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The Insulin Paradox

I think this post has needed a bump for a while.     I also think the data on growing animals eating a keto diet should be cause for at least caution in encouraging such diets for kids, teens or even young adults. ORIGINAL POST DATE 3/20/2012 One of the more difficult things to sort out from the enormous amount of information out there is the actual effect, if any, of dietary composition on resulting body composition.  This is complicated from the get-go by many rodent studies that are done on reproductively mature animals that are still growing.  How to compare this to humans who cease growing vertically once they reach adulthood?  Next we have to sort through the studies that are done, and the implications of them, in the context of weight loss/underfeeding vs. those in the context of weight gain/overfeeding.  Clearly there are compensatory mechanisms at play in both situations that are drastically different.  Lastly, and here's where we probably have the least amount of in

Bump: The Diabetes "Crash" Cure & Pancreatic Fat

Bumping Again! New Article in BMJ:   Analysis: Beating type 2 diabetes into remission * The original posting of this was shortly after the first papers published on the success of a very low calorie diet -- essentially a 6-800 calorie protein-sparing-modified-fast, protein shakes + non-starchy veggies -- in curing diabetes in relatively short order.  You may also be interested in the following posts: The Diabetes "Crash" Cure Revisited  (a follow-up to this one) Diabetes "Crash" Cures: VLCal vs. VLCarb Check Featured Comment (if any) for further updates from me. *In light of commentary below, I'll add that I am not a fan of using the term remission here.  Cancer does seem to strike at random most times and recurrence seems to be equally random.  At best we have few if any ways to predict who will see cancer return etc.  But Type 2 diabetes doesn't work that way in most.  The source of the beta cell dysfunction is pretty well known now, a

Keto Clarity Academy ~ Medical Disclaimer

Blogstress Note:  I'm trying to finish up a project outside the Asylum, have had lots of computer issues that have made this frustrating to say the least, coupled with family obligations and "real job" starting back up.  An unfinished, older, now past-its-shelf-date post went live the other day that I have since unpublished.  I may or may not re-publish it merged with another at some point. I've been meaning to weigh in on the whole Keto Clarity Academy launched by Jimmy Moore and Melanie Miller (of Evangelizing Low Carb fame), and a more in depth look will have to wait until higher priorities are fulfilled.   Here is the current front page of Keto Clarity Academy.  Finally, the stock photos have been replaced, though at this time we still don't have bios and official roles of the four ladies joining Jimmy and Melanie in this endeavor. For $75 (down from $100) you can take KETO 101 based on Jimmy's book.  The blurb on the bottom reads: