Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit II: Diane Sanfilippo

Link:  Diane Sanfilippo

Rating:  ☼ ☼ ☼ 

Summary & Recommendation:  This is a short and sweet review/summary of Diane Sanfilippo's presentation.  I wanted to get this out there because it's not something I would recommend buying the Summit videos etc. for, but I think for most of my readers, even the anti-paleo types, there's probably something helpful in there.  What you won't find is a lot of information on what a paleo diet is (indeed just about any diet could be paleo it seems at one point), the foods to eat, fasting, a litany about PUFA, MUFA and whatnot.  But whether it be how to deal with eating out, responding to criticism or questions from friends and family, etc., there's probably something worth at least being reminded of.   I didn't learn much, but only because I've been there, done that, live it -- and I've been over that part of doing my own thing with diet and lifestyle for quite some time.   It's only 40 minutes long, and as of my posting it will be available free for only another 5 and 1//2 hours (till midnight 2/26 PST).  Diane sounds like a  true paleo -- no dairy, grains, veggie oils, and such -- but her discussions and warnings about stressing over your dietary purity (orthorexia if you want to put a term to it) show flexibility.  I especially liked her realism as to the time it may take to see results (despite "7 days to" subtitles on books) and that if you stop seeing them or don't realize what you expect that there are still other ways to eat out there.  So if you have the time, go listen!


Galina L. said…
Thank you for your reviews, I am sure I will continue to read about some new personalities on your blog I never knew before. One suppose to go to JM blog for it, but I rather read then listen in most cases.