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Jimmy Moore -- Big Fat Liar -- Steps in it AGAIN! It Was NOT a Joke, He Is!

Hey all!  Long (LONG) time no blog.      This is mostly an update, because the King Kahuna of Keto is still sort of kicking around out there.    Jimmy Moore can't help himself!! Nah ... not one iota of evidence!  LOLOL On the gossip front, it appears the split with his wife is imminent and he lost the Low Carb Cruise and most of the friends in the split.  Christine has lost 400 lbs in the past year -- well, 50 of her own since no longer eating like Jimmy ... and Jimmy.   After taking six or four months off, King Krankypants of Ketonia tried to rebrand as "The Man of Real" discussing his childhood.   That went over like a lead balloon and apparently what remaining sponsors he had went the way of handshakes and hugs in 2020.   This has left Jimmy in three-to-four tee shirts, surviving on eggs from his chickens (and the occasional ribeye from a friend), ranting away on IG and solidifying his place in nutritional history proving that it is indeed cortisol and not calories or