Happy Monday!

So yesterday we arrived at our beachfront resort.  It's been three years since we were last here -- somehow "transfers" aren't working well for us this trip because the first problem was that our taxi dropped us off at the wrong resort.  We tell everyone the name of the sister resort next door because there are like a zillion resorts with "Royal" in the name, but they dropped us off at the one on the opposite side.   Oh well.  When we finally got settled I think the hustle and bustle of the whole trip really hit and both of us were really tired.  

On Saturday we went to Mercado 28 in downtown which reminded me how much I hate being a tourista!  I have little patience for those trying to take advantage of me.  We looked at some jewelry in one store and the guy quoted us like $350 for like 3 silver pieces.  I mean c'mon man!  I was looking for a butterfly pendant and finally found one for around $35.  Y'all will see it at AHS.  We also did the 3 cheap T's for $10 thing and I did find a lovely beach dress for $8.  Then off to WalMart to get a couple SF drink mixes.   I don't know that I've ever seen motorcycles in a WalMart before.  

So yesterday we had sushi (my favorite eel) and a Thai veggie soup for lunch. I want the recipe for that soup!  For dinner we just ordered room service and had some sort of delish cream of spinach soup and a Ceasar salad which came with smoked salmon.   Hubby had a burger LOL!  One thing about Mexico is that veggie portions are tiny,  so we have to remember to order extra.  I'll probably skip breakfast or have a couple of eggs since I do tend to imbibe a plenty on vacation and should have something in my tummy.   I've got my phone for pics so I'll post some food porn here and there. 

When we were last here there was almost no beach due to the hurricane that year (don't remember which one it was).  It's amazing what man can do, now there's a huge beach  and it goes for miles.  We plan to take many long walks up and down.  Today we plan to relax, relax and relax some more.  I woke up at 4am local time -- I still haven't adjusted to the time difference -- so I'm puttering about the net equilibrating.  I've already done the cold plunge like 5 times.  I'm going to be full of brown fat by next week!  The plunge, BTW is 15 degrees C (almost 60 degrees F) and really friggin cold!!! 

Off to the beach!


Unknown said…
Sounds like a very cool vacation!
Anonymous said…
Oh, the cold plunge! There's a charity one here this weekend, and every year I say I'm going to sign up, and then don't.

I was doing very fast cold showers in the morning last summer, and it really did feel great (once it was over). Maybe I'll get back to it.

So glad you're having fun! I look forward to the pics.
CarbSane said…
It would help if I learned how to save the pics with my phone. I took an old phone with me so ... Ugh. We had such a lovely dinner last night too.

I'm apparently the only crazy lady going into the plunge! It almost hurts to be in the water, but it feels really good when you get out.