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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two Outside the Asylum Appearances ...

Hello all!  I have two items to announce/alert you to.

1.  I did a webinar for Richard Sennewald who runs a group called The Carbophobe Rehabilitation Group.  

I put this one first, as it will only be available free to the public until Wednesday (tomorrow) I believe, so if you're interested, hop on!  Carbsanity 101 ... if that link doesn't work, try this one.  

Just some commentary on the experience.  This is the first time I've ever done something like this.  Note to self:  Mount large clock on wall ;-)    I ran quite a bit over the initial time, so it is a bit long.  I didn't practice this out loud due to time constraints and my predictions were obviously a bit off.   It is VERY strange talking into a headset w/o seeing the audience.   I'll probably pre-tape sections of any future webinars I do to keep things going.  Also, I went "off script" here and there, but this was probably a good thing to keep it less formal.  It's all in the learning experience and I do believe I managed to get the primary information across.   Oh ... and I let my hair down a little bit at the end.   So have a listen, check out the full video content Rich is offering, and I appreciate any constructive feedback as always!

2.  I did a podcast with Jeff Gaudette of Runners Connect:  UCAN for Marathon Nutrition: A Review of the Research to See if it Really Works.  This was recorded back in December and "aired" in mid-Feb, but between the lag and all the things going on here, I didn't realize it had gone live.    This was inspired by my blog post from 2012:  SuperStar(ch) -- Or does something stink here?

Volek podcast for UCAN link

The GenUCAN folks apparently felt I provided misinformation on their product, which is odd because the information came from their promotional materials.  I await an update if they challenge anything specific.



LWC said...

For me the linked worked in that I entered my name and email address and got a confirmation email in reply. However, the window at the webinar link did not play for me. FYI

carbsane said...

Yeah, I was told about this on FB too, hence included the direct link ;-)

LWC said...

Clicked that too -- before posting originally.. still didn't work. I read the transcript from the second appearance, though the audio file there played. Interesting (and cool) that you are finding an audience in extreme (as I would define marathoners) fitness circles.

LWC said...

So Discus doesn't allow you to delete a post, just to take your name off it? Didn't know that. I would have been better off editing the what I wrote. Anyway the "guest" above here is me. Eventually I did get the link to work, unfortunately by then it was very late. And in the morning it had expired. But it did briefly work.

Rich Rojas said...

Tried posting a comment about this yesterday, but don't see it. I realize it's too late now, but the play button didn't work. I had to copy and paste the link from the HTML source and go to vimeo directly to watch it. Just an FYI for the future.

carbsane said...

Thanks for the comments on the tech issues. I'll talk to Rich and see if another or extended free preview will be available. Will bump this post up in the readers and tweet/FB out if that is the case.

El-bo said...

got an email offering an extension to hear, but in place of a link was some garbled error statement

dude really needs to get on top of his tech L(

MacSmiley said...

Yup. The only person who can delete a post is the owner of the website. Disqus on Twitter told me a work-around:

Delete the context and replace it with a placeholder like an asterisk or a 👀.

MacSmiley said...

Carbsanity 101 go bye-bye. I hate these limited-time-only expirations.

MacSmiley said...

Saw it once and a half. Wanted to see it one more time.

Good job, Evelyn.

carbsane said...

Thanks Mac! I wasn't even aware that it would be free for even a while until late in the game ... my bad for not just tweeting out the link. It was intended to be premium content for Rich's program.

carbsane said...

THanks LWC. I've been pleasantly surprised by the scientific bent of many physique competitors and athletes who have taken an interest in something or other that I've written here. It is a refreshing change from the low carb and paleo communities for sure!

El-bo said...

this reminds me why i swore never to sign up to something, sight unseen. how about you show me the presentation, then, if i like it, you will get my email address

he has not responded to me when i have pointed out that he is sending faulty links (twice now). doesn't stop the other mails from him

i even asked that he unsubscribe me, but all i got was another email/newsletter/story

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