Do we need a Hall of Fame around here?

Frequent and long time comment contributor here, Sanjeev, has hit the big time!

In his most recent post, Anthony Colpo used a hysterical phrase Sanjeev first coined here:

Sanjeev said...
> additional layer of intellectual deceit
I think you mean 
"dysregulation of honesty metabolism"

Classic!   You rock Sanjeev!

Meanwhile, old Gary is still doing his Pima schtick, the discussion of which elicited Sanjeev's wonderful turn of phrase.   Starting around the 8:30 mark in part 1 and into part 2 he discusses the whole prosperity thing and the Pima.  

He did spruce up his slides with a nicer graphic of the Pima.  Did Fat Louisa actually go by that name?  I'm thinking not.  And he left out the mention of carbs he knows they ate.  Ahhh that fixes that inconsistency with this "science", right Gary?

I wonder, is a symptom of a dysregulated of honesty metabolism a constant face touching/scratching tick?  Or perhaps he's just having trouble feeling parts of his face these days after a visit to his diet doctor for his other services (seems that link is bwoken).

{oh no she di int!}


Sanjeev said…
Thanks for the kudos - in the middle of a deadline for a contract project and studying for exams (i'll never take courses during the summer again- so much easier to study when it's minus 30 outside with wind chill), this was a good pick me up.

Feels good to know an ear worm or 2 is floating out there, and people remember it a couple of months later.
CarbSane said…
Any time my friend. I don't like teaching in the summer either b/c the blank stares are even worse that time of year. That and trying to enforce no flip-flops in lab is futile! Good luck with the exams!
LynMarie Daye said…
I missed "dysregulation of honesty metabolism" the first time around. Very witty! :)
Sue said…
There was reader mail from Diana who I believe comments here - it was interesting to read Colpo's comments. He also mentions how Jimmy asked him to prepare a diet and exercise programme for him which Colpo did for free. Jimmy then declined as programme too hard.
Sue said…
Looks like Colpo bashing has started again (if it ever stopped). Razwell has a few posts.
CarbSane said…
Hi Sue, yes, that is "our" Diana. So it was neat to see AC feature her email and her shout out to me - thanks D! (Diana's email is the first one in this post:

The email and his response are well worth a read as Diana mentions a common phenomenon of how we react to messages from various messengers and messengers delivering the undesired message. AC was a hero in LC circles (back in 2009 enough was still strewn on the internet from that time to get an idea, his old website was, AFAIK, taken down and much of that older stuff is gone from other places or so long ago archived to be impossible to find) with Cholesterol Con. But all he did was acknowledge calories and all hell broke loose. Comments on Eades' attempts to debunk the Fat Loss Bible really show the level to which hero worship can cloud judgment. AC seems so much smarter saying the exact same things these days (albeit with a little more "color" than yours truly :-)) as the carb/insulin/MAD/calorie deniers keep dropping like flies.

This is why I still take issue with how my interview with Jimmy was described in show notes, blog post titles, and Jimmy's lead-ins to the interview. It tweaked the mindset of those already inclined to be biased against my message into an even more confrontational stance. A family crisis kept me from commenting fully on this aspect at the time. In retrospect, however, that timing may well have been fortuitous, as it allowed for an interesting play out of events, particularly the past couple of months. Let's just say though Jimmy still pursued AC for an interview back then, he won't be doing that with me! LOL. Wonder if he would come on my show if I were to launch one. >:)

I think Jimmy should be glad AC went so easy on him in that other article. There is a "dark side" to this man to which I have become privy due to my personal interactions with him. Jimmy recently called AC "irrelevant for years now" ... as the bloom is long off the rose of his own "weight loss success story" except to newer readers who don't yet know the full story.

The use of Sanjeev's quote was somewhat more spontaneous which is why I gave it a shout out. I also think that those like LMD who didn't catch it or read AC would find it as awesome as we all do :-)
CarbSane said…
Razzy's got Jimmy's back. LOL. On a serious note, if "Razwell" is reading this, please consider professional intervention. You've mentioned family, so I hope they can help you with this.

On an even more serious note: Obesity in and of itself is not a laughing matter, and it really is too bad that in this day and age it seems to be one of the last acceptable things to criticize. However, although a small percentage of obese (Razzy's fave Manuel Uribe) probably have a serious genetic condition that would make them obese no matter what, the vast majority do have significant personal responsibility for their condition. That remains a tough pill for many of us to swallow.

I suppose I would laugh at Jimmy were it not so sad (therefore let it be clear that I'm not) that he's spent the past two plus years on his blog wondering out loud over WTF is going on with his weight, and making pronouncements about his damaged metabolism, etc., phantom hyperinsulinemia, possible thyroid issues, etc. that are preventing him from controlling his weight at a normal level. He's running out of excuses for why LC is ultimately failing him. It may not be LC per se, but his stubborn adherence to dogma that keeps him from seeing that the macronutrient makeup of his diet is not the problem. Many, myself included, have tried to help him see this but he seems rather more interested in hearing only those messages that confirm his bias.

While his obesity is no laughing matter, his behavior is. I mean the guy breaks his beef/CO/eggs/SF chocolate scheme and he added in "some carbs" for a few days and gained weight. What were those? Bread with butter and sweet potato fries in unspecified portions in addition to his other foods. After two days he declared "experiment over" and that he was one of those people who was ultrasensitive to carbohydrates for weight gain. Comments pointing out what was wrong with this "experiment" were censored. If anyone buys this schtick ...

I've yet to see the point of his n=1 experiments either. If he's really interested in this for health/weight reasons, one would think that his fairly regularly consumed Atkins & Quest bars could be tested any day. (Ad sponsor Quest not to be tested until February 2012!!) There will be no need to compare them to Carnation Instant Breakfast bars or other meal replacement bars. It's a no brainer that the sugar will cause a BG spike. It's an excuse to turn consuming product he's now acknowledged and demonstrated negatively impact his weight, ostensibly for the good of others. The last thing Jimmy should be doing now is any sort of self-experimentation of this nature. Those thanking him for his "sacrifice" are complicit in encouraging his failure. :(
Sue said…
Yeh I got into low carb around 2001 and remember how it all went down with Colpo and Eades. Low carb seemed like the answer for obesity and diseases like diabetes except as I learnt later calories still matter!
Honestly sick of the fighting and slagging off. Wish those that disagree with each other can find some common ground. So I'm kind of disillusioned.
Sue said…
Then CS you came along and made be question everything I believed in regarding LC.
CarbSane said…

You know what Sue? I am very glad that back in '02-ish and '07 I just went by my memory to do my LC plans and didn't look for support and information on the internet.

I'll never know, but I'm pretty much convinced had I listened to a lot of the advice out there I'd probably be back at my before weight by now.

The funny thing is that if I were "rah rah" Taubes etc. I would be celebrated in LC circles. I lost and have maintained around 100lbs using not just LC, but VLC for most of the time. I'm not at an ideal body weight, but normal size, and surely this would be celebrated rather than folks accusing me of lying or being a big fat face exploding cannonball.

My eating these days even would be celebrated. Jimmy tried to pass Paul Jaminet of Perfect Health Diet off as a low carber in his podcast, and I eat about PHD (a bit higher protein, lower fat and slightly lower carb) these days. I eat no more than the 100g/day carb Jimmy Moore boasted he was able to eat and maintain back in 2005!!

And yet this "high fat", "some of us are just super sensitive to carbs so that spinach will make us fat" extreme tact of this wing of the community is such a major turn off. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I STILL eat what would be considered low carb by just about anyone! Not to mention I almost never eat sugar (the occasional Lindt truffle the exception, but Sisson and Harcombe consume more), don't eat a lot of fruit (I usually share an apple with my hubby most days and eat melon and strawberries in season but maybe twice a week?), very rarely eat anything "bread" - usually a LC wrap, etc.

Jimmy claims he always tells folks to find what works for them (and Feinman made that claim on Hans Keer's "goodbye" post on about his militant Metabolism Society). Nonsense. What works for you will be ridiculed if it's not a very narrow interpretation of the low carb diet.
Muata said…
Evelyn said "... the vast majority do have significant personal responsibility for their condition. That remains a tough pill for many of us to swallow."

Honestly, this is the first, and probably only, pill the obese should pop because it's larger than a horse pill and can only be taken in chunks 'cause it takes time to swallow ...

I think when one tries to swallow "the pill" all at once, it can be overwhelming and lead to "all or nothing thinking" or straight out denial.

Unfortunately, extreme LC dogma encourages both.
Diana said…

Do you think that "dysregulation of honesty metabolism" is a possible consequence of chronically depressed insulin levels?

Yeah, joking, but the thought occurred to me that some LCers are so damn grouchy (this would be you, Dr. Eades) because they just aren't getting enough insulin. Doesn't insulin make us, even normal folk, a bit....relaxed?

Isn't rest and relaxation a good thing, in moderation?

Regarding Taubes and the Pima, now you've gotten my insulin-choked system roused.

When I wrote what I wrote on your blog about how Taubes mis-repped the Pima, I was angry. Then I calmed down. But every time I come across this particular piece of Taubesian BS, it pushes a button, rather like his misrepresentation of the metabolic ward studies on insulin metabolism does for you. Because, and I realize I'm being repetitive here, you don't need to have any scientific or even historical knowledge to see that he deceives. All you have to do is read carefully, and see how he juxtaposes information about the Pima from two different generations to yield an incorrect conclusion.

Even in George Bray's unfavorable review of GCBC

he gives Taubes props for telling the story of the Pima properly. I've always been meaning to write to Bray and tell him that it ain't so but I've been lazy, blame it on the carbs.

I think I might get my lazy carb-addicted ass in gear and write that letter to Bray.

It seems like such a minor issue, but I do not think it is.