Nina Teicholz & The Big Fat Surprise ~ Fact Check & Review

Just a listing of all posts with significant content related directly to her writing or other statements.  It is my hope that I can add small descriptions of each post, but I wanted to put relevant links in one place so as to be able to link to it in the petition I am setting up for the recent BMJ article.  

Nina Tei¢holz, Shai'ster Series:  Posts discussing Teicholz's downplaying of other research while holding the 2008 Israeli DIRECT study led by Shai as a definitive work establishing the superiority of high fat diets.

Nina Teicholz Distorts the Facts Again   On the NYT Editorial about DGAC Report
Not Really Surprised ~ Nina Teicholz Digs In On Lean Meat  Related to the "lean meat deleted" gaff in NYT article.

Did Nina Teicholz Research and Write The Big Fat Surprise?   Discusses Teicholz's promotion of Hite Dietary Guidelines Study