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Therapeutic Safety: Context is Everything

I'm working on some posts on "the list" from a recent one , and find myself in need of a few backgrounders for the upcoming Ketones are NOT the End of Cancer. Tim Ferriss & Dominic D'Agostino Should Be More Responsible   (link goes live when it's published) post.  Recently I tweeted out the following:   It's time for responsible scientists & docs to rein in keto cancer cure and alternative therapy hype. #KetogenicDiet — Evelyn (@CarbSane) November 19, 2015 My tweets are auto-posted to Facebook (including to my mostly-private page) where a friend responded to the statement that "a ketogenic diet is [...] safe". The comment basically challenged how we know this, or even if we know this to be true, My response is essentially the impetus for this post, but it was, in a nutshell: CONTEXT

My Gut Feeling on Microflobesity Was Right

This post brought to you by Duck Dodgers' arrogance.  If there ever were an example of what is wrong with science in the Incestral Health Community, it is the phenomenon that is "Duck Dodgers" and his comments here.     A seemingly non-controversial post -- on how the US Dietary Guidelines were never any radical departure from the way humans around the globe have eaten for thousands of years -- went viral, at least in part because of Duck's return.   What rubs me personally the wrong way about this person (or persons, though I've been told it is only one person who posts with that ID in comments here so I operate on that assumption) is his response to any challenge to "How Food Enrichment Made Us Fat, Diabetic, and Chronically Diseased" otherwise known as the "Iron Food Enrichment Hypothesis" .  Despite doubling down on the whole fortification thing at the off-the-grid web rental only around a month ago, this guy comes on here and plays

Science ...

... it's called that for a reason.   This post was prompted by the discussions in this seemingly non-monumental post -- Are the Dietary Guidelines REALLY So Radical? -- that erupted to over 750 comments. The discussion somewhat culminated in this comment , and there are a few posts forthcoming that require this "backgrounder" on thoughts . I like to blog about science.  I like to deal in science.  I consider myself a scientist in much the same way that formerly practicing MDs still consider themselves doctors.   I used to conduct primary research.  The kind that some of today's "scientists" have never even done outside of the classroom environment , if that   (I refer to the likes of Gary Taubes, Zoe Harcombe and James DiNicolantonio to name a few) .  I studied science (a few disciplines, and some engineering too), and I had a career in scientific research (again a few differing fields and applications).  I "can't help myself"