Health Quiz

I would like everyone to take this health quiz.  Nevermind who made it up, or what it's a quiz for.  Nevermind that some of the things aren't really X number of times per whatever types of things.  Just answer the questions and note your score to yourself.   

How often do you experience the following
(0) never    (1) weekly    (2) daily    (3) multiple times a day
1Allergies worsening
3Blood pressure: too low or too high
4Blurred Vision
5Caffeine needed each morning
7Cravings for heavy or fatty foods
10Facial Swelling
11Fatigue in the afternoon
12Fatigue throughout the day
14Frequent urination
15Gas and bloating
16Hard to concentrate
18Heart rate rapid even when resting
20Intolerance to cold weather
21Irregular stools
23Irritability when meals are delayed
24Jaw pain or tooth grinding
25Joint pain
26Lack of joy or enthusiasm
27Memory diminished
28Mid body weight gain
29Muscle cramps
30Muscular weakness
32Neck stiffness
33Picking at skin or fingernails
34Poor sleep
35Salt cravings
36Sensitive to bright lights
37Shaking hands
38Sighing frequently
39Sugar cravings

Yes, this is a repeat.

I'm not sure I could put a score on "normal" here, because from time to time most everyone has some or another of these "symptoms".  Some are not the least bit worrisome for most, others are cause for concern if they even occur monthly.  I'm pretty irritable right now just thinking about this list ;-) and I've had a hankering for pickles the past couple of days.   But those times (low carb) when my heart raced and I couldn't quiet it down no matter how I tried to relax ... no matter how slowly I breathed or tried to calm myself?  Well, that wasn't pleasant, and I took it as a sign that something I was doing wasn't working right for me.  It's what got me to look into things a bit further in terms of low carb eating over the long haul.

So there are 39 things here.  Let's do a little math for someone who scores a 38.  A 38 could mean that someone experiences all but one of these things weekly.  ALL but one.  WEEKLY.   Alternately, the same score could be achieved by experiencing 19 -- roughly half -- of these symptoms DAILY.  Or, one could achieve this score by experiencing between 12 and 13 of these symptoms multiple times a day -- about one-third of them.  Of course there are infinite other combinations to achieve that score, I'm just providing some options.  Nonetheless, one cannot get such a score without significant presentation of an array of these symptoms.

A healthy person does not score 38.  

While I suppose one could put together a combination of the most innocuous of the things on this list and still not have major cause for concern, it would be rather difficult to do so without overlooking something potentially important.

I'll have more to say about Jimmy Moore's recent self pity party, but it seems that only in the IHC does someone REPEATEDLY tell you about how unhealthy they are, yet still feel no shame in preaching about the dietary lifestyle that got them there.


Timar said…
That's actually a 41. He forgot the last item:

40 Eating disorder ---- (3) Multipile times a day ;D

Anyway, lists like this are an effective tool to make almost everyone feel bad about his or her health and hence to increase people's emotional susceptibility if you want to sell them something (a product or an ideology) that will allegedly improve their health.
El-bo said…
i scored 14 - YAY !! for highcarb/lowfat. now that i am going back to near-vegan (occasional fish), i expect the score to reduce further

for background, i am about 85lbs overweight, with weight gain caused by years of eating a ton of crap. there have ben times when i would have scored much higher, but highcarb, wholefoods (including a of of fruit) can kill off most of this list in a matter of a few days

shame that JM is so financially invested in that which is killing him
Bris Vegas said…
I'm a high carb, low fat near vegan. I very rarely get any of these symptoms.

When I was eating a SAD I was probably a 20 on most days

On a high fat diet I had almost constant GERD
David Pete said…
I experience all of them the day after drinking too much .....
John Smith said…
I scored 4 and I lead a terribly unhealthy lifestyle
Kitty said…
My experience has been similar to yours. On LCHF, I was definitely wired and tired; low-fat (<10%) vegan, very rare symptoms and felt great, but found the diet too difficult; now I eat a reasonably healthy vegan diet and still score really low (but get to eat chips now and then).

I should add that I also exercise (just brisk walking). Even if Jimmy will argue that it won't help him lose weight, I'm sure it would help with the anxiety, depression, muscle weakness and poor sleep.
Kitty said…
If anyone's interested in the supplements, I will be glad to sell them a bag of potatoes or rice for a mere $600. For $200 more I'll throw in a bag of beans.
Karin said…
I'm really surprised blood sugar is not on the list, since that seems to be one of the main things low carbers obsess over. Unlike most of the items on the list, I guess it would be something you would have to measure. However, so is blood pressure. Unless it is so low you're passing out, or so high you're having nose bleeds most people have no idea what their blood pressure is, which is why it's called the "silent killer."
carbsane said…
LOL --- yes, my anxiety level is higher depending on who I'm engaging on the internet or thinking about too ;-)
John Smith said…
Regular beans or magic beans?
Kitty said…
Magic (i.e. pinto).
River Rance said…
Ahhh...Jimbo is always trying best everyone....see here he scores a whopping 97%...better than most of us for sure. Just goes to show you Jimbo is always seeking affirmation or this case I affirm he is pitiful.