Interpreting Study Results ~ Quiz 1

Blogstress note:  If I had the time to fashion a nifty fangled quiz thingy here, and actually be able to go through this piecemeal I would.  Also, I have NO idea how quickly I may get around to revisiting this, though I will provide whatever answers to what I'm getting at at some point if I decide it's not worth the trouble to continue in this fashion.  Please bear with me ;-)

The image below was created from plots from an actual study, and while I've crunched and relabeled points and such, the data itself (times, values, axes scales, etc.) have NOT been altered.

EDIT:  fixed discrepancies pointed out in comments 6/1/2015

Two questions, and these are not trick questions.

1.  Which mice gained the most weight in this study?
2.  Which mice had the most consistent intake during the study?  

original graphic


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