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Jimmy Moore: Unwavering Dishonesty, The Early Years

Another timely repost in light of Jimmy Moore's recent self pity party.   I'm a bit back logged to update this for the 2011-through present day version, so I'll include a few pertinent "memes".  The first is an annotated version of a slide he was using when NuttyK was producing weight loss for him in 2012 through 2013. This next one relates to Jimmy Moore's current "problem" ... which is that he is NOT healthy as he claims, and he lied about it before.  Repeatedly. His "friends" need to wake up and smell the burnt buttered coffee.

11 Unexpected Health Hazards Of The Atkins Diet Besides Weight Gain

Timely Repost! Here's a question for y'all.  How many obese people do you see in concentration camps?   How do you think their cortisol levels are doing?   Jimmy Moore is at it again, lying about his weight.  You see, he insists that he hasn't changed a thing since May of 2013, and the same fasting 18-24 hours at a clip and 2000 calorie boluses of fat laced with protein has not only failed to produce additional weight loss, but has resulted in what appears to be a complete regain of the 2012-2013 NuttyK "Experiment" weight loss.   It's the stress Jimmy claims.   It's hard to believe it's been three years since most in the paleo community actually "met" Jimmy Moore.  At the time, he was going on various podcasts and exclaiming that he was the healthiest he's been in his life.  Jimmy didn't go on many other people's podcasts until that time, and it became rather frustrating to hear his protestations of health despite object

Health Quiz

I would like everyone to take this health quiz.  Nevermind who made it up, or what it's a quiz for.  Nevermind that some of the things aren't really X number of times per whatever types of things.  Just answer the questions and note your score to yourself.    How often do you experience the following (0) never    (1) weekly    (2) daily    (3) multiple times a day 1 Allergies worsening 2 Anxiety 3 Blood pressure: too low or too high 4 Blurred Vision 5 Caffeine needed each morning 6 Constipation 7 Cravings for heavy or fatty foods 8 Dehydration 9 Depression  10 Facial Swelling

Jimmy Moore in the Diabetes Summit - "Doctor" Mowll Nods Along As He Gets Free Fatty Acids All Wrong

Here's your link:   Jimmy Moore Low Carb Controversy (available until 10am EST Friday 3/27/15) Paraphrased Highlights & Commentary

Dr. Roy Taylor's Diabetes Summit Presentation

I received some fanmail yesterday -- it was a nice email!! -- encouraging me to share Dr. Roy Taylor 's  presentation at the 2015 Diabetes Summit -- of Newcastle Diet aka "crash diet" for reversing diabetes.   It's too bad he ended the talk encouraging the host to keep spreading good information ... sadly his is a rare inclusion in this event. HURRY -- I thought these would be available through Thursday Noon, but it's saying 3 hours :(  -- hopefully they'll extend that.  SORRY!! This summit is the second annual event put on by the director of Sweet Life Diabetes Centers, a chiropractor turned nutrition expert and other things, Brian Mowll DC.  Last year he co-hosted the event with Jimmy Moore, and I dubbed it the Reversing Diabetes Knowledge Summit .   There are more of the same chiropractors, naturopaths, and such spreading their views on how you basically should eat a very low carb diet and avoid this or that bad food that is killing your pancr

Two Outside the Asylum Appearances ...

Hello all!  I have two items to announce/alert you to. 1.  I did a webinar for Richard Sennewald who runs a group called The Carbophobe Rehabilitation Group.   I put this one first, as it will only be available free to the public until Wednesday (tomorrow) I believe, so if you're interested, hop on!   Carbsanity 101 ... if that link doesn't work, try this one .   Just some commentary on the experience.  This is the first time I've ever done something like this.  Note to self:  Mount large clock on wall ;-)    I ran quite a bit over the initial time, so it is a bit long.  I didn't practice this out loud due to time constraints and my predictions were obviously a bit off.   It is VERY strange talking into a headset w/o seeing the audience.   I'll probably pre-tape sections of any future webinars I do to keep things going.  Also, I went "off script" here and there, but this was probably a good thing to keep it less formal.  It's all in the

Does Metabolic Syndrome hamper weight loss efforts?

BUMP:  This post is over four years old (original publish date:  11/17/10).  It came to mind a day or so ago when someone linked me to Sam Feltham's latest DISinfographic and accompanying video. If what Feltham is saying (and I can't for the life of me understand how he "borrows" this from Bailor w/o any complaint from Bailor ... even his book title is similar to Bailor's former one!), the results in this study shouldn't have occured. So the original (short) post, unedited, and some commentary afterwards in how some things have changed in my knowledge, understanding and thinking about all of this.

What's Wrong with this Video?

Presented without comment, which doesn't mean you should refrain (grin).  Have a great weekend!

Masai Women Ate a "Low Fat" Diet

Ahh the trails that Nina Teicholz leads me down ...   Image Summary of Post:   adapted from  source gray values are calculated from original data While the males of the Masai tribe consume 3040 cals/day of approximately 39%P : 47% F : 13% C, the females consume 2450 cals/day of approximately 27%P : 33% F : 40% C. Got that?   Masai women, ate a "low fat" diet.   This data comes from a sourced cited in The Big Fat Surprise . The "near-vegetarian" diet of the neighboring Akikuyu tribe is more likely attributable to micronutrient deficiences, more pronounced in males due to their avoidance of "effeminite" leafy greens.

Not Really Surprised ~ Nina Teicholz Digs In On Lean Meat Flub

. Lori H. Barrett original Perhaps we should chip in and buy the print for Nina Teicholz? I recently noted yet another "error" made by Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise .  This time it was in an editorial in the New York Times , unsurprisingly blasting the report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. As much as I am no big fan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, CSPI, their  Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson  wrote an article in response to this same editorial for the Huffington Post.  It has been pretty widely shared and well received:   Distorting Nutrition Facts to Generate Buzz

Nina Teicholz Distorts the Fatty Acid Content of Wild Animals

direct link   African Buffalo I have recently revisited Chapter 1, The Fat Paradox, in The Big Fat Surprise , and it's safe to say that Nina Teicholz's contentions about the diets of Native Americans are grossly inaccurate.  The "all the Indians ate meat" is rounded out by a British physician named Prentice who visited South Central Africa and attributed rampant meat eating to the natives there as well.  An then (begins at location 327 of 12033 in Kindle version) : ... no savvy heart disease researcher can read these historical observations without raising a standard and reasonable objection, namely, that the meat from today’s domesticated animals is far more fatty— and a greater proportion of that fat is saturated— than was the meat from wild animals roaming around a hundred years ago. Experts argue that the meat from wild animals contained a higher proportion of polyunsaturated fats, which are the type found in vegetable oils and fish. IV   If wild anima

Zoe Harcombe and Adele Hite's Hyper-System(at)ic Meta-Statistical Bovine Fecalemia

Alternate Title:  Baffling with Bull $#!† This post discusses two "research articles" recently published in peer review journals, and how their use of statistical terminology: imparts undue scientific seriousness to the content of the paper obscures the fact that there is nothing new in the paper to make it even worthy of publication, and allows the authors to assign scientific significance to editorial opinions that are at best not supported by the statistical analysis in question, at worst directly contradicted by it. These two "studies" both boil down to exploiting statistical jargon and methodology to further an agenda.  It's a darned shame the quality of the peer-review process has declined so precipitously in recent times as to allow such obvious examples to get through.  

The ACTUAL Dietary Guidelines

Here's a pop-quiz: 1.  When were the first official Dietary Guidelines released to the American public? 2.  When did the Dietary Guidelines first include the specific recommendation to cut overall dietary fat to 30% of total calories, and saturated fat to 10%? GRATUITOUS SPACER IMAGES  As participants and attendees at the #LCHF 2015 "Summit" in Cape Town, South Africa noshed on gourmet fare such as filet mignon and duck confit, the group's sight-seeing trip took them to the paleo side of town where  the "nose-to-tail" stuff is sold out in the open.     "THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF MEAT WE ADVOCATE FOR"     ~ Jimmy Moore