Sigma Nutrition Podcast with Danny Lennon

Hi all!  It's been out for a couple of days now, but I thought I'd wait until Friday to blog and share.  

Even if you don't want to listen to me (aww come on, admit it haterz you wanna listen!) this guy has had some great guests and a good variety of them at that, so go check out his interviews!

I probably talked a bit more about my personal experiences than I've done in a while, and I was also probably a bit more shrill about some issues.  We recorded this just around a week ago and of late it seems that just about everything I look into coming out of the IHC is either a misrepresentation or a flat out lie.  If it weren't for the rampant eating disorders plaguing the community -- under the guise of health and healing mind you -- I probably wouldn't care nearly as much.   
I am also very frustrated by these absolutists laying down laws in their books and such and then saying entirely different thingz while waving around templates in their next breath.  You cannot call A a toxin and then turn around and say "well if you tolerate A, eat it!"    I'm not talking about situational issues, like if someone has genuine celiac or an allergy.  I'm talking about the blanket "A is toxic" nonsense.  

On the topic of insulin and diabetes, we didn't get to discuss some things.  Likely my fault for going on tangents ;-)  But we did talk about painting yourself into a corner with carbs and eating less and less.  Carbohydrate intolerance is an acquired trait in most in the IHC.  Let's discuss the science of what is going on there, and quit with the gimmicky teaspoons of sugar nonsense.  Don't look now, but ALL of the big names are cashing in, and doubling down and cashing in some more.  This is not in the name of science or public health.....

Lastly, REAL FOOD.    This has been a mantra in the IHC for a long time.  But ... there has been a subtle (sometimes not so subtle) shift towards that being the leading buzz word.  Low carb peaked long ago ... it's resurging a bit with keto, but that is too niche/faddish for general public appeal.  Paleo?  It's on the way out.  Real food.  Yeah that sounds cool.  It's pretty meaningless though.  One thing I mentioned in the podcast is this move towards "real food".  You have to be real about that.  There are a plethora of real foods that have been shown to be healthful in both epiemiological studies and controlled trials ... not to mention everyday experience getting to know some folks and how they eat.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!


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