Jimmy Moore's 10 Year Scam-aversary ~ Remembering Kimkins!

Jimmy Moore has been complaining a lot about criticism lately.  This is nothing new.  

  • livinlowcarbmanThis comment I received today is a great teachable moment to share with you a bit more of my philosophy on how to share feedback with someone online. Thank you @creativename79 for sharing this!
    Here was my response to Kris:
    I love and appreciate genuine constructive feedback and always have. It's why I've attained the level of success that I have and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be even better than I am now. *
    But what you're not privy to is an intense ramping up lately of personal attacks and outright nastiness behind the scenes unlike anything I've seen in my 12+ years of doing this. I don't think it's by accident as my profile has risen in the past few years that the scrutiny of my work would be magnified even more. *
    And here's the thing--allowing such stuff to linger unchallenged creates a mob mentality of a lot of me too comments that serves no other purpose than to tear down and destroy. Anyone who follows me knows I am an uplifter and encourager with a positive attitude which is the antithesis of this new wave of criticism. *
    Yes, I am constantly aiming to be the very best I can be in all my endeavors just as everyone should strive for excellence. But there is a tact for sending constructive feedback that doesn't involve sharing personal comments about me or my style and sent via email rather than posted on social media, for example. *
    I'm always available at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. If you're a long time listener, then I welcome your comments through the proper channels. It's the others who just want to spread hatred and dissent who can move along. Hope this clarifies my friend. Appreciate your comment!

This is a great remindable moment for everyone.

It's been eons since Jimmy Moore has allowed even a modicum of challenge or any constructive criticism on any of his sites.   Who that was here at the time can forget this?  

This is an image from Jimmy's blog, where he was whining about unfair commentary on *his* venues.  Only one problem.  That was a comment from here.  Like much of his WELL DESERVED criticism over the years, it was hardly "hate".

Ten years ago today, Jimmy Moore officially embarked, personally, on his first scam.  This would not end well for him, and yet he managed to survive.   It's amazing what making money for people will do.   There are some/many from back then still doing business with this scam artist.  There are others who had reason to rethink five years later,   I mean David Friggin' Duke people!!!!!!!!!!!! -- but $$$ talk.  Right Robb?

But here's Jimmy Moore in a recent appearance.

I don't care who you are, this is NOT health gain

And whatever cred he earned losing 180 lbs is long gone in any real world.  He's not just obese, he's morbidly so.  There's not a thing about him that hints at health.  Not even a tiny bit.  Sorry.  Even he likely knows this at some level.

Here was Jimmy five years ago ... before his NuttyK experiment.

He almost looks svelte.  I'd feel sorry for him were he not one of the most dishonest brokers of nutrition advice in the world.

Imagine a 350-400 lb man eating the SAD posting his "easy and exciting" meal.  Really that's not far off.  Jimmy is selling his own line of keto supplements.  Authored books with Drs. Westman, Fung and soon to be Nally!  Selling all manner of products and speaking at conferences etc.  Making a living as a "health blogger and author".  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!  In the Hashtag Irony department, here is a recent post on Facebook from the Queen of the LC Scamalamadingdong Prom, Melanie Miller (see this post).   A fad diet/miracle weight loss feature in the check out lane tabloid Woman's World is hardly an honor ...

And so .... with this lead in, I bring you the

With My Weight Rising, I've Turned To Kimkins

You'll note that for certain things, Jimmy has attempted to scrub the record.  This post no longer exists.

Today, I'm just gonna be dead-straight honest with you about something I have long been dealing with regarding my life. Ever since I lost 180 pounds on the Atkins diet in 2004, it seems I have reached a point where my weight just refuses to go down beyond a certain point. I've been okay with this for over two years, but I believe now it's time for me to act.
My weight has done the creepy crawly thing on me lately and when I returned home from vacation last week in the Smoky Mountains on Saturday, I couldn't believe what the scale showed I now weigh--248 pounds! EEEEK! What in the world has happened?!
...  So here I am starting my Kimkins journey this week. I fully EXPECT to lose at least 50 pounds quite possibly by this Fall. It may sound like a lofty goal for somebody who has already shed 180 pounds, but I don't think so. Even if I just lose one pound a week, I'll reach my weight loss goal in less than a year. This IS possible!

I encourage EVERYONE with any smidgeon of faith left in this huckster to go to the archive link and read his post and comments there.  I have more to come as we celebrate his anniversary of success on Kimkins here at the Asylum!

Oh ... and here's another link to a now defunct blog of Jimmy's with more:  My Newfound Journey To Lose 50 More Pounds.  

I am committed to seeing Kimkins work its magic on me and I KNOW it can be done. If I did it before, then I can do it again and Kimkins is gonna get me there! I've bragged about Kimkins for so long--now it's time for me to put this incredible plan into action for myself.
See, even those of us who have been able to attain great success on the low-carb lifestyle occasionally find ourselves in need of encouragement and inspiration to recommit ourselves to get focused on what is most important--controlling our weight and health for life!
The fact that "Kimmer" aka Heidi Diaz turned out to be a fraud does not detract from Jimmy Moore promoting and profiting off of the Kimkins diet plan.  It DID work for some, right?  If it didn't, then what is to say any of Jimmy's later schemes -- e.g. not eating at all! -- works any better?

Jimmy Moore's "amazing 180 lb weight loss" is inextricably tied to his relevance as a "health blogger", no matter how he tries to re-define things.  Especially as he is selling his own line of supplements, but also for all the products he recommends and claims to use.