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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The 2005 Biochemistry of Obesity, Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry

A short "image park" in my ongoing effort to document the state of the textbook science of fat storage, obesity and adipocyte function circa the writing of a three PhD thesis worthy tome.   This from Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry, 2nd Edition, 2005. 

Thus, although activation of hormone-sensitive lipase during fasting results in the release of fatty acids from adipocytes, the release is carefully modulated through glyceroneogenesis and re-synthesis of triglycerides.


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For what it's worth folks, Marks' is a highly regarded text used in many medical schools.  In my opinion it reads better than Lehninger's which is a bit "heftier".  Although textbooks are constantly updated, many do not change significantly if at all over the years.  The basics remain.  Textbooks are pricey.  Older versions are not.  If you're interested in any from Marks'::

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