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Change.Org Petition to The BMJ regarding Dietary Guidelines article by Nina Teicholz

IMPORTANT UPDATE 10/8/2015: Dear Readers,  Won't you please join me in calling for The BMJ to retract The scientific report guiding the US dietary guidelines: it scientific? by Nina Teicholz. This petition is based heavily on concerns raised in my recent post:   Nina Teicholz Reports in the British Medical Journal ~ The Conflicts & Funding . Also, I would greatly appreciate your sharing this petition in any way you feel is appropriate.  Here is a short link: If you have any reservations about signing yourself, consider contacting Editor in chief Fiona Godlee and/or Head of investigations and features Rebecca Coombes directly.  Thank You! Call for The BMJ to retract Teicholz article on Dietary Guidelines Committee and Science

Nina Teicholz & The Big Fat Surprise ~ Fact Check & Review

Just a listing of all posts with significant content related directly to her writing or other statements.  It is my hope that I can add small descriptions of each post, but I wanted to put relevant links in one place so as to be able to link to it in the petition I am setting up for the recent BMJ article.   Ladies and Gentlemen I present .... The new Gary Taubes. Nina Teicholz  Book Review ~ Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz No Big Surprise ... A Compendium of Errata Etc. from The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz Quotable Quotes: Tei¢holz and Taube$ Nina Tei¢holz, Shai'ster Series:   Posts discussing Teicholz's downplaying of other research while holding the 2008 Israeli DIRECT study led by Shai as a definitive work establishing the superiority of high fat diets. Part I: The Diets of Shai and Extrapolating from Weight Loss Studies Part II: Applicability of RCTs to the General Population Part III: Well Implemented Clinical Tria

Ketones for Ketone's Sake?

Minor Update:  Sorry, sometimes I hit Publish instead of Close when I'm in a rush and want to make sure I have most recent version saved.  I had intended to include this video -- Instant Ketosis -- along with this "report" on the MLM angle in my post --  Pruvit Review – Another Ketones Based MLM Company?    My first thought from that title is a question:  "There are others?"  The tagline on this article reads: Will Pruvit's core products and MLM-modeled opportunity have what it takes to make it in the ketones health space? Let's prove it one way or another for you. I want to also make very clear that I am NOT encouraging anyone to get into this or any other MLM -- matters not the code words used to sell something.  Indeed I warn strongly against such.  If you search on MLM truth, or MLM scams, or MLM fraud, or any number of short phrases, you'll hit on ... well hits too numerous to count.  Here's one I suggest: 5 Step Ev

Put Away the Cauliflower! Oatmeal is Paleo!!

Forget the fauxtmeal and n'oatmeal .  For crying out loud, if you like cauliflower (as I do) then eat it ... but it is just NOT a breakfast "cereal".  With this ridiculousness in mind, embrace the latest news from serious anthropological research.   A few media mentions: NPR : Paleo People Were Making Flour 32,000 Years Ago Science (AAAS) :   The world’s oldest oatmeal? IFL Science :  Ancient People Ate Porridge 32,000 Years Ago

Livin' La Vida No Food?

If you interact with me at all on social media ... or if you just keep your eye on that Twitter feed over there on the right ... you're probably aware by now that Jimmy Moore is fasting.  Today would be Day 9, I think .... But first, a little intro from a podcast interview with Abel James -- aka the Fat Burning Man -- taped either shortly before or a day or so into the fast.

SysteMeta-Antics in the Paleo Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis

This was intended to be a targeted post on one specific issue pertaining to the recent AJCN study and the actions of some of the study authors involved.   Not sure I succeeded ;-) When I wrote my first post on the topic , I had not read the full text of the study.  Instead I compiled a table of characteristics for the four individual studies involved, and concluded that no meta-analysis was appropriate for such disparate studies.  That initial "analysis" holds despite the table containing a few errors. After being called "unscientific" by author Esther van Zuuren on Twitter, I obtained a copy of the full text and read it.   Additional information contained in the full text makes matters worse, not better, on virtually every point I made in my original post .  So I am working on a letter to the AJCN and in doing so am working on an expanded and more accurate version of the summary table.  During this process I sought to check values published in the original st