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Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost Content

Blogger was down for quite some time since sometime last night.  To get things back up they had to "temporarily" remove new posts from some time on 5/11 forward.  Well, as of this post, they have not reinstated said posts.  I'm going to wait a bit to decide if it's worthwhile to reconstruct my missing post - maybe it will show up - but there are also missing comments.  Where I can I'll C&P them when I get a chance.  Just wanted to let you all know this wasn't my doing.  


MM said...

Glad they're letting you post, and it seems the comments are working again. Hope they didn't lose your last post but I'm not holding my breath.

CarbSane said...

Thanks MM. I'm thinking that it's gone. I have a very small part of it. I do have around maybe 4-6 comments in my reader that I can C&P when I get a chance. At least it was only one post - that could have been worse as I have several in the works and once they are published that's it. Those are in draft - thank goodness I didn't publish them all! Also, poor Matt at 180 probably lost a ton of comments!

Mikaela said...

I have the window with your post open still, i was reading it yesterday and never closed the window. Would you like me to copy and paste it here?

CarbSane said...

YES!! But I think you might run up against the character limit. Better yet, email me: carbsane @

Or if you prefer break it up. I'll likely delete the comments and repost with active links.


Mavis said...

Ah, that explains it. I'd just noticed a recent comment (not the most necessary, but also inoffensive) on another Blogger blog had disappeared. I thought he was trying to send me a message ("Get a life"?).

CarbSane said...

Nevermind ... It's BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

Thanks so much for the offer Michaela!

I'm going to wait and hope comments resurface, but if they don't those I have in my reader and there aren't all that many.

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