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Friday, April 2, 2010

Glyceroneogenesis and the Triglyceride/Fatty Acid Cycle

Everyone who believes Taubes' theories about Glycerol-3-P and not being able to store fat if you don't ingest dietary carbs should read this article.

We make glucose via gluconeogenesis.  So, too, we make glycerol via glyceroneogenesis.  And we recycle ~50-65% of the FA's released via lipolysis back to trigs.

One interesting thing is the behavior of brown adipose tissue.  The enzyme responsible for re-esterification, PEPCK-C is high in BAT.  But interestingly enough insulin INHIBITS this enzyme while a high protein zero carb diet stimulates it.  

There's lots more  here to digest.  I'll revisit this post and update.

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