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What's the Problem with Nutrition Research? Is it True Health Iniative or NutriRECS?

Hello World .. and anyone still reading this blog!! Yes, it's been forever.  I've been generally pretty well.  Knocking about on social media (Facebook and some Twitter) ... occasionally getting the urge to blog, write something, get to 80% then lose the mojo.   What has turned into a long hiatus wasn't planned, but it happened due to running out of steam and still seeing the same old, same old.  I may or may not discuss more at some point, but if I don't just jump back in and blog, I probably never will again! And so, with that said ... 𐩘𐩘𐩘𐩘𐩘𐩘𐩘𐩘𐩘𐩘𐩘 The following editorial in JAMA has been making the rounds on my Facebook feed, and I have a bit of a different take and reaction to it ... one that comes from roughly a decade now of delving into dietary recommendations wars from where I "stand". The Editorial:   Backlash Over Meat Dietary Recommendations Raises Questions About Corporate Ties to Nutrition Scientists