Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit X: Day 6 - Chek, Hartwigs, Siebecker

Link:  Paul Chek
Title:  Paleo - Instinct Before Intellect


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OK, so I awoke early today and so decided to get a jump on today's offerings while still dozing a bit.  Very early on Paul goes off into my idea of woo woo with the whole talking to trees thing or how junk DNA is the stuff of our instincts and all that.  He kind of lost me there and never got me back.  Which is unfortunate because he had some excellent points to make about behavior that is taught and/or part of a civilized construct vs. what we instinctively do.  He compounds this by discussing education as designed to babysit kids and squelch creativity.  While some parts of his history may be true, I'm not sure where slave children's 
education on the plantations so that their slave parents could be most productive factors in.  While I'm not a huge student of history, and I realize Roots isn't a completely accurate accounting, I must have missed that part where the slave children were indoctrinated in schools to keep them out of the way.  

It goes a bit further down hill before rebounding some with lots of poop talk.  Paul recants how he knows someone at work who poops once a month, several who poop once a week and how it's common for folks to poop only every three-or-so days.  Ummm ...  I don't think it's even humanly possible not to poop for a month let alone a week if one is eating normally, and I've lived with lots of humans in my life and don't recall a single one ever pooping every third day or so on any sort of regular basis.  A month?  That BS meter goes off there.  And what reason does Chek give for this?  Not enough Bran Cheks?  Nope.  Folks are just too busy to poop so they train themselves to refrain from doing so.  Really??   I'm sympathetic to "holding it in" as I'd rather poop at home, but I gotta go, I'm gonna go!

After all of that, Paul does make a lot of common sense.  Stop reading diet books.  He also discusses productive self-experimentation.  If you change up 10 things at once for a couple of days, what do you hope to learn.  While his 4 day cycle is too short for most things in my opinion, it's a start.  And he encourages re-challenging to make sure it was really that after all.   I did fade at the end of this.  It's quite long.  But I don't regret listening.

Link:  Dallas & Melissa Hartwig
Title:  Paleo for Vegetarians


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This is more of a presentation aimed at vegetarians on how to become a meat-eating paleo, rather than how to be a vegetarian paleo.  Having never been a veggie myself -- or anything close -- there wasn't much here for me.  But if you are a veggie and want tips on how to transition to meat eater ... this is the presentation for you!   They do pay passing homage to the whole foods approach of "some" veggies -- apparently in stark contrast to the Twinkies & HoHo vegetarians.  This I find a bit much because I've never known one of those, but I guess there really are a whole lot of veggies that just don't eat meat but eat a bunch of junk crap.  Their overarching message seems to be that vegetarians are missing out on so many nutrient dense foods.  They go into how those who object to animal eating from an ethical/humanitarian POV might approach eating animals.  I find the attitude on factory farmed animals a bit snobbish as I just don't see that even all current vegetarians and paleos might be supported by non-factory farmed foods.  I always get squeamish when Peter Singer is discussed as an ethicist, but they do mention that mollusks and such may be your gateway "flesh" as Singer assures us these are not sentient beings.  Their strategy is other wise to start with the ruminants since these live the best lives overall and go grass fed.  They put big plugs in for, so I'll pass that recommendation along here.   

As I said from the get go -- if you're a veggie on the verge or trying to go paleo, this is THE presentation from the Summit for you.  If you're already a happy carnivore or omnivore, there's not much here for you.  I can do without the better-than-thou attitude on the source of my own carnivory.

Link:  Dr. Allison Siebecker
Title:  Paleo Digestive Troubleshooting


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I think this is probably a "don't miss" for you if you suffer any digestive issues.  Allison covers the various causes of digestive upset distinguishing between bacterial causes in the small intestine vs. the large intestine.  She covers various dietary strategies for dealing with these issues such as low carb, specific carb, "slow carb" and GAPS.  Also covered are the often overlooked problems of constipation and fat intolerance when switching to a low carb diet.  I found it a bit boring , probably because I don't have skin in this game, but I am comfortable recommending this to those who do.  It is chock full of info,  quite a bit new to me, and although I cannot guarantee it's 100% accurate, nothing sent up any red flags on bad science.   I really liked how from the get-go, she says "Don't Guess, Test!" and lists:
  • Breath tests for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), lactose/fructose intolerance,  H.pylori
  • Endoscopy for GERD, reflux, celiac
  • Heidelberg test for how much stomach acid is made with a meal*
  • Gastric emptying study to evaluate this
Of those with IBS, up to 84% have SIBO so that seems like a pretty good thing to get a handle on.  I would note (the *) that she mentions that Heidelberg test is not well known.  Ahem Ms. Nora Gedgaudas ... from whence did you pull that factoid that 90% of the population has low stomach acid from??



Chris said…
i love that Paul Chek is really into poop. On one podcast I remember his giving this rule that unless you are clearing a good 12 inches a day then there is a problem.
I have seen blogs of vegetarians who list their eats and tehy fall in the "not a whole lotta veggies" vegetarians, with the soy, soy protein fake "meats", and lots of bread and pasta type things, and sweet treats. It's like they forgot to add vegetables to their shopping cart or something.... weird.

I missed legumes..and started having them now and then again. And Oat bran. We'll see how that goes. :D

When I used to eat ad libitum (but pretty healthfully), I pooped 4 x a day. Now, 2x. When I did much lower carb, 1x (and not so much). I prefer going a lot...I like that "light" feeling. :D
Unknown said…
A Nora!Troll told me her number is from Why Stomach Acid Is Good for You: Natural Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux and GERD by Jonathan Wright, who is a doctor. He says he ESTIMATES 90% of people have low stomach acid. I think Nora would have failed in any reputable college. She's the kind of person who would cite Wikipedia.
bionic said…
Wow really have it in for Nora. Why?
LeonRover said…
Why not? She portrays herself as a know-it-all.
CarbSane said…
Sigh ... Yes, Nora would have failed any reputable college. She probably did. I remember when I first heard of her she was touting how she came from a medical family of sorts (I seem to recall both parents are docs, or at least one parent and a sibling). This made me think "so what" and "where's your cred". The 90% with low stomach acid defies common sense. BTW, I agree with your comment on the other post -- Nora is more insidious than Jack. Like I said in that post, coming from LC-land, she's not too big, but I'm appalled how respected she seems to be in paleo circles. Jack OTOH seems to have captured the imagination of a certain faction and some movers-and-shakers looking to capitalize on it. In that regard, his MD is insidious.
Sanjeev said…
> Paul recants how he knows someone at work who poops once a month
probably Paul recalls ...
Sanjeev said…
I couldn't listen to even 10 minutes of Chek

ken wilber is an expert on US regimentation in education, and it started with US slave owners, not organized religion 3,000 years ago

And scientists are deified ...

And he still believes all that stuff about left/right brain ... which part of your brain is creative, Paul? maybe The part that's making up (CREATING !!!) all this verbal/intellectual woo, not the parts that appreciate (not create) visual art ...

Vancouver Island mushrooms are legendary in some circles hereabouts ... Vancouverites I've met in Toronto wax poetic about the shrooms

And OMG, all of that's in the first couple of minutes ...

holey fried cr*p*ola hairball of woo moley on a stick

hairball ... pull on one hair and you soon tug on all parts of the hairball. Hairball of woo ...
Unknown said…
Um, because she has written a book with untrue garbage and says she knows the ideal optimal diet for everyone?

BTW everyone, this "bionic" person has been following me ever since I first posted on Nora and said that I could be sued for libel for exposing Nora's untruths.
Lesley Scott said…
"...and I realize Roots isn't a completely accurate accounting, I must have missed that part where the slave children were indoctrinated in schools to keep them out of the way" - that made me LOL. That's right when I decided it was just too early for this crap, which apparently is the right word given all the poop talk that apparently followed. 5 minutes of the Whole 9 ones at which point I decided today would be a pass on the Paleo Summit - I'm gonna blame Mat Lalonde & Kresser for spoiling me & turning me into a snob. Which is a shame b/c it seems like Dr. Siebecker would have been a worthwhile listen.
Karen said…
I may have put in a few more minutes than Sanjeev but when Paul said to listen to your instincts and forget your intellect I chek'ed out! My instinctsx say to eat sweete. My intellect says I could lose a limb, kidneys, eyes eating sweets. I do believe I will listen to my brain.
Unknown said…
I've worked with someone who didn't poop for 30 days. I meet on a weekly basis women who do not poop for 2 days or more on a regular basis. Many women I've met poop only once a week. and yes, many have trained themselves to not poop at work.
Unknown said…
I am urbanantonio, couldnt figure out how to respond properly
CarbSane said…
Hi and welcome urbanantonio! Not sure whassup with the ID. I have never known a woman who didn't poop at home regularly for the most part. Most of us tend to avoid doing so in public restrooms, but at some point (e.g. dorm living in college) it's gotta come out! Perhaps I've been living amongst humans too long :)