Blogging from the Paleo Summit IV: Sarah Fragoso, Erwan LeCorre, Paul Jaminet, Matt Stone, Thomas O'Bryan

Hi folks!  Due to some unexpected personal stuff yesterday I was unable to do the "Live" blogging on these two.  I listened to Sarah's interview but never got around to Erwan's.  I very much enjoyed Sarah's even though I don't have kids so it was mostly irrelevant to me.  I'd probably buy that Paleo Pals book for my kid or something else directly from her rather than buy the Paleo Summit if I were to have a use for her works.  Erwan's I didn't get to listen to ... yet.  It's still on my computer to play.  I'll try and post some thoughts on that one in case anyone's interested before the summit is over.

On Tap Today we have Matt Stone & Paul Jaminet with whom most of my readers are familiar, and Dr. Thomas O'Bryan (who I've never heard of, sorry) on gluten.  Of course this has to be my busiest day and I'm behind because of yesterday.  I've already listened to Matt & Paul.  Kudos to Sean for giving Matt almost an entire hour.  Paul's interview focuses on the rationale behind Perfect Health Diet with some new stuff on food reward with a twist.  I enjoyed listening to it as it's been a while since I read PHD and have had a chance to closely follow Paul's blog.   I'll try and live blog Dr. O'Bryan this afternoon as that would be more useful to most of my readers, but I will come back and discuss Matt & Paul before summit's end.  But push comes to shove, I'm saving my reviewing time for that master of human physiology Nora Gedgaudas' take on safe starches tomorrow. 

See ya later (maybe)...