Robb Wolf just posted on ItstheWooo's blog.  He is seriously clueless.  Oh he so just buried himself here.  First off he posts on a blog that regularly derides respected Stephan Guyenet.  Second, I didn't "drug him into" Krusegate.  I have emails & tapes.


Vaclav K. said…
"3- This whole thing comes out of my pocket and has been a pain in the ass for going on two fucking years." (Robb Wolf)

I can see his point, a week with Jimmer and his Nutty K sycophants doesn't sound like much fun.

Or, maybe I just don't comprehend his meaning.

Unknown said…
Robb Wolf17 March 2013 11:57
I am beyond honored you took interest in my plight! I owe you NorCal Margaritas until the tequila bottle is empty.

Carole Sampson17 March 2013 12:20
Hi Robb,
Now, that's an offer I can't refuse! I was sorta worried about posting about you (and putting semi-naked pics of you :) ) on the blog. I think your recent events really illustrate that Evelyn is interfering with people's real lives, when she has absolutely no right to.

The point of this blog is to provide a central place where people can air their honest opinions about someone who is unpleasant and doing her best to gain notoriety in order to feed her need for attention.

There are going to be many, many comments around the web, but I think it will be useful to gather them into a central location, so that people have more easy-to-access information with which to judge her credibility.
I think too many people are too professional and don't want to make a fuss about her. The biggest mistake people make is to assume that she is rational and should therefore have a voice. More people really need to tell her to FOAD. (And, yes, Evelyn, there is a REAL FUCK in there.)

Anyways, thanks for getting in touch, Robb. I know that there are very many people who like and respect you, and that you have a lot of contacts. If you can spread the word about this blog, that would be cool!

Unknown said…

One particular gem of a discovery is the NorCal Margarita. It’s a tasty adult beverage that the nutrition geek can enjoy, thanks to science!

2–3 shots of 100% agave tequila.
Juice and pulp from one lime.
Shake it all up with some ice.
Add soda water to taste.
Also, I’ve found that it can help to make a few of them at a time, to average out the different sizes of limes.

This drink is wonderful, for a few reasons:

Tequila is delicous.
Tequila is fermented agave juice, which makes it gluten- or and starch-free. Gluten, as nutrition geeks know, is a gut irritant and just generally bad stuff, and starches are way too dense with unnecessary carbs. Rum could likewise work well here.
Lime juice blunts the insulin response of the alcohol, maintaining your precious and hard-earned insulin sensitivity.
The lime juice also provides a net alkaline load when it gets to the blood stream, which is a good thing. Most other foods provide a net acid load, and it’s nice to balance that out.
The carbon dioxide bubbles in the soda water help get the ethanol into your blood more quickly. This has the practical effect of allowing you to drink a bit less for the same effect.
Travis Culp said…
Wolf should watch out, lest that disgusting slag starts stalking him as well. I can just imagine the toxic miasma of alcohol and Valtrex that wafts out of mouth when she talks. *shudders*
CarbSane said…
Link please Charles :-D
Gabriella Kadar said…
Charles, have you ever had an alcoholic beverage?
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
Travis, can we refrain from women-hating insults like slag?
Unknown said…
More than I care to admit - in my past.

I remember when I did a trek to the Mt Everest base camp I and other members of our group made the mistake of trying to drink with the sherpas - a mistake that will NEVER be repeated
CarbSane said…
Oh woe is me. He hath made his bed.
Travis Culp said…
Dang, I was so psyched about finally using it

It's interesting how knee-jerk disgust results in an uncharacteristic use of misogyny, misandry, racism, petty insults etc.
CarbSane said…
Two years? That would pretty much take me out of the making Robb make stupid decisions running. LOL.
Travis Culp said…
Do you interpret that as the person being an actual misogynist and the truth just comes out in moments of anger or is it a natural human inclination to grasp at the low-hanging fruit rather than form a substantive critique? Like, if I see a Dick Nixonoley post and immediately think "here's that fat, lactating baboon again" does that mean that I deep down I hate fat people, those unfortunate men who lactate and baboons? I dunno, I donate a lot of my time to trying to help people lose weight, I've never met a dude whom I know lactates, and I was quite fond of the mandrills I saw at the zoo a couple years ago.

On the other hand, you've correctly characterized me as being puritanical on PH and my views toward women are definitely consistent with that for whatever reason. Making the "venomous woman...must be a slut" leap is more than a bit illogical, I'll readily admit. Hmm...does misogyny used in the defense of a woman even out?
Travis Culp said…
I can't tell if that's a Kruse parody or an earnest anecdote. Does that mean I'm an idiot?
Gabriella Kadar said…
That's a relief Charles. We all do crazy shit.

Diana said…
I don't think the word slag is misogynist. If I am going to insist on a red line with respect to c*nt, and I will, I'm going to have to be flexible on other words. C*nt is in a category of itself with respect to violent misogyny, and frankly I'd rather not elaborate. You either get it or you don't. Slag doesn't ring any bells with me.

Regarding Carbsaner, she's a sad case. I briefly looked over her sad little websty, with its attempted satire at Carbsane (be complimented, Evelyn) and was underwhelmed. Charging Evelyn with not having a life, and of being a stalker, while stalking and imitating Evelyn is more than a little pathetic, no?

And being taken in by Jimmy's latest antics shows her up to be a gullible fool.
Diana said…
You went to the Himalayas? I'm envious of you, Charles. What do the sherpas drink? Some kind of beer? Fermented from what?
Alcohol fueled thermogenesis at altitude-that would make iceman Wim Hof jealous.
Unknown said…
Robb Wolf adds value every day. I have been here a number of times, and you know what, you don't. You seem to have a life mission to be a victim and tear down others. Its not a great legacy.
Unknown said…
Look me up on the web. I have my own business here in Calgary Alberta Canada. I didn't bother trying to hide my identity. If you can't stand behind what you say, then of what value is it? I won't pretend to have followed every word Evelyn has written, but I've read a lot. Invariably, she always strikes me as someone who feels the need to be seen as right, even when it's not relevant. I could be wrong, but I really doubt it in this case. Robb Wolf is a guy who cares, and a guy who is willing to change his mind when the evidence says he should. I think he's also a guy with a pretty high moral compass. I have no way of knowing that for sure because I could easily be fooled, but you know what, I'm pretty good at smelling phonies, and I smell one in Carbsane, not Wolff.
Unknown said…
Travis dude, you need some butter and some actual sex with a woman because you are seriously out of touch.
Travis Culp said…
Hmm? I'm a bit baffled by this non sequitur. I thought we were settling in for a civil discussion.

Do you mean if I consume a food like butter that is packed with 17β-estradiol, I'll better understand what it's like to be a woman? Or the same effect as a result of "knowing" a woman Biblically?
Jane said…
Pretty good at smelling phonies, are you Mario? Remember me? You and I had a fight on Denise Minger's blog. I think I won. You thought I was a phony.
CarbSane said…
Mario, how about you tell me, in your own words, one overarching concept I blog on?
river rance said…
Someone needs to check RW’s arm, it may be broken from patting himself on the back.

“So, to re-cap:
1-I am going as I gave Jimmy my WORD.
2-I am not happy about the David Duke gig, nor the fact I’ll be gone from my family for too damn long.
3- This whole thing comes out of my pocket and has been a pain in the ass for going on two fucking years.”

So there Jimmy! That’s how Robb Wolf really feels about you and your cruise.

There’s not a dry eye in the house after reading RW’s “honor over death” post.

Small men have no boundaries.
Diana said…
What is the big picture here?

A bunch of dudes selling phony pseudo-scientific shit to a bunch of naive fools.

Somebody please tell me, how much money did Einstein make off of relativity?

What was he selling? Nothing. He offered.
Travis Culp said…
Diana: Exactly.

Every one of these hucksters dressed up the Atkins diet in a loin cloth and is peddling it for $$$. Unless they run a supermarket chain, there is nothing whatsoever to buy from them.

Unlike relativity, 99% of what you need to know only occupies one sentence: Eat whole foods.
Travis Culp said…
Also...what do you mean by actual sex? Are you saying I haven't been doing it right this whole time? Would you happen to sell an e-book that delves into the nuances? FYI, I'm unwilling to pay a penny more than $39.99 for it.
I think she meant that you need to USE the actual grassfed butter DURING sex, then enlightenment will arise. Butter is magic, ya know. (Well, it used to be on bread, but now that I don't much eat bread, the magic is gone, gone, gone.)
Travis Culp said…
Oh crap, I've definitely been doing it wrong! Wait...did people have sex before dairy farming? Is the world actually 8000 years old? So many questions. God damn it. I mean...God BLESS it! Whew.
Unknown said…
It wasn't beer - it was something they made in the evenings - they were INCREDIBLE - most of them smoked, drank - but we COULD NOT keep up with them.

My trip to Turkey was also interesting - whitewater rafting on the Choru - one of the guys brought along a case of Russian Vodka - is RUI (rafting under the influence) a crime?? - russian vodka and cherry juice - we went during Ramadan - after sunset can they party - OMG - we would pull into villages and eat (ancestral - fresh fruit, fresh meats) I never ate so much figs in my life
Gwen said…
I always love your comments, River Rance. :)

Travis Culp said…
I feel really bad now about my condescending comments toward you regarding the nutritiousness of vegetables (something I take very seriously LOL). You're a pretty swell gal after all.
Simon Carter said…
So Evelyn, you have nothing to say about Travis's comment above:"Wolf should watch out, lest that disgusting slag starts stalking him as well. I can just imagine the toxic miasma of alcohol and Valtrex that wafts out of mouth when she talks. *shudders*"?
river rance said…
I just got an advance copy of Robb Wolf's speech (lecture) he'll be giving on the LLCLC aka (living low carb lies cruise) I'll be posting tomorrow sometime. I'm surprised at how short it is. It's all about the "gig".
CarbSane said…
It seems to have played itself out just fine though I shall ask Travis to please refrain from using that word since it is offensive to some readers here. Somehow I don't see problems moving forward. However ... to me that word is on par with calling a woman a bitch and I think there's bit of overreaction that some word used in a comment left on a blog has some overarching power to try to silence women. It could be generational or situational as well (I'm quite a bit older than Melissa and came of age with the ERA, so we probably have some different views about feminism). If you're trying to equate this to other situations I'm not biting.
CarbSane said…
Honor over death, LOL
CarbSane said…
E=WTF^2 brilliant!
Unknown said…
I don't think it's silencing women, it's not the same as cunt, but it's really rude towards women. And slag is definitely worse than bitch, though not as bad as cunt in the US. I don't know what is wrong with men in the paleo/paleoish/expaleo community, I mean there are lots of other ways to insult people, but they have to make it about women. I'd be perfectly happy being called a fucker, a fuckwad, an asshole, told to fuck myself...and that's saying a lot. I think Robb telling Evelyn to fuck herself is a step up in civility of troglodytes towards women. So sad.
Diana said…
Evelyn, no it was E=wf2 (whole foods squared, see Travis' comment previous to mine), but yours is funny too.

Swell gal? No one's called me that since 1947. I'll get out my snood.
Diana said…

And I don't have a problem with slag at all. Cunt to me is beyond the red line, and without red lines humanity becomes barbaric. Certain things you don't say. I grew up blue collar. Those are my values.

Context matters. A person can be a misogynist prick without using one dirty word, which what Mike did on another post. First, Mike said that everyone here was using straw man arguments - so numerous he had "no time" to list them. I challenged him (rather reasonably, I think) to give just one example. He sneered back, "what part of 'I don't have time' do you not understand? and then (drum roll) challenged my reading comprehension.

Maybe this doesn't sound like much to you .....but it enraged me. Enraged me so much it sent me into outer space rage, which is stupid I realize but it did. I find myself shaking in rage when someone (and let's be honest, it is usually a guy) says that. I can just see the oversized, overaged adolescent standing in front of me, sneering those words. It enrages me because it's engaging in the most primitive form of intimidation and aggression. I really should laugh it off, but I can't.

Not only that, but he followed up his bullshit with a whine about how difficult we all were, and how he had to stop himself from telling us (me?) to eff off.

But maybe slag sets you off in the way that condescending stupidity sets me off.

We're all different.

Let's hear it for diversity.
Unknown said…
I'm not set off at all, I'm just being consistant.

Mike does seem like a total asshole.

The funny thing is that in a blue collar environment these words are often considered pretty unacceptable. In Ireland apparently "cunt" is pretty much all in good fun, but go into any rough American dive bar and call a woman a "cunt" and well, you might not make it out of there alive. I'd say "slag" too, but it's more often used in a jokey way than "cunt" in the US, but it's more a bar brawl than get out of the guns kind of insult. I guess this is why Nikoley drinks at home :)
Travis Culp said…
Except in Ireland they'd be using it in reference to another man.