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The Cause of the Obesity Epidemic

I couldn't help but snap a picture of this at the playground yesterday.  Asylum regulars will recognize the true cause of the obesity epidemic in this picture. 

Babies In Ketosis

April 2018 Update: Here in the year 2018, it's fair to say that #Paleo is pretty much over. Nothing tells us this more succinctly than a quick trip over to Mark's Daily Apple, a website I rarely frequent these days. I'd heard rumors that Mark had "gone keto" ... given the seemingly meteoric rise of #Keto of late, is anyone really surprised?  This is the same man who developed the "more addictive than crack " P90X recovery drink and other things,  Ever the businessman (can't fault him for that), Mark seems to have transitioned from using his blog to sell paleo/primal-related books (did he ever find a proper ghostwriter for his wife's book?) to selling over-priced avocado oil products.   The whole "primal" thing is about as downplayed as possible for someone whose signature product is The Primal Blueprint, can be.    Poor Grok.  Now it's Keto Reset time!  Can these marketeers PLEASE make up their minds?   Wh

Bio-HACK-ing Chronicles Ep.2: Maybe Jimmy Moore Has Hepatic Encephelopathy

No ... this blog will not become all Jimmy Moore, all the time.  I do have some posts in the works that just need some polish ... including one on the study Ted Naiman bases his 3:1 ratios of grams protein to fat that Jimmy was following.  That said, I can't help but put together a few comments on the Drama Llama supreme's latest n=1. This Episode's n=1 bioHACK:    7 days of "Carnivore" , High Protein (mostly meat) 3:1 grams protein:grams fat.    1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass equaled 270 g protein:90 g fat.   (if you use 40% body fat, that puts his current weight at 300 ... ) RESULT:   Fail.  If you listen at the 43 minute mark of this episode of The Keto Savage podcast , you'll see that it was Jimmy's every intention for this TO fail. The purpose of biohacking is SUPPOSED to be about seeking out ways to improve one's overall health ... to achieve meaningful goals.  This nonsense of seeing what happens to