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FREE!!!! Carb Sanity Academy presents: Healthy for the Holidays

T his mix of snarkasm and practical advice is brought to you by Facebook Memories reminding me of a post I made around a year ago -- The #LCHF Weight Loss Industry & Evangelizing Low Carb  -- and the upcoming Keto Clarity Academy event featuring Melanie Miller and Jimmy Moore "influencing" people on how to stay healthy for the holidays. The holiday season will be soon upon us, and even those who celebrate no December holidays will likely still have to navigate related social engagements.  Let me preface this by saying that I recognize there are a number of people who absolutely cannot, or probably should not, stray from their dietary regimen.  There are others who, when they do, have a much harder time getting "back on the wagon" compared to whatever issues staying on plan will cause.  If you are any of these people, this blog post is not for you.  This blog post is aimed at all of those who are angst-ridden going into and through the upcoming holidays

β-Cell lipotoxicity in the pathogenesis of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus of obese rats: Impairment in adipocyte-β-cell relationships

BUMP NOTICE:  I'm bumping this post due to some recent discussions on social media regarding the reversibility of Type 2 Diabetes and the role of low carbohydrate diets in the growing "curing diabetes" paradigm.  Recently Dr. Roy Taylor (the investigator I most closely associate with the crash diet, though this is an extensive group) and colleagues, who implemented a "crash diet" to cure diabetes -- by reducing pancreatic and hepatic (liver) fat concurrently with rapid weight loss -- published the following in BMJ:   Beating type 2 diabetes into remission .    The criteria are non-diabetic markers for a period following reversal of the progression.  Here is where various low carbohydrate interventions "fail", as many are able to maintain normoglycemia only by avoiding carbohydrates.  The question remains if this is effectively the same as other reversals.  I contend it is not, as normal pancreatic function -- specifically GSIS -- has not been resto