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PURE Rubbish

Let me preface this post by saying I'm a bit time constrained, and computer issues have made my life miserable these past few days.   However a new article from the PURE study was recently published in Lancet, and I wish to add some limited commentary to the mix.   First things first, the links: Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five continents (PURE): a prospective cohort study The first study:   The Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study: Examining the impact of societal influences on chronic noncommunicable diseases in low-, middle-, and high-income countries Secondly, I've tweeted these links out.  Commentary by others: Kevin Klatt:   On PURE Nutrition Wonk:   Research Review The 5 Continent (PURE) Study: A Prospective Cohort Study And now for my favorite headline!

That Seven Countries White Paper and Ancel Keys' Six Country Plot

S ummary: A white paper has been published by the True Health Initiative attempting to set some things straight vis a vis Ancel Keys and his Seven Countries Study Such discussions will always involve the erroneous conflation of that 1970s study and Keys' 1953 "Six Countries Plot" ANCEL KEYS DID NOT CHERRY PICK.   In 1953, it was "possible to get fully comparable dietary and vital statistics data from 6 countries" from 1948-9.   Yerushalmy originally put forth data from 12 and then 22 countries.   These data were from different sources and for different classifications of disease vs. that used by Keys. NEITHER set of data used by Y&H even existed in 1953, so it could not have even been available to Keys. Zoe Harcombe is a terrible researcher at best.  Some institutions will give a PhD to pretty much anyone these days.

Tom Naughton Doubles Down on Kooky Kalorie Klaims for Fat Head Kids

Preface: I have to say this.  Sorry, not sorry.  If you have children, and you want to help them with nutrition and health as they grow, teach them about food and teach them how to cook.   Get your own weight and health under control (if it's a problem) so that you can pass down good habits to your children.  Or do nothing.  None of my business.  But whatever you do, do not buy your child a copy of Fat Head Kids or let them within 50 yards of a showing of the Fat Head Kids movie if it ever comes out.  Put a block on your Hulu or whatever streaming service it is eventually on.  I cannot recommend more strongly against this. Every time I have watched snippets of some video of Tom talking about this book, or read the preview content on Amazon, I just get utterly creeped out by the whole thing, and Tom Naughton specifically.  Books for children should not include shirtless pictures of the middle aged author who goes on about boy boobs.   Tom seems to be working through h

Podcast Appearance Tomorrow: Superhuman Radio

Hello inmates!  I'll be appearing on Superhuman Radio with Carl Lanore tomorrow, August 10, at 12 noon EST. You can listen live HERE You can always listen to rebroadcasts, and I'll post a link once the podcast is "in the can". Our topic will be  A New Perspective on Type 2 Diabetes.   This was inspired by a meme on Carl's Facebook wall and my response that carbohydrates are neither the cause of diabetes or the the direct cause of the associated hyperglycemia.   Basically challenging the notion that diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate intolerance. Should be good!