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The Top Five Worst People in Nutrition/Obesity Research & Treatment

5.  Dr. Mark Hyman -- Because of his pop culture appeal coupled with the gravitas of "Cleaveland Clinic".   This man will stop at no mangling of the facts for personal enrichment. 4.  Gary Taubes -- Despite his own funded study (and countless before that), he continues to cling to his deliberately misrepresented hodge podge of facts supporting TWICHOO.  Still given legitimate ink in the press.  Sigh. 3.  Dr. Arya Sharma -- Big on the Canadian and international obesity stages.  Torch-carrier for obesity as an incurable disease that needs to be managed medically through useless pharmaceuticals.  Wears that darned red sweater too much (grin). 2.  Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian -- Heads up Tufts' nutrition research, big into sustainability and other things, huge pusher of veggie oils as "healthy fats", seemingly funded by anyone and everyone at some time that explains some of his more absurd commentary.  This high on the list as he is a frequent "expert&