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Quotable Quotes: Taubes the Radical!

Due to a recent article in Wired , I think this (6/30/14) post could use a hearty bump.  These words were uttered just over a decade ago by Gary Taubes.  THE COLLAPSE OF A $40 MILLION NUTRITION SCIENCE CRUSADE Seth Roberts :  But you'd seen Nobel-Prize-winning physicists get it very wrong. Gary Taubes:  But what they were getting wrong were subtle; yes, they'd believe incorrectly that they'd discovered elementary particles, but what they were doing was a real subtle game. What they were misinterpreting were extraordinarily subtle aspects of the data.   This obesity screw-up is fundamental; it’s like a grade school error in the interpretation of the laws of thermodynamics.   And I made it as well, up until five years ago. I never thought differently.  But what radicalized me is that they don't care.  If they successfully ward off my threat to their beliefs, then I'm in a very dangerous place.  Then it's, like I said, where I end up a