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Angelo Coppola comments on LLVLC blog

If Jimmy Moore ran an open and honest ship over at his blog, I would leave a respectful (as I always did) comment there in support of the comments Angelo Coppola of Humans Are Not Broken blog (and Latest in Paleo podcast ). I guess since he invoked his name in his  10 Critical Issues The Paleo Community Must Address * Jimmy allowed Coppola to respond in what the astute observer would recognize as a rather critical manner.   In his first response, Angelo corrected Jimmy that his blog has nothing to do with broken metabolisms and such, but then bravely went on to suggest some other things the community really needs to do.  I copy the relevant excerpts here because some of these have been discussed by yours truly numerous times, however flawed the delivery may appear to some in the audience.  I'll bullet point it for ease on the eyes:

Lessons from LIRKO

The LIRKO mouse has no insulin receptors in its liver.  It's one pretty sickly mouse.  In most studies it becomes hyperglycemic and hyperinsulinemic very early in life, but by six months or so of age is either normoglycemic or hypoglycemic.  Despite the concurrent hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia, the LIRKO remains normal weight, it is even a bit underweight if anything.  This is despite the fact that  circulating free fatty acids (FFA, or my preferred acronym, NEFA)  are suppressed by 40%.  {Here are the two papers I've discussed in previous blog posts: Loss of Insulin Signaling in Hepatocytes Leads to Severe Insulin Resistance and Progressive Hepatic Dysfunction , High Circulating Leptin Receptors with Normal Leptin Sensitivity in Liver-specific Insulin Receptor Knock-out (LIRKO) Mice both links are to free full texts} LIRKO presents two problems for the TWICHOOB: 1.  Chronic hyperinsulinemia does not cause rampant fat accumulation  2.  Insulin "locking a

Will this be NuSI's first experiment?

Watch the first 5 minutes of this video.  In it: Gary says there's 10% error in doubly labeled water measurements (I don't know if it is that high, but it is interesting that this is the level he puts it at) Gary describes an experiment to be done in men (he has stated at other times this is because these diets tend to work better in men, what, insulin doesn't work the same in women?) Gary pitched this to Pennington research center before.   Overfeed by 20% of calories  Describes ketogenic, Atkins diet, as steaks, chops, eggs and bacon.  Gee, I wonder how those misconceptions of the Atkins diet keep getting perpetuated, eh? Gary predicts that energy expenditure will increase in keto group so that they will burn the excess calories.   Now that Gary has the funding, have they commissioned this study?  If not, what are they waiting for?

Jimmy Moore Lies Again

(so what else is new) In what I can only assume is an attempt at humor because it is so laughable, Jimmy Moore wrote a "Grokie Do" list for the paleo community the other day.  I'm considering discussing some points further, but his very first bullet point was regarding Paleo Christians: This to me is one of the great unspoken taboo topics that’s been simmering beneath the surface for the past several years in the Paleo community that nobody really seems to want to address. I attempted to do just that in this November 2010 blog post , but the not-so-subtle digs at people who believe in God and also support and use the Paleo lifestyle has only gotten worse. ... Whether you choose to believe in God or not, that’s a personal decision made by the individual that should be respected. Unfortunately, somehow there’s this misconception out there from some people in the Paleo community who seemingly have such utter contempt for Christians that they think if you believe in

More thoughts on the KKKonfederacy of Dunces

The past couple of days, I have been spending my spare time, while I still have a bit more, on some outside/related projects so I apologize for not being as engaged as usual in my comments section. I must say that the commentary on my last post, William "Wheat Belly" Davis agreed to interview with David Duke personally , is both amusing and appalling to me.  Amusing, because the predictable anonymous advisors have swooped in to offer their unsolicited wisdom on how I should best spend my time and/or what content I should put forth here.  Newsflash!  It's my life, my time and my blog.  The door is up there in the right corner, just click on the X and watch your backside as the door tends to slam a bit ;-) I am appalled by those comments critical of me for merely posting this information, and/or expressing my opinion that a NYT best selling author should offer up a full explanation for his actions.  I can guarantee you that if anyone in the mainstream had granted

William "Wheat Belly" Davis agreed to interview with David Duke personally

Duke the Deceiver A major publisher of diet and health books says one of its writers, a Milwaukee cardiologist, was deceived by a controversial ex-Congressman from Louisiana, Dr. David Duke  –  a man the Anti-Defamation League calls "perhaps America's most well-known racist and anti-Semite"  –  into appearing on his radio show. Danielle Lynn, public relations manager for Rodale Books, says Duke contacted the author, Dr. William Davis, in early 2012 and claimed to be a "Dr. Duke" from "Europe." 

Zoe Harcombe Credentials II

Zoe Harcombe was on the LLVLC Show (for those that care, taped after the David Duke controversy had unfolded) last week.    I think she holds the record for packing the most misinformation and hypocrisy into an interview with this one, and she's had a lot of stiff competition.  She's definitely the Queen of such in LLVLCluelandia.   She also vies for the crown of resume inflation, though I think there are others who might beat her out on that one.   Still, some time back I questioned her credentials .   Here is her current biography.  Zoe is big on bragging on her Cambridge education in Math/Economics.  As well she rightly should be proud, but this degree is nowhere near relevant to the study of health, nutrition or obesity.   She's probably aware of this, and has likely been challenged about it.  She calls herself "Author and Nutritionist" on many of her YouTube videos, and from the bio: Zoë is a qualified nutritionist with a Diploma in Diet & Nutr

The Not-Science of Soaking & Sprouting?

You know the drill.  Beans and such have evil things in their skins, so traditional societies diligently soaked them to remove said evil things.  Furthermore, sprouting is known to improve digestibility and quality of the protein.  So soak and sprout your beans! I don't disagree with any of the above, I just -- taking off scientist hat -- wonder out loud if that's really why traditional cultures did these things. First off, I'm thinking that pretty early on, humans figured out that if you dried things, they tended to last a really long time in storage without spoiling.  Further, certain things may well have been discovered in already dried forms!  I planted green beans one year and went on vacation in August.  Well, you can guess what happened.  I imagine the "bean" part could have been saved and eaten, however.  I also think there's no better snack than snap peas picked fresh, so I plant those almost every year even if I don't bother with any o

Thoughts on Childhood Obesity - The Half Man Angus T. Jones

True confession time:  I love watching reruns of the early years of the TV show Two and a Half Men.   It's been many years since I followed any TV series "live" and not in reruns, and as I'm not into Ashton Kutcher (not seeing it gals, you?) I never had any urge to watch the new shows.  As such, I was rather surprised by pictures of the son, played by Angus T. Jones, at age 19.  He's all grown up ... and decidedly not obese or even overweight.  One might call him svelte even.  Then I saw an old episode and he was a very chubby child.   This post is about children and weight.  I think we've gotten ridiculous as a society about this in some ways.  Robert Lustig laments over some obesity epidemic in 6 month olds.  Really?  My husband was born prematurely at 4 lbs and change.  I was born full term at a robust (especially for these days) 8 lbs.  I was a "chubby" baby, he was not.  I have a picture of me at age 1 where I'm still quite chubby.  By

The Problem with Science in the Incestral Health Community

I've been discussing lately the entangled web of relationships and referencing in this community, and I have decided that henceforth I'm going to call it on this blog what I've called it in my head for a very long time:  The Incestral Health Community.   This is because everyone has ties to everyone else (or enough) and apparently nobody feels even the slightest bit interested in vetting one another, let alone any professional obligation to do so before slapping the affiliate logo on their website or inviting fellow IHC members to speak at their events.   I've also been highlighting credentials of late, and will continue to do so when I feel that it is pertinent.  I want to make sure that everyone reading here understands that I am not passing judgment on anyone's academic record, highest degree held, etc.  Fer crying out loud, two of the smartest women I've had the privilege of knowing both dropped out of high school in the 9th grade.  And sadly, the numb

Know The Experts: Nora Gedgaudas, Page 151 & More

Updated slightly: 8/3/13.  Original publication date: 1/13/13. While I have no inclination to vet every so-called expert in the community, every now and then one comes along that deserves closer scrutiny.  Scrutiny as to what their expertise really is in the areas in which they are giving so-called "expert" advice and information.  On a few occasions this past year, Nora Gedgaudas -- author of Primal Body - Primal Mind  -- has weighed in on the "controversy" over so-called "safe starches".  While I've highlighted issues with her statements from time-to-time here, and Nora has been on my radar for a very long time, the fact that she seems to have such a prominent voice in paleo circles warrants this post.   I first heard of her from (who else) Jimmy Moore's podcast with her aired October 2009 . According to her website : Nora Gedgaudas is one of the World’s leading experts on Paleolithic (Paleo) nutrition and author of the international bes

Special Limited Edition David Duke Teaspoons ...

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Book Review: PCOS Unlocked by Stefani Ruper

UPDATE:  Stefani's response and my own, posted ~2:30 pm 1/12/13, search on "Stefani Ruper Responds" Alternate Title:  The Creation(ism) of a Paleo Guresse This post has been a long time in coming.  It is in the utter absence of glee or malice that I have finally put it together.  But it is a post that needs to be made, because not to do so means this phenomenon of overnight Paleo guru creation never gets a light shown on it.   Part I of Book Review Do not buy this book.  If you want to support Stefani Ruper's work, though I cannot see why, send her a donation instead.  If you are a women suffering from PCOS or who suspects you have PCOS, save whatever money you might spend on this book and use it towards a consultation with a medical professional and/or diagnostic tests that can help you and your doctor figure out what is going on hormonally.  I purchased that $39 paleo book package recently, and to be honest, one specific reason for doing so was

Friday Funnies -- Hitler Does Paleo

From the amazingly talented Matthew Green UPDATE:   NEW LINK ENJOY!!

Before JimKKins became JimKKKins

Some say it doesn't matter.  I think that a group of Low Carbers -- near as I can tell, most are not even former LC'ers but currently following the lifestyle -- has resurfaced and weighed in on the Jimmy Moore David Duke controversy is a testament that it does.   This should keep people busy for a while. Check out these links and spread the word! Some think Jimmy's crusade against Kimmer was restitution for his part in her scam in a quest for redemption.  It was not.   Jimmy was knee deep in that whole scam.  What Kimkins boils down to is this:

Calorie Counting isn't Paleo, it is an Eating Disorder!

Such are the short pronouncements of one Swedish Diet Doctor, Andreas Eenfeldt.  Who, by the way, will be on hand to snap pictures of all of the obese low carbers in the audience for the third (or fourth?) year in a row of Jimmy Moore's KKKetanic.   He posted two short quips recently.  So short, in fact, that I'll quote them in full here. Paleo and Calories? The recent trend towards calorie counting in Paleo land is baffling. Some people need a reality check. There’s nothing less Paleo than counting calories. Calorie Counting and Eating Disorders Needing to count calories means something is wrong (the appetite regulation is disturbed) or the body weight goal is unnatural. We should  try to fix what’s wrong  and try to have healthy goals, if possible. Then there will be no need to starve. Calorie counting is an eating disorder.

Papa Sisson?

" While the world chooses to remain focused on the infantile concepts of diet and weight loss as the primary goals of getting healthy, it’s good to know we have an adult watching out for our real best interests and arming us with information that is truly life-changing.  " ~ Jimmy Moore, Review of Primal Connection by Mark Sisson

Speaking of Eating Disorders ...

I'm trying to figure out why Stefani Ruper advocates for paleo (for women!) when: {colored emphasis mine, plain bold is hers} When you discover the paleo diet, it just sort of makes sense in that basic way, and you leap head first into an orgy of statistics and science and success stories.    But for me–as probably for a fair portion of paleo dieters– my excitement was mostly at the promise of being effortlessly thin.  With the paleo diet, I wouldn’t have to feel so restricted.   The “satiation power” of fat and protein would make the burden of my weight maitenance efforts slide off of my shoulders.   I’d eat sardines.  I wouldn’t feel hungry.  I’d be skinny.  Life would be perfect.  Hooray! Needless to say that wasn’t quite how the story went down at all.   As a matter of fact, it was at this point in my life, for the first time ever, that episodes of overeating became real food binges ,  in which I might eat half of a pumpkin cheesecake after a whole Thanksgiving dinner

Some Suggested Reading ...

In light of other recent events, I present some suggested posts from this blog on the questionable accuracy of the blogging of one Peter Dobromylskyj aka Hyperlipid. 1.  Bloggo Science ~ A Hypothetical Post ~ III: Fasting Insulin & Weight Loss Summary:  The third post in a series (links to I & II within) outlining how Peter deliberately fudged the data from the "infamous" Grey & Kipnis study.  He even told his readership he was doing it and tips his hat to Ancel Keys.  I feel to this day that if anyone can read this series and take Peter seriously after that.  It was done in all seriousness on his part.   2.   Bloggo Science ~ LIRKO Wars Edition Summary:  Peter blogged on the LIRKO mouse with a "cute" quiz about making jam from the urine of this mouse.  One problem, LIRKO doesn't get glucosuria.  Other claims made are also easily dispelled including that this mouse's liver (and other cells) can't process glucose so they burn thro

The JimKKKins Trio: What did they know, When did they know it, and Does it Matter?

Since no other names have popped up over the past few days, it appears that only three people in the greater low-carb/paleo community were ensnared by the cunning "Dr." David Duke.  I've now listened to all three interviews on Duke's radio program.  Coupled with the stories/explanations each have provided, there are three different sets of circumstances for those trying to decide for themselves what appearances by these individuals on this notorious racist's show mean to them.    In order of their appearances on the show:

If only they'd listened ...

Yes ... this is a screenshot  Jimmy Moore uploaded to his  image host and  tried to pass off  as a comment directed at  him on one of his venues.    Click on image to enlarge In March of 2011, Dr. Kurt G. Harris wrote this in the comments to the following  blog post on this blog:    Response to Moore/Kosloff Podcast II: Commentary.    You see, a year or so ago, Jimmy Moore was in full swing stirring the pot in paleo to deflect as much as he could from his unwarranted MARKETING and MONEYMAKING move into the paleosphere. He "went paleo" following AHS11 and started attaching that label to everything paleo. When some in the community protested, he pointed fingers at me.  News flash, I have never been "paleo", though I do eat a pretty paleo friendly diet, insomuch as I understand the diet to mean,  the large percentage of the time.

Toxic Reproductive Organs?

I was listening to Doug McGuff's interview with David Duke (sorry, you'll have to go to the LLVLC blog for your link), and he mentions at one point why grains are so toxic.  You see the seed part is the reproductive organ that the plant wants to protect itself from being eaten.   Fair enough.  But let's list other "reproductive organs"  humans eat: Seeds Nuts Tubers Rhizomes Legumes (pod seeds) Fruits (berries, melons, etc. included) Eggs The "whole" animal Need I rinse and repeat?  Yes, all but two of those are vegetation, but I mean we could keep the gurus busy for a goodly long time asking just the difference between this "grain" or that "grain".  Even foliage distinctions aren't consistent as to equate corn with a grass like wheat is baseless.  The truth of the matter is, that unless one truly believes humans are/were obligate carnivores, our species has survived consuming the reproductive organs, especiall

My the difference a year makes.

I received an email as to whether or not we'll have 2012 Insanies ... the answer is yes, but in light of recent events they have been delayed and require some updates on the material I had already put together.  Who woulda thunk 2011 was such a relatively sane year in retrospect??!!   2011 Insanies As of sometime yesterday-to-today, if you look at the right sidebar, there is not a single post relating to Gary Taubes ... and amazingly ... or Jack Kruse!  The second and third posts are interesting late climbers.  Someone -- I think in the cycling world -- is stealthily linking to my blog.  Thanks, but I wish I knew who you were!  The #2 post as of today was written on Nov. 7, and received little attention until over a month later which basically never happens here, especially nowadays.  Here in 2012 we are talking about a legitimate scandal involving not one, not two, but three relatively big names in the greater community associating with the notorious neo-Nazi, white supr

The REAL JimKKKins Scandal: Dr. William Davis, Dr. Doug McGuff and "Dr." David Duke

In his zest to pull his a$$ out of the firestorm he created, by knowingly going on prominent white-supremacist  and anti-semite  David Duke's radio program, Jimmy Moore has done a great service to the community by "outing" two prominent MD's associations with same.   Don't you mean disservice?  No.  Service, because nobody seemed to be aware of this, and it is important information.  Unlike the one-man Jimmy Moore show, these are prominent men with "real jobs", besides their books, blogs and whatever else, as medical doctors.  They also have books published by mainstream large publishing houses and "handlers" -- whatever the title:  managers, agents, publicists, assistants, you get the picture. The following post was brought to my attention in comments here, and just so it doesn't get buried, I'm putting it here and encouraging all of my readers to go read it:   Two prominent physician/authors -- one a NY Times bestseller --