Insulin Wars w/ Todd Becker Chat

Newer readers may not remember this exchange from earlier this year, but Todd Becker of Getting Stronger and I had a nice back and forth going on insulin.  Around that time this blog started to get wicked busy, a health issue with a family member was taking a lot of my time and mental energy, etc.  Long story short, despite promises made, I never got around to posting any installments from Todd's last response.  I owe Todd a huge apology for letting this slide this long.  I've got a number of other things going with this blog and related projects so really don't have the time to devote to further installments of the Insulin Wars format, so I thought I'd catch everyone up with the discussion thusfar, and share Todd's last email in full via Google docs and let things go from here!

So, here's the series thusfar:
Insulin Wars IV: Todd Becker of Getting Stronger Blog
Insulin Wars IV.1: Todd Becker of Getting Stronger blog responds
More Todd Becker (Getting Stronger blog) on Insulin
Insulin Wars IV.2a: The Discussion with Todd Becker/Getting Stronger continues

The attached document from Todd is partly covered in "2a" above.
Todd Becker Reply

Todd is now finally able to post comments here.  Blogger was not cooperating for some time (and Todd is not the only person for whom this has been an issue).  So here are links to some recent comments he's made on this.

Comment on Hypothetical Post III

I responded to this as part of this post:  You're as Hyperinsulinemic as You Need to Be