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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Announcing my 40 Day Lenten Lentil Fast and Mark Hyman's Fat Summit

BUMP - and due to time constraints but lots of comments already here, I've changed my mind on starting a Fat Summit thread and retitled this one.  I hope to put a "best of" video together in response to this tentatively titled The Fact Summit.  Thanks for all your participation!

EDIT:  As of 2/16/16 we're at over 1200 comments (fun times!!) and for me, Disqus is slow to load in blogger.  To engage, you may wish to read/comment using this link which goes directly to disqus.

Lent begins on February 10th this year, so I have decided to engage in a 40 day fast beginning today, January 15th.   The fast officially ends on Valentine's Day at which point I will return to eating like 99% of humans on the planet. What will I be consuming during this fast?  Well I wouldn't want to kill my gut flora or get my electrolytes outta whack, so I have decided to include 1 cup (which might be two if my body tells me it needs it) of The Faker Foodie's organic, paleo, vegan, non-GMO, unicorn horn free lentil gelatin broth (see non-affiliate link below).  Also, since I'll be in ketosis anyway I will boost my ketones by drinking one ounce of pure acetone (not the lemon flavored stuff from Walgreens, but the real organic stuff from the paint department at the Home Depot) for extra energy #MentalClarityRocks.  That tastes terrible and I don't want to ruin my daily lentil poop fix so I will mix it with gluten free maple syrup, aka tree water from maples certified grown at least 100 miles from a dwarf wheat plant.   Oh, and I plan to pause my fast for 1 hour each day.

Wish me and my pancreas luck!  40 days of fasting is going to be rough, but my health is worth it!!  Also follow me -- @nailpolishremoverandbeans -- on  Don't forget to make lots of buttery fingerprints on the screen of your electronic device to send me lots of love!  #FastingClarity

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