The BabyGate Files: Tim Noakes Gave UNSolicited Advice on Weening (sic)

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This is going to be a short but important "bookmarking" post, just so I get this "on paper" once things finally go down for Prof. Tim Noakes in November.  Two hat tips are in order:  1. Alex S. who found and linked up (comments on a prior post) the original tweet that got Noakes in hot water, and 2. Melanie M. for sending me a link to this post from which I borrowed the "edited to protect the innocent" version of the tweet above.

IS THE LCHF DIET SUITABLE AND SAFE FOR INFANTS?   This is written by an RD and it was written in 2014 when the Twitter controversy first arose.  The post is a good read, and raises some of the same issues I have been discussing in this "series" of sorts.  My apologies that I haven't had time to check for reference overlap etc.  I would especially appreciate if anyone notes something I haven't covered here.

In defending his actions, Noakes has said on many occasions that the mother was asking for advice.  Here is one example:
She was asking for advice on what to feed her child and I advised her to wean the child on to low carbohydrate, high protein, nutrient-dense food. By that I was implying that she shouldn’t wean the child on to cereals.”    source
Either he or reporters or supporters have repeated this version of events enough times that this has become the "common knowledge" about this controversy.  She asked, he answered ... was he acting within the rules of professional conduct in doing so and with the answer he provided?

BUT ... She didn't ask!!

She was wondering if SHE ate #LCHF including dairy and cauliflower, would that give her breastfeeding baby gas.    Therefore not only did Noakes give unconventional advice (or whatever the formal charge is), but he gave unsolicited advice.

So she didn't ask, he told her to ween (sic) onto LCHF.  So the question of propriety at the November hearing might extend to include the unsolicited nature of the advice he gave.


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