Legal prostitution in this manner is a far safer profession than walking seedy streets working for a drug pushing pimp.  If you're a consenting adult and acting on your free will, so be it.  There are ample opportunities for women in this country to make livings in other ways, so I don't agree with one line of feminist thinking that these women are in any way, shape or form victims or vulnerable.  And I presume that if I did directly call one of those women a whore to her face meant in derogatory fashion, Karen Phelps would be telling her to suck it up.  Right?  Riiiiight.

But back to prostitution and the glorious environment of the Bunny Ranch.  This is not even remotely the case for the vast majority of the female population of this plane. I just find it sad that some women would voluntarily engage in what so many are enslaved to do.  I hope it is OK with the feminism police if I express that opinion.  On the one hand they make good money and all of that as high end prostitutes, on the other hand, they are still prostitutes and there's no sugar coating that.  And unlike the professional athlete, I'm thinking that being in such a profession is a serious impediment to entering into a relationship and having a family and things like that.  To which I'm sure one response would be how sexist of me to presume a woman might want to get married and have children as part of her full life, right?  Yeah, well there's other things in life besides making 6 figure salaries for a few years.  Yeah, Robb really thinks highly of the profession and would never mock it, right?  Below is the first four or so minutes of Episode 168, computer issue stuff edited out:

None of this is criminal, it's the bigger picture here.  For someone so concerned about his movement, Robb doesn't seem to have a clue how that looks to the outside world.  Apparently Dr. Oz (persona non grata  for, among other things, promoting questionable diets and allowing Gary Taubes to look foolish) is going to be doing a bit on the paleo diet and is seeking success stories of women in particular in the NYC area.  I do wonder how all of this would fly with his usual audience/following if a woman who struggled on the paleo diet or who didn't fit the ideal bill turned up ....

But continuing to dig his heels in (I'm not linking to Nikoley's blog, sorry),  Robb left this comment there in the "Friday Morning" post.
Wanted to say “Thanks” to Richard for posting this.
Some possibly interesting backstory:
Richard shot me the updated C-word post. I thought it was actually going to curry hysterical favor for people who do nothing but try to tear this whole thing down. Richard and I had a bit of back and forth on it, essentially “agreeing to disagree” and that was that. No internet bombings, no emotion filled whoopee-cushions.
So Robb's response is to mock me.  OK big boy.  This man threatened to annihilate me -- it was a real threat, perhaps not a physical one (who knows), but real nonetheless, and I'm not entirely unsure some razwellian types didn't already do their part to interfere with my life. Stuff doesn't add up y'know?  This isn't emotional whoopee cushion stuff.

Tell me, are there any female law enforcement officers in your program?  Any officers who have dealt with victims of these sorts of threats?  This cavalier attitude is most disturbing.
Today, on the heels of my visit to the Bunny Ranch, we have this. Bigger picture, more important stuff.
As to the visit to the Bunny Ranch, some folks who seem to get a lot of mileage out of the misogyny card gave me a pretty good ration for doing that talk. Actually MAKING FUN OF HOOKERS AND PROSTITUTES, and the fact I’d stoop so low as to interact with these people. THIS passes the sniff test because the vitriol is being dispenssed by women? Really?
I didn't make fun of hookers.  My point was of the "you can't make this stuff up" variety as regards the serious problem paleo has with women who dare speak their minds.  Where was there vitriol Robb?  Sounds like you sat on your emotion filled whoopee cushion.   
The reason I ended up at this talk is one of the girls who works at the ranch had polycythemia, horrible anemia and a number of other problems. This girl is a documentary film buff and, while watching the Perfect Human Diet, heard about some issues that reminded her of her own condition. She bought my book, ate paleo and reverssed a condition that had nearly debilitated her for 6 years. So, not only is this woman being made fun of by, misogyny concerned women, but indirectly so too was her condition and ability to do what a slew of doctors could not do: Get her healthy.
Repeat, I did not make fun of her, especially since I don't know her.  Tip here Robb, each woman is her own individual.  I would, however be interested in being put in contact with her as I'm curious what her response to Richard's behavior would be.  Can you make that happen? 
And here I thought “women’s health” “self empowerment” were important topics.
Umm, yeah, they are.  This has to do with the current topic exactly how?  Women can get health plans without having to potentially expose themselves to all manner of additional threats to their reproductive health you know.  
As an aside, before I started with my talk the girls and Dennis Hoff went through some basic housekeeping and business stuff. They do this every thursday, and part of this process is that two personal bankers from WellsFargo come to the ranch to talk to the girls about their retirement, investments, insurance etc. EVERY WEEK this happens. Dennis made the point several times during a perhaps 20 min period “You girls are making good money right now, but what you will be able to do when you are ready to move on will be dependent on what you do WITH that money. Take advantage of the help these people are offering.”
That is very nice.  Relevant here again how?
So, the hypocrisy of M&E are almost painful. And as usual, completely self serving.
"As usual"?  I see no hypocrisy whatsoever in pointing out the folly of your visit to the Bunny Ranch nor your tweet about it.   So if I comprehend what you are saying here, because you did such good work there (paid? not?) that justifies promoting Nikoley's site now?
And in a Libertarian vane, it is also telling that when you legalize and regulate certain “questionable”industries, you tame some of the worst infractions agains liberty and freedom. Some of these girls make high 6 figure incomes and will, after some years of undoubtedly hard work, be able to choose a variety of paths. The places where prostitution is illegal (almost everywhere else in the US) the Black Market produces the equivalent of slave labor.
Yes, and no doubt some of the clientele that have visited these women in NV have visited some of those you speak of in other countries.  It's OK, they make good money for what they do.  I'm not about to get into this more than I've already wandered, but I do wonder if Robb is so enthusiastic about careers in prostitution if he would approve of his daughter going into the profession.  I mean it sounds really great, right?   My guess is he would be less than so, and I'd ask he look inside to the reasons why.  
I was such a misogynist that I’m one of the ONLY speakers that they requested return to talk more about this stuff. What a complete dick I must be.
I never called you a misogynist (and I'm pretty sure M didn't either).  I called Richard one and actually I  think it was ItstheWooo calling him one in the comments on my blog first.  You have agreed more than once that his behavior -- for which he has made no amends -- is unacceptable.  Paul "agrees" apologies are owed, etc., but God forbid he not return the favor of a link or deprive the world of the great science to be had, etc. by holding him to any standard?   As to return engagements and spreading the message ... the Bunny Ranch is a one of a kind.  I can see the allure of law enforcement programs especially in this day and age with healthcare going as it is going, union contracts, etc.  There is plenty of room to expand the evangelism and reach a truly significant large number of people.  But if you truly want to maximize outreach to women?  

Meanwhile there are people out there who need the help of folks other than yourself and I'm pretty sick and tired of the back patting.  I help people here. 
I'll leave you with this lovely .... note the dates:

I'm not at all sure what he means by this, could be taken a number of ways.  Perhaps I can get some clarification.  I have more to share in this saga, but I've got a life, some thinking on this to do (whether it is worth the bother), and I'd like to get back to some science here.

But to sum up -- Almost a year of vulgar attacks by Nikoley against not just me but Melissa and others -- no big deal.  Use the word whore in the dictionary definition sense once, now THAT is worthy of mention.

Response to tweet at right?

It'd be a god-send if Jimmy cancelled the thing and it did not fall on me to make a decision.

Robb Wolf
email to me Jan. 3

This was in response to my suggestion that he share with his readers what we had discussed.  There were a ton of people wondering why Robb was still slated to headline the LC Cruise this year even before the whole debacle that precipitated all of this.   As many have related in comments, Robb has at least "evolved" his position on carbs for some time now and it just seems an odd thing to go at all.  It is my understanding that the 2012 speakers did have their passage paid and this is what not only commenters here have noted -- e.g. thoughts along the line of whether a free cruise is really worth it -- but scuttlebutt about the web.  He need not even have blogged on it, he could have responded to a comment here.  Or, since he was apparently bothered by my (paraphrasing) "self-serving withholding of information in thought-to-be private emails" but presumed I would share his thoughts with y'all, he could have just said "Evelyn, I'd appreciate if the next time this comes up in comments on your blog you explain my side".  Simple.  But then I'd still be belaboring under the misconception that Robb Wolf was worth engaging.  My bad.


Diana said…

Bravo. Another brave and necessary post.

The essence of the insanity from the Nikoley wing is that because you and Melissa are both women, and agree on some key issues, you form some kind of feminist coven, determined to squelch masculine freedom and dignity, represented by Nikoley, Wolff, Moore, etc.

Nope. We just disagree with you on some shit. Don't read anything more into it than that.

But they do tend to overreact a little hysterically, don't they? It must be PMS - paralyzed masculinity syndrome.

I do disagree with you on a minor note, but I'm damned if I can think straight enough now to write about it logically. It's that the women in the whorehouse aren't victims. I think they are. But not in the way the Andrea Dworkin (remember her? She was more famous in UK for some weird reason....) wing of the feminist movement thinks. I think that most of them are probably from abusive, marginal backgrounds and that this kind of "work" is reflective of that. Just my hunch.

In general, I agree with you about feminism. It's lost all meaning for me, if it ever had any. We have our rights in the US and in the West. I do not feel a sense of solidarity with other women that exceeds my ties of kinship with my male relatives. I think this was and is the major theoretical weakness of feminism - that there is an overwhelming solidarity between women that overrides all else. It ain't true. When push comes to shove, I choose my brother over some woman I am not related to, which is one of the reason I am so opposed to affirmative action for women, as women.

If that bothers feminists, tough.
Unknown said…
A science break
A high-fat, ketogenic diet causes hepatic insulin resistance in mice, despite increasing energy expenditure and preventing weight gain


Low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic diets (KD) have been suggested to be more effective in promoting weight loss than conventional caloric restriction, whereas their effect on hepatic glucose and lipid metabolism and the mechanisms by which they may promote weight loss remain controversial. The aim of this study was to explore the role of KD on liver and muscle insulin sensitivity, hepatic lipid metabolism, energy expenditure, and food intake. Using hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamps, we studied insulin action in mice fed a KD or regular chow (RC). Body composition was assessed by 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Despite being 15% lighter (P < 0.001) than RC-fed mice because of a 17% increase in energy expenditure (P < 0.001), KD-fed mice manifested severe hepatic insulin resistance, as reflected by decreased suppression (0% vs. 100% in RC-fed mice, P < 0.01) of endogenous glucose production during the clamp. Hepatic insulin resistance could be attributed to a 350% increase in hepatic diacylglycerol content (P < 0.001), resulting in increased activation of PKCε (P < 0.05) and decreased insulin receptor substrate-2 tyrosine phosphorylation (P < 0.01). Food intake was 56% (P < 0.001) lower in KD-fed mice, despite similar caloric intake, and could partly be attributed to a more than threefold increase (P < 0.05) in plasma N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine concentrations. In conclusion, despite preventing weight gain in mice, KD induces hepatic insulin resistance secondary to increased hepatic diacylglycerol content. Given the key role of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in the development of type 2 diabetes and the widespread use of KD for the treatment of obesity, these results may have potentially important clinical implications.

In conclusion, the present study shows that a high-fat KD causes hepatic insulin resistance in mice, which can be attributed to an increase in hepatic DAG content, leading to PKCε activation and subsequent impaired insulin signaling. Moreover, this study found that a KD increases energy expenditure, which results in weight loss. Given the widespread use of KD in the treatment of obesity and the role of NAFLD and hepatic insulin resistance in promoting type 2 diabetes, these results may have important clinical implications, as obese patients on such diets could lose weight but develop NAFLD and hepatic insulin resistance.
Unknown said…
Karen Phelp's definition is feminism is just whatever supports what she likes. Call a woman a whore? OMG OPPRESSION ALERT. Systematically harass female bloggers with misogynistic language including publishing rape and death threats? No big deal. With the latest bunch of rape and death threats, people pointed out that Nikoley didn't write them himself, but that blog post was heavily moderated. Each comment published on it, he had to approve. He did not approve my comment or Evelyn's or anyone else defending us. He clicked "publish" on a threat to rape and strangle us. But this underscores the whole reason misogynistic language is a big deal is because it creates an environment hostile to women, so it's really no surprise to me. Karen has a long history as an apologist for this kind of behavior so it's really galling to see AHS put her in that role. When your talk got accepted I had more hope for that organization, but now it's gone.
Unknown said…
Also Nikoley seems to think we are more powerful than we actually are, which is typically paranoid thought. "Act of destruction" hahahaha.
Vaclav K. said…
JM should now denounce Rob W for associating with a Brothel, dragging the good Paleo brand name through the mud.LOL
CarbSane said…
Thanks! I don't know that we really disagree on the women being victims at the BR, just that at some point we have to draw a line and they are making free choices (whether for all the right reasons?). I also think womens' rights advocates have their hands too full in this world with truly brutal, manipulative (and I don't mean mind games manipulative), oppression and slavery that goes on under our noses and around the globe to be worried over the plight of adult free women. (Yes I remember Andrea and the glory days of Gloria and Patsy Shroeder and now the names escape me).

CarbSane said…
This is related to my Mighty Metabolism Mouse posts. No surprise (#2&3)
CarbSane said…
I wonder if they think this sort of thing is good for business. It's all I can think at this point. PaleoFX still has tix available and has added a paid stream. As of this morning large parts of the schedule were still to be announced. I have not heard much about AHS sales.

Karen reminds me of the women who go along to get along for male attention and approval. That's all I'll say about that.
Mir Writes said…
I wrote a comment but don't think I hit send, but it referenced a similar gut feeling about prostitution--and I'd extend it to the porn industry, especially the extreme porn where women are essentially there to be brutalized for the male fantasy, in fake or real fashion (faked rapes, double vaginal or other penetration, tied up and slapped, etc)--that the women were acting not out of healthy free will, but from a source of damage (sexual abuse, physical abuse at the hands of a male family member or other, rape, coercion by male partner/pimp). I volunteered at a children's home for abused and neglected kids and I did volunteer and later paid work for a jail ministry. The jail work, especially, exposed me directly to the arrested/charged/sentenced of both genders, and I can say unequivocably that a whole lot of those ladies prostituting themselves fell into categories of abuse and/or drug use. Neither of which leads me to think it was, "Oh, what an easy way to make some dough while partying it up." Some were so spinned around in the head and under the control of some abusive figure (generally male) and the self-worth so low, well, fine, let them talk all they want, but my 25 year old self came to a conclusion that most of the women working in the sex industry got damaged early or late, but there's damage (generally from a man) and control (generally from a man or a substance or a man who controlled both them and the substance). I also remember two gals from my acquaintance, one in grade school and one in high school. Both suffered sexual damage (one from rape, one from incestual advances), and both went on to be highly promiscuous and one a runaway (and we all know how many runaways have to resort to selling themselves to survive).

To my mind, the sex industry thrives on a supply of women who've had hurt pressed down upon them in sexual or violent ways.

I pity prostitutes. I don't look down on them. I cannot imagine that's the lifestyle a female fully and freely embraces and enjoys, except in the minority. Sex positive? No. That's not my idea of sex positive. Positive sex is loving and mutual and not a commodity that is bought and sold like booze and entrees.

So, that any woman can write blithely in support of an unmanly man (cause manly men don't resort to abusive name-calling) who denigrates women with female explicit cuss words and threatens rape and annihilation, well, how the hell is that liberated, feminist, or even decent , never mind resorting to terms like sisterhood?

I do remember Andrew Dworkin. :) I'm that old.

CarbSane said…
He has a lot of time on his hands for someone accusing me of not having a life. I look forward to his documentaries. It will save me much time in assembling my infographic of the tangled web of quackery and fraud in the IHC.
Unknown said…

**I would venture to say that this diet is "north" of even the Atkins Fat Fast in terms of macro composition. Less than 10% protein and virtually zero carb = about 90% fat. (EDIT: The KD is actually roughly 5% protein, 93% fat, 2% carb) Even the high fatties in the LC movement tend to eat more than the conventional 15% protein.

Jimmy Moore's current diet ratio's - 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbohydrates
Karen said…
I live not far from the ranch and where i live we have 2 brothels. I worked at a travel agency. A teacher from the east came in to talk about a cruise. She worked at the brothel. Shr didnt work for the summer at teaching and answered an ad for an inocous position that i cant remrmber right now, when she arived her and found out it was a brothel she didnt have the money to get back home so she said what the heck and stayed the summer making a goodly sum. She was a victim at first but willing later.
CarbSane said…
George Henderson, please don't comment here anymore unless you can add value to the posts on the science.
Unknown said…
I thought the MAIN reason JM went on his ketogenic diet was to lose weight

"While the weight loss to date (73 pounds in 10 months) has been a nice little side effect of this self-imposed scientific experiment, there are so many other intriguing and measurable health benefits that have come from doing this–namely hunger control, less obsession about food, heightened mental acuity, regular restorative sleep, blood sugar stability, energy out the wazoo…I could go on and on!

Blood sugar stability - what happens if/when he stops taking his Glycosolve?? Why does he need it if his diet is working so well??

Less obsession about food?? What about his other obsessions?? Measuring his blood ketones, blood sugar, blood triglycerides??

MAIN QUESTION - how will he handle the maintenance phase?? He's ALWAYS regained after losing.

Unknown said…
Its funny because its not the first time Evelyn you have been misrepresented, happens practically all the time. What you say or write is always over-exaggerated or completely made up to make you look bad. It allows them to attack you and find lots of eager fans to help them out.
Karen said…
Just to clarify, though I know it doesn't matter, my comment was meant for you, the commentators on your post, and anyone who would criticize Robb merely for sharing health information with the workers at a brothel. I know you're upset with Robb right now, but that's no reason to drag his audience into the fray.
bentleyj74 said…
The term Robb is looking for [but not very hard] is patriarchal bargain.
Vaclav K. said…
JimKKKins is a scientist now , doing it for "The Cause"!
Unknown said…
This might explain JM's lipid'd on a ketogenic diet
Effect of a High-Fat Ketogenic Diet on Plasma Levels of Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Apolipoproteins in Children

Design, Setting, and Patients A 6-month prospective cohort study of 141 children (mean [SD] age, 5.2 [3.8] years for 70 boys and 6.1 [4.4] years for 71 girls) with difficult-to-treat seizures who were hospitalized for initiation of a high-fat ketogenic diet and followed up as outpatients. This cohort constituted a subgroup of the 371 patients accepted into the ketogenic diet program between 1994 and 2001. A subset of the cohort was also studied after 12 (n = 59) and 24 (n = 27) months.

Intervention A ketogenic diet consisting of a high ratio of fat to carbohydrate and protein combined (4:1 [n = 102], 3.5:1 [n = 7], or 3:1 [n = 32]). After diet initiation, the calories and ratio were adjusted to maintain ideal body weight for height and maximal urinary ketosis for seizure

Results At 6 months, the high-fat ketogenic diet significantly increased the mean plasma levels of total (58 mg/dL [1.50 mmol/L]), LDL (50 mg/dL [1.30 mmol/L]), VLDL (8 mg/dL [0.21 mmol/L]), and non-HDL cholesterol (63 mg/dL [1.63 mmol/L]) (P<.001 vs baseline for each); triglycerides (58 mg/dL [0.66 mmol/L]) (P<.001); and total apoB (49 mg/dL) (P<.001). Mean HDL cholesterol decreased significantly (P<.001), although apoA-I increased (4 mg/dL) (P = .23). Significant but less marked changes persisted in children observed after 12 and 24 months.

Conclusions A high-fat ketogenic diet produced significant increases in the atherogenic apoB–containing lipoproteins and a decrease in the antiatherogenic HDL cholesterol. Further studies are necessary to determine if such a diet adversely affects endothelial vascular function and promotes inflammation and formation of atherosclerotic lesions.

Unknown said…
Effect of a Ketogenic Diet on Lipid Ratios
Compared with baseline, the ratios of total to HDL cholesterol, LDL to HDL cholesterol, and apoB to apoA-I all increased significantly after 6 months of receiving a ketogenic diet (Table 3). Each of these ratios provides an assessment of the relative amounts of the apoB-containing lipoproteins to the apoA-I–containing lipoproteins. The greatest increase occurred in the ratio of apoB to apoA-I, which increased 2 SDs from the mean at baseline. The increases in the ratios of total to HDL cholesterol and LDL to HDL cholesterol were between 1 and 2 SDs higher than the means at baseline. Conversely, the ratio of HDL cholesterol to apoA-I decreased significantly, indicating that the HDL particles contained less cholesterol relative to apoA-I, a change that is likely to reflect an exchange of cholesteryl esters from the core of HDL cholesterol for triglycerides from VLDL cholesterol. The ratio of LDL cholesterol to apoB did not change significantly after receiving the ketogenic diet; this might reflect the already low ratio present at baseline.
Unknown said…
The major finding of this study was the marked increase in the apoB-containing lipoproteins, VLDL and LDL cholesterol, after 6 months of the ketogenic diet. This was accompanied by both hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia, which were so extensive that only about 1 in 6 of the study population had either a cholesterol or triglyceride level in the acceptable range for a pediatric population. Although the influence of age, sex, weight, and ratio of fat to carbohydrate plus protein in the diet was controlled for in the analyses, the results of this study cannot be extrapolated to the general pediatric population.
an3drew said…
Nikoley's commenters are bad off, man. Not all of them. Probably not most of them. A large number of them are bad news.
Harry's Acolyte said…
Interestingly, I've just done 2 weeks of eating ONLY between 5 and 7 PM and my cholesterol shot up dramatically. Got any studies that address that?
Gabriella Kadar said…
I fail to see why sex workers shouldn't be provided with information on nutrition.

I treat patients from all walks of life: rich people, poor people, mentally ill people, working class people, religious and irreligious, people who do things I'd never do..... but they all recognize the fact they need compassionate care.

I don't give a damn if Robb Wolf talks to hookers or bankers or university professors or whomever. There's that saying about if you can talk to paupers and kings.... etc. Just do it like a human being and don't behave as though it's all some super special chest expanding sort of activity.

Sometimes it's better to let things go because justifications and explanations don't forward agenda.

CarbSane said…
Re: 1st sentence, you missed my point. I never said anything of the sort.
Unknown said…
More stupidiy from Nikoley

From his latest newsletter

"What about thyroid?
I'm clinical hypothyroid. In the testing I've done, I have elevated TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) however my T3 and T4 levels are still in normal range. The only of the classic symptoms I experience is cold hands & feet during the colder months (not during the summer). Back when I first went paleo and was fasting regularly and felt great, I stopped taking my thyroid meds along with the other meds I was on for GERD and airborne allergies. And I still lost 60 pounds, so clearly my hypothyroid condition is not of the sort that prevents weight loss. Anyway, I had since gone back on the T meds, Armour, 90 mg per day. I still get cold hands & feet.

When I began this milk deal I was curious, though, and so stopped taking the T again. Guess what? No cold hands & feet after about the first week except when I'm just plain cold all over, such as last night after spending considerable time in the pool and walking around wet outside for a while. Anyway, I find this kind of remarkable, since I'm supposedly operating at a 1,300 - 1,500 daily caloric deficit and supposedly that's absolutely death to thyroid gland, or so I'm told.

Or, perhaps complete and replete nutrition trumps all and not "calories?" At any rate, I'm going to keep off the meds until I make goal weight. Then after a couple of weeks of stabilization, eating enough to maintain weight, I'm going to have a lot of tests done, including T."

Anonymous said…
Depends on what you ate and how much you ate of it....

Interestingly, your doctor may have some insights about it. And would likely ask if you kept a food log (I'm sure doctors are used to hearing answers like, 'I ate healthy,' or 'I ate whatever I wanted,' or 'I ate vegetarian,' or 'I ate low-carb,' as if any of those answers gave useful information!).
Melissa McewenMarch 26, 2013 at 3:25 PM
“Also Nikoley seems to think we are more powerful than we actually are, which is typically paranoid thought“

I have been fortunate enough to know some highly intelligent, smart and attractive women. Highly confident, self assured, successful and powerful. They knew what they wanted, and got it, they had a quiet power over men. The best I married. Does that make me a misogynist, am I paranoid ?

Gabriella Kadar said…
Charles, there's nothing stopping him from finding out that it takes several weeks to experience the 'hypothyroid' symptoms when a person stops taking thyroid hormone. It also takes two to three months at least to stabilize once a person returns to taking thyroxine on a daily basis. And to top it all off it isn't 'mg' doses it's 'mcg' or micrograms. You see the problem, yes? It's kind of a JM sort of thing going on.

Hypothyroidism also results in flabby muscles and myxedema. It worsens sleep apnea. I wouldn't be second guessing the endocrinologist like that but people are entitled to make their own choices even if they are not wise choices. Probably his cortisol isn't normal either.

Unknown said…
Must not have been very smart if she married you since you can't even seem to read that sentence correctly.
Don! said…
I agree with most of what you're saying, but FYI Armour does come in mg doses, as do other desiccated thyroid products. 60mg of Armour (aka 1 grain) contains 38mcg of thyroxine (T4) and 9mcg of triiodothyronine (T3).
Woodey said…
MY first thought on that Coconuts was Jimmy with his strong Christian moral code should denounce Robb, but then reality sunk in and I find it rather obvious that Jimmy's faith is more of a business draw than anything else. I have yet to see any action from Jimmy that indicates his life revolves around the teachings of Christ.

Everything considered I am actually enjoying the show the Paleo/LC people provide. I can now laugh at myself for thinking that these people actually had their stuff together and where leading the way in a better eating lifestyle that would enhance our lives.

Do you think Robb forfeited his speaking fee for some nookie?"Give me a blonde, a brunette, and throw in a couple of lap dances for my crew and call us even."