Paleo Summit ~ FYI if you're gonna buy ~ Please read

Folks if you go to the affiliates link for the Paleo Summit you'll learn some information on how folks will be compensated:

The cost for this summit is not cheap, but if you purchase the "upgrade" for $67 during the summit, $99 afterwards.  If you click through a favorite presenter's link to purchase, they will receive 70% of the cost.  Clicking through from any other link will net the affiliate 50% of the total which is still a sizeable amount.

They are assuring the "first contact" is credited with the sale through cookies, so if you happen to click through from X's site, and later decide to purchase because another presenter moved you, they won't be getting the compensation.  I think allowing the purchaser to direct their affiliate $'s to certain presenters or conduits would be better, but who am I ...  In any case, if you intend to purchase this summit, send a message by clicking through from a solid presenter.  Clear all your cookies and such from your browser and do a clean click through.  If you need to re-register, everyone has a second email addy!

There has been a lot of buzz around about speakers at such events and such and it will send a message (or should) when hopefully people will reward excellence and substance with their "voting" dollar.  You may not even realize you've clicked through an affiliate link sometimes. Jimmy's even got his own URL that redirects  to