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How Does the Carbohydrate-Insulin Model aka TWICHOO, Explain the Obesity Epidemic?

A short post ... something I hit on again in the process of writing another one. Below is a plot of the absolute amounts of protein, carb and fat that Americans claimed to consume from 1965 through 2011 (adapted from Hite & Economic Litigation Consultants, 2015 , blog post ).   All but 1965 is NHANES data, but I'll even "give them" the inappropriate toss-in of the 1965 Sesame-Street-song data point. I've properly lined up the timelines for prevalence of BMI > 25 curve   (that scale -- not shown -- goes from just over 45% to just under 75%. ).   This is the same curve repeated by Adele Hite and so, so many others -- often immediately after chastising Ancel Keys for equating correlation with causation (keep ignoring thqt  he didn't do that  with his infamous plot) -- in an attempt to implicate the Dietary Guidelines in the obesity epidemic.    Even IF one could pin the obesity epidemic on an increase in carbohydrate consumption, two things are c