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Thoughts on Obesity as "Disease" or Choice ~ Part 1: Smoking & Lung Cancer Analogy

R ecently (May 2018) comments about obesity at a Pediatric conference have made the rounds. Specifically: Obesity Is a Disease, Not a Choice, Experts Advise .  Here is link to the full text in   "print version" . The AMA classified Obesity as a disease in 2013. Five years later we've made little to no progress, likely because we've got "experts" pontificating and arguing over semantics and false dichotomies.  The false dichotomy of Disease vs. Choice is right out of whatever master playbook teaches that if you keep the "masses" arguing, they might not notice you're full of it.  It's really the only explanation I can think of for the circular arguments made with nary a tinge of irony on board straight faces. I have a bunch of stuff in the draft pile here on this topic, but cannot seem to organize it. I decided to start a series.  In no particular order.    This installment deals with the following statement from the 2013 R

Mind over Milkshakes!

This post was prompted by yet another discussion on Facebook involving cravings and hunger and the supposed magic of keto/LC in fixing this aspect.   As the thought process goes:  it's not about calories (even if they count), it's about how the food impacts us that causes us to eat too much (or just enough).   A hat-tip to Melanie (Mac Smiley) who sent me this study almost three years ago!  TL,DR Summary:   Same people, different days, same shake, different labels.  Hormonal response differed based on expectations.