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High BMI and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

s ummary This post discusses a few studies on BMI and body composition and CVD mortality.  It was prompted by a Twitter conversation wherein Rob made claims regarding  frail obese people , and that obesity science must address body composition to move forward.  The idea being that people with BMIs up to 40 don't have a "weight" problem, they have a fat problem, and the solution is to gain more lean mass then lose fat mass whether or not there is net weight gain/loss/neutrailty in the process.  BMI is essentially a useless measure.     There are a lot of people, particularly in the "strong women" and Healthy-At-Every-Size (HAES)/related communities putting forth a similar message, that weight doesn't matter, and the former, especially, promoting lifting heavy weights and "thickness".  A sizeable proportion of people from just about every corner of the internet is fixated on the concept of preserving and/or building lean mass.   Building le