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~ Charles Darwin (it's evolutionary baybeee!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kill the Guru Podcast

I'm way behind the ball with this announcement, as the airing of the podcast came at a bad time with my current family member situation.

I was on Kill The Guru (Lucky) Episode 13.  

We taped in late August and was "aired" last week.  Hope you enjoy!

The entire interview ended up being something like 150 minutes though we had a couple of interruptions.  Still, way too long for a usual podcast so there are some big chunks that were left on the cutting room floor.  As it is the podcast is around 80 min long!  We talked carbs/insulin/Taubes, ancestral diets, low carb rebound, sugar addiction, etc.  I've made a lot of friends in the UK training realm over the past year or so and the carbophobia is quite a bit more extensive there than here in the US (as we discuss).

James Kahan has been gracious enough to provide me with the uncut stuff with permission to share at will.  So I will likely do so as "out takes" as time goes by on my YouTube channel.  When that happens, I'll probably bump this post and add an announcement.

A note on the audio:  James' track was recorded off speakers so has me in it as well (and it's slightly off sync).  It's also not as loud as my track speaking into a headset mic.  A lot of his track was silenced except when he is actually speaking, so when he is my echo comes back too ;-)  Sorry about that!!  


StellaBarbone said...

Good interview!

carbsane said...

Thanks Stella!

Lighthouse Keeper said...

Best podcast interview on nutrition I've heard yet.

Steve G said...

Very Good, I stayed up late just to listen, glad I did.

eulerandothers said...

Great interview! You express yourself well...

MacSmiley said...

Thoroughly enjoyed that! You mentioned being on a podcast with Matt Stone? Got a link for that by chance, Evelyn? I can't seem to find it.

Greta Carbo said...

With a podcast titled Kill the Guru and Evelyn in high spirits I expected some kind of guru carnage with bodies strewn all over. But no, it was a civilized conversation, of course!, and very interesting too. I enjoyed hearing of Evelyn's views on diet and things outside the often confrontation edge here in her posts and found them balanced and easy to put into context. On the other hand, it is a charming image, to see Mecha CarbSane doing damage in apocalyptic fury blasting gurus out of existence with video game fervor, shredded carb counter books of wild advice making a gentle falling snow covering a scene of spilled smoothies and half-eaten Quest bars left by the hurried retreat of fleeing gurus.

carbsane said...

I haven't done a podcast with Matt. James mentioned that he came to find me through Matt Stone who has graciously linked to this blog quite a few times (thanks Matt!)

carbsane said...

WOW! Thank you all for the kind feedback! It would normally make my day, but given the turmoil of this past week, it REALLY made my day. I'll definitely share the out takes as well then!

Greta, you do paint quite the picture :-)

K W said...

Will give this a listen, because you're on it Evelyn :D, but I find
it hilarious that they name their podcast "Kill the Guru" and then have
interviews with a bunch of quacky naturopathic "physicians" and
"holistic" health-care givers.

MacSmiley said...

I take it the Matt Stone -|||-------|||- you're talking about is not the same Matt Stone who is co-creator of South Park right?

Ahem... Not being a viewer of South Park, I wouldn't have known about that Matt Stone were it not for a mention on LCC of an alleged "LCHF-friendly" South Park episode

which triggered a knee-jerk Wikipedia search for a definitive statement on the type of humor in the show. IOW is the show endorsing or skewering LCHF??

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