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A weird thing happened yesterday.  Only the one post is showing on the blog homepage.  I didn't change any settings -- I went and looked and it's still set to display the 10 most recent posts -- but there was only the one post.  It's not a blogger glitch either, because I see several posts on other blogspot blogs.  Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm.  Maybe too many images?!


CarbSane said…
Hmm ... now I see two posts ...
Quarrel said…
Yep, only the two. The "Older Posts" link at the bottom works as expected though.

Karen said…
When I go to older posts I get yesterdays expanded. But no others.
Lerner said…
rule of thumb: whenever something on the internet goes wrong, ALWAYS first suspect something done by the supposed experts. So I looked for you and found this:
"My blog homepage shows only one post. earlier it used to show seven posts. I want seven posts on my homepage." The possible cause is the builtin auto-pagination.

Also note related questions on that sidebar.

So before I check further, I'd ask if you compose via blogger or do you compose using some external program (like Word)?
Lerner said…
I answered my own question. I looked at the page source and you are using:

Blogger Template Style
Name: Awesome Inc.

so you must be using the blogger (google) editor.
Lerner said…
here's the problem, Evelyn: that 1st image (of the two women) appears right in the HTML source of the page. Probably you pasted that as a screenshot. OTOH, the subsequent images appear on the page only because there is a *link* to them, which takes up far less space.

Since that first image *data* is right in the HTML, the HTML for that article is very large, which triggers the auto-pagination. (Only so much is allowed to appear on one presented page.) The solution? When that article rotates off the home page, things will return to normal (except that article will cause the same behavior on whatever pages it's on).

If anyone would care to see, you'd "view page source" from your browser and then look/search for this--> iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUh

which is only the beginning of a LOT of characters which make up the actual image data.

{If google was smarter, they'd exclude image data bytes from the count that is used for pagination purposes.]
Lerner said…
a worse example of botching is going on right now with MedPageToday. They first bragged about their upcoming new site, then after it debuted they spent a few days apologizing that people couldn't log in, etc. Now there is only a complete breakdown there:

"We're sorry but an error has occurred with the page you are requesting.

An alert has been sent to the site administrator."

They can't even put up a decent failure notice to say "we've completely messed it up and so we shut it down while we try to fix things" - much less having actually **tested** the new site before going live with it. Sigh...

Hey, before you know it, people will be publishing science nutrition books that are defective, too :)
SamAbroad said…
Totally off topic, but I think this is a good place to put this, while driving home from work today I turned on the national radio (I live in the west of Ireland) only to hear Robert Lustig being interviewed! I was surreal, like two worlds colliding, my local Irish world where most people don't even seem to know what a carb is (I often get asked 'is potato a carb?' lol!) and my online world, which is mostly US based.

For what it's worth he came across really reasoned, just focusing on junkfood and unnecessary added sugar, stressed that the dose makes the poison and of course fruit and moderate sugar is fine. They are talking about a sugar-tax here (I'm under no illusions that it is a health initiative - in case you haven't heard we're pretty broke!) so since that's right up his street I'm wondering if wasn't drafted in to add some weight (heh) to the campaign.

Link to article in Irish newspaper:

bentleyj74 said…
[eyes crossed and bluebirds flying around her head]

Right. If I ever start a blog you are hired.
CarbSane said…
Thanks Lerner ... I'll just let it rotate off the page. Usually when I hotlink I use an image from URL. Most of "my" images are screenshots I upload. Blogger lets me resize. I did try to do 4 "small" images in a row ... how Gillian got cascaded is beyond me, and I couldn't even get two of Nigella's to be next to each other. I gave up! Thanks again. I'd just do all with screen shot uploads if this freakin computer didn't like to give me headaches sorting my SS's by date (it hangs up for some reason, something I did on August 31,2011 makes that the last date displayed until I toggle back and forth on date several times. It is infuriating!
Lerner said…
Lustig is big news everywhere because of that "Nature" article published yesterday with his sensationalistic "tax and ban sugar" approach. E.g.:

"Sugar Should Be Regulated As Toxin, Researchers Say"

But I agree with you, Sam, that the underlying rationale about sugar easily providing lots of extra calories is reasonable - but not the *only* problem.

But holy crap! Sam's cite has this claim: "the effects of drinking too much alcohol -- which was, in any event, manufactured from the distillation of sugar". My cite from Yahoo and their "science writer" penned article has the same! Can somebody pleeeese call Russia and Poland and tell them they've been making vodka wrong for centuries? Might as well include Scotland and Ireland and any beer making places, too. But nobody has to call the wine making places that actually make alcohol from sugar, thank goodness, or this could take all day.

There are other misstatements presented as fact, too.

That leads to the bigger question: is Taubes teaching a course on science writing? (He seems to have taught Lustig quite a bit of something or other.)
Lerner said…
oh well, google/blogger's threading isn't working today in Opera.

@Bentley: and if I ever start a MST3K commentary on LCer videos, you're hired :) The comments on that diet doctor show cracked me up.

@Evelyn: glad to be of help.
LeonRover said…
Perhaps a counter has been zeroed on month advance - Jan to Feb ???

Coz now we are TWO!!
Galina L. said…
After spending first 30 years of my life in socialism, any proposal to regulate something heavily gives me a pause,on another hand, sugar consumption went so high in USA, it is insane. The article says "Americans consume on average more than 600 calories per day from added sugar," As I noticed before, things get change not when some problem arises, but when the problem became so disproportionally huge that it is impossible to ignore and continue to live without a change. Probably, the situation is ripe for some changes. Otherwise Lustig would be ignored by news outlets. Dr. Davis issued a book saying that the wheat was a poison without a noticeable effect in public perception.
Galina L. said…
I tried to add a profile picture to my post when I talked about how I looked, but I got only exclamation mark in the rectangle designated for a picture. What could I possibly done wrong?
Alma said…
I don't know if this is relevant but your feed burner isn't updating either. My igoogle gadget is stuck in a post from a few days ago.