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Hey all!  I'm a little bit late to the party announcing a new product by the folks at called Stack Guides.

Near as I can tell, the term "stack" originated in body building circles, and refers to a group of supplements taken together to maximize performance.  

In a way, a stack is your own "personal proprietary formula".  The Supplement Goals  Reference Guide is a great resource for building your own supplement regime, but not everyone has the time to research all of the options.  

What's your other choice?   Perhaps you buy ShillCon's new TopDollarMax containing a proprietary blend of herbs and minerals, in unspecified dosages, guaranteed to boost your wallet size in two weeks!!    The only problem is that you find your wallet much lighter after forking over the inflated cost, and if it does work you never really know what it is that's working for you.  Need more Vitamin ₵?   Well, now you have to buy the overpriced formula and another supplement which defeats the purpose.

The Stack Guides are NOT Supplements ...

... they are guides that have been put together by the awesome editors and reviewers at that take the guesswork out of it.  Each guide is structured in a similar format and includes supplement details:
  • Base Supplements
  • Proven Options -- those for which trials in humans have demonstrated to be effective.
  • Unproven Options -- those that you may have heard of where some have seen benefit but there's not enough evidence to put the "proven" label on them.
  • Caution/Overhyped -- those that have been shown to be ineffective and/or possibly harmful
These are followed by instructions on how to assemble your stack and modify it to best suit your needs.

The Stack Guides:

  • Allergies and Immunity
  • Bone Health
  • Fat Loss
  • Heart Health
  • Insulin Sensitivity
  • Joint Health
  • Libido and Sexual Enhancement
  • Liver Health
  • Memory and Focus 
  • Mood and Depression
  • Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance
  • Seniors
  • Skin and Hair Quality
  • Sleep Quality
  • Testosterone Enhancement
  • Vegetarianism/Veganism
As with the Supplement Guide, these will be updated regularly (2-4 times per year) as new information comes down the pike, and you purchase includes lifetime updates.

Who is

I have been a proud affiliate for this company since they launched their premier product, the Supplement Goals  Reference Guide. It is important to first and foremost realize that this is not a supplement company, and they do not recommend specific brands of supplements. They are a trusted, independent research group. Their editors and reviewers include: Kamal Patel (New Director!, MPH, MBA, PhD cand. Nutrition), Kurtis Frank (BA Applied Human Nutrition), Gregory Lopez (PharmD, BA in biochemistry & molecular biology), Bill Willis (PhD Biomedical Science, BS Chemistry), Dr. Spencer Nadolsky (Medical Editor, DO, BA Exercise Science), Cassandra Forsythe (PhD Kinesiology, RD), Pablo Sanchez Soria (PhD Toxicology), and Paul L. Price (PharmD). I may have missed a few Sol Orwell is constantly adding more talent to the roster!

In other words, the real deal.


A Note From Me:

As my regular readers know, I'm not a big hawk on the supplements, however I do believe they have their place in conjunction with primary nutrition, and as an alternative to and/or complement to pharmaceutical treatment.   In that regard I wholeheartedly endorse the approach by  They have sorted through mountains of research to find the best quality studies available so that you can make an educated choice for yourself.   This is a major purpose of what I do here at the Asylum, and this is why I share this opportunity with you.  Yes, as an affiliate I will receive a commission for each sale, and if you are inclined to purchase from, I appreciate your support of my work by doing it through my links.  Thank you!!  

I will also always be up front with you, I found the price of these guides to be on the steep side.  First, you can save a lot by buying the whole set at a considerable discount.  But even if you are only looking into one problem, the cost may well be worth it to you.  For example: one month of assembling your own stack will more than pay for itself compared with the cost of proprietary blends.  Who has the time to sort through all the research and get to the bottom of the implications?  These do that for you, and you can trust the guide because it wasn't assembled with selling you on some overpriced supplement regime.  In this regard, they are more than worth the investment for the serious "investor".  Be well!


John Smith said…
Been using TurboTestoGutRip Stack, I am freaking huge, my biceps are so large you can build hamster tunnels through them.