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The War on Moderation

It hasn't been that long, but a timely bump ... While I have your attention, the Hartwigs have a seriously warped view about food.  You see, when someone creates a product they can sell on their site by dubbing it Whole30 Approved , the usual rules go out the window. In addition, no Paleo-ifying dessert or junk food choices.  Trying to shove your old, unhealthy diet into a shiny new Whole30 mold will ruin your program faster than you can say, “Paleo pizza.”  This means no desserts or junk food made with “approved” ingredients—no coconut-flour pancakes, almond-flour muffins, flourless brownies, or coconut milk ice cream. Don’t try to replicate junk food during your 30 days! That misses the point of the Whole30 entirely. Unless we can make money selling it as W30 compliant.  Boggles the mind. Original Publish Date:  8/14/13 Recently in a Facebook Ad, the Whole9/Whole30 couple, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, linked to the following post:   PLEASE STOP SAYING EVERYTHING IN

Gary Taubes' Diet Doctor

Since it's the day after turkey day ... And since I thought I'd lighten up the mood a bit ... Flashback!  Remember when Gary Taubes had his cholesterol test done by a quack diet doc?!    Enjoy!! Turns out now he's selling alpha-keto glutarate anti-binge packs.  Very interesting the company some keep ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of my readers have a wonderful day today.   I'm uncharacteristically not too busy, as I am not hosting for a rare change.  But I have stumbled upon a bit of bad timing with my last post.  It requires followup and that will be forthcoming sometime this weekend.  But not today.   Enjoy your self.  Enjoy your family, your friends, your pets, whatever.  The only thing I plan to do today regarding food is to make sure my stuffed mushrooms and shrimp-deviled eggs are perfectly delish, and that I leave room for my sister's amazing, once-a-year-at-T'giving, pecan pie.  I hope you will do similar whatever and whomever you are. Be HAPPY.  Be THANKFUL!

Paleo™ ApprovED ... Enough.

11/29:  Another minor update.  There has been a ton of feedback both here and on Facebook and I'm personally quite touched that the overwhelming response has been positive.  These subjects are never easy to broach.  I will be posting an update as I have had many questions as to why I removed the picture that I did and inserted my sarcastic graphic in its place.  That too is a serious and extremely tenuous/touchy issue to address, but it really needs to be as it goes to the heart of this issue.   In any case, just so everyone is aware, yesterday the MDA post was updated as follows: This response is disheartening to say the least.  I think that most would agree that most if not all comments were respectful.  One of the last comments that was allowed was from one guy berating another for saying that she looked better before.  I don't see that as being any less appropriate than comments congratulating her for her after appearance.   Mark could have just closed

My review of Sally Fallon Morell's review of Robb Wolf's book and the "Original Human Diet"

Around a month or so ago Sally Fallon Morell, President o the Weston A. Price Foundation, reviewed Robb Wolf's book and gave it a "Thumbs Down" .  What's up with her?  Wasn't the response to her President's Message  from this past June enough to put her in her place?   I had parts of a post together at that time, but since the full letter wasn't publicly available at the time, and who knows what else was going on, I never published it.  I was going to augment that and include with this, but perhaps another time ... it got too long and convoluted.  Some day ... I make no promises though.  In any case, my link here is now to the full letter for anyone interested, but to sum up she wanted to clear up some myths about WAPF: It's not high protein, most do best on 10-15% protein and WAPF diet is small amounts of fatty animal protein, including organ meats, with each meal ... emphasis on fat, while high lean protein depletes Vitamin A. It's not l

All I Want for Christmas ...

A short break to share some things I've been doing "just for fun".  Some people collect classic works of art.  Some literature.  One thing this blog gig has done to me is it has turned me into a collector of old scientific literature!  Thank you Gary Taubes.  Seriously! Maybe it's my training, but I am a reference hawk.  When I read "new" things, use of quotes to denote that these things are not necessarily new, just new to me, I like to track down sources before proceeding.  This is, after all, the purpose of referencing.  In 1965, the American Physiological Society published an eight-hundred-page Handbook of Physiology dedicated to the latest research on adipose-tissue metabolism. As this volume documented, several fundamental facts about the relationship between fat and carbohydrate metabolism had become clear. First, the body will burn carbohydrates for fuel, as long as blood sugar is elevated and the reserve supply of carbohydrates stored as g

Just a quick post ...

I don't usually fall off the blogging planet with no new real content here for two weeks without some sort of notice.  Sorry about that!  I've been about social media somewhat, but far less of that too.  Here's why: 1.  I have a project in the works that requires my dedication and is actually working off of recent discussions here on sugar/food addiction.  So ... sorry ... but that is going to get dropped like a hot potato, which was not my intent at all, it's just how this unfolded.  It will be a while before anything on that becomes public I presume. 2.  I went away for a short getaway. 3.  I have been sick this past week like I don't remember ever being ... or it's just been that long!  On my way home from work on Wednesday, after maxing my limit on hot tea therapy for a nagging cough and having chills, I actually had to stop to get soup at a pizza place and stop twice on the rest of the ride home to have some more!  I have been in bed/on couch

Sugar Addiction and Prelude to a Review of The 21 Day Sugar Detox

With apologies in advance for some tangent going ons ... As a popular paleo ( for marketing purposes  anyway) author released a paperback version of her 21 Day Sugar Detox this week -- yes, I'm talking about a $400-will-buy-you-a-certificate-that-says-so "holistic nutritionist" aka Certified Nutritional Consultant courtesy of 501c3 Bauman "college" -- I thought this journal article might be of enough interest to the inmates here to warrant a post. The plausibility of sugar addiction and its role in obesity and eating disorders