Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit VII: Mat Lalonde (rocks)

Link:  Mat Lalonde
Title:  An Organic Chemist’s Perspective on Paleo?

Ratings:     ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼     just go watch/listen!!
OK folks ... I've got me a new sci-crush!  This guy is saying what I've been saying for a long time now -- if you're gonna make claims about something, you better have the stuff to back it up.  Mat, there is no problem with your delivery man, don't change.  Your detractors are obviously those "doth protesting too much" who know they've just been called out without being named.

Mat discusses how the healthful benefits of the paleo diet essentially speak for themselves.  If you're looking for why, don't make shit up because there's going to be someone out there from a field of greater knowledge on that topic who will call you on it and you'll just end up looking like a fool.  

A few things (I kept taking notes on again off again, so this is just the on again stuff and forgive me if my wording is off ... I'm sure y'all will keep me honest here if I mangled anything)
  • The rationale that humans didn't eat something millions of years ago doesn't make the newer food source bad.  Many species find new food sources and trive on them and in fact one could make that argument for humans with bone marrow from carcasses leading us to hunting.  
  • He discusses that when selective pressure is high, adaptation is rapid 
  • Cooking wheat germ agglutinin fortified pastas showed no lectins left after preparation.  Many lectins suffer the same fate with cooking so many of the concerns are overblown, still there are some bad ones that are not destroyed with normal preparation.
  • The case against potatoes was made by feeding IBS mouse models potato skins fried in PUFA ad libitum ... What real world applicatibility does this have??
  • He doesn't like the paleo label and discusses how Cordain blames Eaton for this term
  • For those interested in autophagy, Mat discusses protein fasting to encourage autophagy.  
Sorry for the short review.  It's not needed anyway.  Go listen to this while you can.  I know I plan to go back and listen to his AHS11 talk which somehow slipped my mind in the intervening months.  


I felt the way you did the first time I watched (saw it live at AHS). But after watching this interview, his Paleo Summit pres and his all day nutrition seminar, I am starting to get a tic every time he says "and if you say XYZ to a chemist or biologist or similar, they'll think you're an idiot" ... even if it's true ;).
SamAbroad said…
I love Mat, he's a no-nonsense sort of guy. I suppose it doesn't hurt that he's very very pretty too.:)
LeonRover said…
Matt LaLonde et Stephan Guyenet.

La vie en Rose -

Gedgaudas ain't Piaf (or Louis)
julianne said…
He's been my science "paleo" crush for some time!
FYI - I put together a blog post with links to all his talks / podcasts etc.
Lerner said…
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Lerner said…
As I was getting severely disillusioned with Paleo advocacy, one of the last of Wolf's podcasts that I listened to had Lalonde as the guest. He said something very unusual for Paleo, "we should use the same critical standards regarding our evidence as we use against the others' ". AFAIK, I was the only one to post an approving comment there about that.

He also was the driving force behind abandoning VLC (as in: gluconeogenesis supplies all needs) wrt athletic performance. He called it flat out a failed experiment.

However, as far as eating one marathon meal per day? That sounds risky to me - especially if it's day after day after day.
CarbSane said…
Welcome Julianne! Sorry I didn't check this guy out sooner.
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