What if Kimmer was a real 100 lb weight loss success story?

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For those not familiar with "Kimmer", allow me to fill in with a little background.  Kimmer was the screen name used by one Heidi Diaz who started a subscription weight loss site KimKins.com.  The website -- version 3.0 -- lives on.  KimKins is essentially several low carb diets that are also low fat and low calorie.  I think the most severe of them is around 300 cal/day.  Kimmer used pictures of others for fake "after" pictures while remaining obese herself and promoting KK as a successful weight loss plan.  You see, here is the before and apparently a real intermediate pic of Kimmer, and her "after" shot.  Below that we have a montage of before/afters used by Heidi.  It always amazed me that folks were apparently unquestioning of these shots, but maybe it's just me that would look at any of them and at least wonder whether this was the same person or not.  Below right is a split screen of Heidi's before picture and the shot taken by a private detective.

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Once exposed, Heidi was sued for fraud, etc., and in November 2010 was found "guilty".  The below is now at the bottom of the new KK 3.0 website:
The California Riverside County Superior Court has ruled in Jeanessa Fenderson, et al. v. Heidi Diaz, Kimkins, Case No. 483005 that Heidi Diaz and Kimkins have engaged in false advertising and fraudulent business practices. The Court found that Defendants Kimkins and Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" during the class period, (January 1, 2006 through October 15, 2007, hereinafter "Class Period") have falsely represented the success of the Kimkins diet in that Heidi Diaz, as creator of the Kimkins diet, lied about her representations concerning the amount of weight she lost on the Kimkins diet. The Court also found that the "after diet" images promoted to be Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" following the alleged use of her Kimkins diet, posted on the Kimkins.com website and advertisements during the Class Period were not Heidi Diaz, but were actually misappropriated images of models who were used to mislead the public into believing that Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" was successful in her weight loss. The Court also found that Defendants, Kimkins and Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" used false testimonials on the Kimkins website during the Class Period to mislead the public as to the success of the Kimkins diet. The Court also found that Kimkins and Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" used misappropriated photographs of 41 models that were used with false testimonials on the Kimkins.com website during the Class Period to mislead the public as to the success of the Kimkins diet.
I wonder, they fail to include that there had to be an admission that low calorie diets are dangerous.  There are many blogs and such dealing with the KK scandal, for example:  Why Heidi Diaz is a lying liar,  Collection of fake pics usedChristin Sherburne the Women's World "cover girl"All About Kimkins.   Kimkins blasted big time onto the diet world scene when the diet was featured on the cover of Women's World.  You see it each week at the checkout stand with another weight loss miracle.  Ironically, in light of my last post, it was said to be "better than gastric bypass".  One of the links above is to Christin's first blog, which she abandoned for The Journey On, a blog last posted to with no forwarding notice in November 2009.  Jimmy Moore discussed Christin's health problems on his blog.   She had essentially become anorexic and had numerous complications associated with the eating disorder.   The fear of eating vegetables didn't come from the low fat or low calorie aspect of the diet .....

Speaking of Jimmy Moore, one really learns a lot about the man and the state of the low carb community if they're bored someday and have the time to read through this entire thread at Active Low Carbers:  Jimmy Moore Lost 13 Pounds In First Four Days On Kimkins.  Jimmy not only embraced Kimkins, but he was an affiliate and made quite a bit of money from that affiliation.  His mea culpa would have left me wanting.  It's funny how many who held him to task over on ALC are now his "good friends".  There are a lot of former KK'ers over on Jimmy's forum.  In 2009, many still sported after avatars from their KK days. If Jimmy is to be taken at his word, he followed a more moderate plan, not the dangerous 300 calorie hair falling out plan.  I  have no idea which plan these (mostly) ladies were on.  Most have regained the weight, many adding more pounds.  I never understood the "low fat phobia" there until I started looking into the KK thing.  They made the mistake of equating a truly unhealthy low-everything plan with a "smartly" designed diet.  Honestly, after that diet, I don't see how Jimmy's butter & egg diet shakes out much differently.  And yet nobody seemed to get greater pleasure than Jimmy from Heidi's demise.  You'd never know he was dumb enough to get sucked into KK reading his condemnations of a former income source.

But here's the rub.  What if Kimmer had used some of the impressive success story pics of these ladies.  What if Jimmy hadn't recognized the threat to his business and sported before-after pics of his KK losses of around 30 lbs if memory serves?  What if Christin had not developed health issues and just continued on as a low carb blogger touting her 100+ lb weight loss?

To me the whole KK fiasco speaks to how desperation leads people to let go of their normal common senses.  Because they saw the miraculous transformation on the cover of WW and flocked to KK in droves and forked over their money for membership.  What KK was selling was nothing different than any of the other very low calorie plans of "not a lot of food".  There's nothing new there, and yet even despite all the controversy, enough folks go to the Kimkins website to this day that they are still in business.  Desperation...

So where am I going with this?  Pointing out that there are KK-like frauds of different varieties all around us, and these can only succeed with the funding of desperate people who let go of their senses.  We all want to hear "the secret", something that lets us eat as much of fill-in-the-blank-fave-foods and we'll be lean and ripped without any effort.  We all also know better in our heart of hearts, we just wish differently.  And when something we fall for falls short, we're also quick to defend the scammer if they're cunning enough rather than just admit we had a massive moment of stupidity.  I firmly believe that had Kimmer "come clean" and claimed a personal trauma or something caused her to go off KK and regain all her weight, and that she was working on taking it back off, she'd still be behind the original KK webpage, and garnering the support of her admiring community.  Even if she never succeeded in losing the weight.  Because where they turned on Kimmer is that not only was her fraud exposed, she was unapologetic and not smart enough to realize how she could rescue her franchise.  Heck, there were enough people succeeding on KK that she could have outright admitted to faking the after pics and folks probably would have given her a pass because she helped them lose weight.  Sound familiar?

The LC web still has its Kimmers in its midst.  Starting with Jimmy Moore who has reverted his avatar/icon pictures other than a skinny necked caricature back to his 2005 after shots -- even for his newly launched podcast.  Sure, sure, Jimmy has been open about his weight struggles, but he's far from transparently so.  Back when he had the menus blog he would go between daily/weekly updates (while losing weight) to coyly avoiding any requests for an update.  Yes he's had the annual mea culpa posts (though not this New Year), even with pictures, but once those sink down the blog new folks who find Jimmy would not have a clue.  In any real world, someone looking for advice -- even if it comes from others Jimmy chooses to interview in podcasts -- on weight management (or health for that matter) would never seek it from a Jimmy Moore.  And yet, in his defense, we get the "we all struggle" and "he's kept off over 100 lbs for 7 years".  Well, at 301 he's coming dangerously close to that last badge of cred.  Although neither is as visible/influential, let's add both Amy Dungan and Laura Dolson to the mix here.  On Amy's website, she still has only her original weight loss success story from 2001-2.  Nevermind there's a second before after from 2007 where she started some 30 odd pounds heavier than the 2001 before pic, and nevermind that she too did a mea culpa on how throughout the years she's eaten her way up over 200 lbs.  But you see, if you're a nice person as Amy is, you get a pass because "we all struggle" and oh how inspirational Amy is to share her struggles.  Again, in any real world, who would take advice from someone weighing more now than before she spent a decade trying -- at some times harder than others -- to adhere to and still promotes to others.  How, really, is Amy's income from pushing LC "candy cigarettes" that different than Kimmer?  And Laura Dolson as About.com's LC guide?  Don't get me started.

Lastly we've got the Kimmeresque Klown of Paleo -- yes, I 'm speaking of Jack "Leptin Man" Kruse.  If you haven't gone to his blog, you should do so and just try to read two paragraphs of whatever the latest post is.  I guarantee you that in any real world you'd be clicking on the back button never to return again.  But instead, thanks to enablers in the community, we have the equivalent of the Women's World phenom that is Jack.  If you thought the Swedish butter shortages due to everyone going LCHF there were a problem, I'm hearing that convenience stores across the globe (even in Zambia!) are experiencing ice shortages as thousands who flock to Jack's website and head for the ice bath.  I'm not even sure it's the MD, DDS that has folks so inspired after all.  No, it's that Jack lost over 100 lbs.  So last summer he unveiled part of how he says he did it -- his Leptin Reset protocol.  Tons of folks, many long time low carbers or paleo types, started shoveling protein before the 30 minute timer expired after waking.  It worked for some.  Voila!  Eh, who cares if it didn't work for others or whatever ... he harmed nobody, for free.  Well, maybe maybe not, but Jack wasn't done.  Now he unveils that he also did this cold thermogenesis thing.  Then came the alarming TEDx Nashville talk.  I don't care who you are or what you think of Jack Kruse, the man or the doctor.  That talk was worse than Kimmer.  He's either lying or he's insane.  Furthermore, it matters not which, the MRSA stuff is indefensible.  And yet what do we keep hearing from his defenders?  Well, his CT cured someone's night binging, it helped a patient's foot (who knew "spot CT" icing an injury was a novel idea!!), someone lost weight.  Forget all of those it could harm, he lost 100 lbs dammit, he knows what he's talking about!!  So where was Kimmer's advice so dangerously harmful and Jack's so innocuous?  And now he's charging more for private consultations.

No folks, losing a tremendous amount of weight doesn't automatically qualify anyone to offer advice.  As we've seen, many are resorting to potentially dangerous practices to do so.   Just because someone has achieved this laudable feat doesn't mean the methods they employed will (a) work for others, or (b) are advisable to copy depending on the safety of the methods.   Desperation breeds gullibility, and the former obese playing on that for profit is no less despicable than what Kimmer did.  The sooner the paleo enablers realize this about Jack the better.  But this is not so much about him as it is about the next guy/gal who will come along and take the world by storm with their "secret".   There's a good chance Kimmer would still be raking in the cash from desperate folks and invited to speak at conferences about her new Kimkins-Paleo plan.  That's right, eat 300 cal/day of grass fed beef because we know paleolithic humans went long stretches where food availability was low so it is evolutionarily sound to do so.  Don't worry about the cessation of periods if you've had children, that's probably paleo, and probably having kids isn't paleo for everyone anyway.  Don't worry about hair falling out or if you develop anorexia because paleolithic humans had more body hair and anorexics developing body hair are evidence this is how we evolved.

Don't let desperation rule You, PCS.   Your chances of becoming a 100 plus pound weight loss success story are probably better if you tune out the peddlers of secrets and such who just so happened to also lose a lot of weight.

(PCS= Practitioner of Common Sense)


As a reformed VLCer (4 years, with 2 years paleo a la Devany before that) who finally got to his goal weight and then some using Stephen's food reward concepts (an unrestricted bland, low fat diet), I applaud you for outing these pieces of slime.

These types prey on the sick, weak and defeated desperately searching for a solution to feel better in order to make their money and they are undermining the real search for health and proper weight maintenance.

In the case of Jimmy and Taubes, it's a bit more complicated: after you've been writing for a while about ONE thing and ONE thing only, a brand grows out of it and becomes a trap. If you suddenly change your tune then or, gasp, admit you're wrong, you will get hammered with lawsuits from failed dieters (and in Taubes' case, maybe your publisher too).

Doesn't excuse those two for not being straightforward and honest though. They are still both running off with a lot of sick people's money though and it's not right.
Just to clarify, my diet isn't really that "low fat" and I've nothing against Real Fat. It's just that I avoid really fatty foods because I consider them high reward (for me, but remember I ate an 80% fat diet for years and consider them yummy), so it inadvertently becomes a low fat one because I'm usually too busy eating bland starches to get around to butter and eggs.

But the goal was to never experience hunger and eat whenever I feel like it (my no. 1 requirement for longterm adherence) and that's what it took. Lest anyone doubt it, I'm still all for eating meat, just that I eat it as plain as possible (no salt, no sauce).
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
Everything you need to know by Jack Kruse


Step Three: Eat within 30 minutes of rising

Make sure breakfast is little to no carbs (less that 50 grams)

LOTS of protein (50-75 grams)

Overweight: limit carbs to 25 grams

Fit: less than 30 carbs

DO NOT count calories
When I began to explore possibly using low-carb (I never lasted more than a couple weeks to a month on South beach, Atkins, etc), I hung out at the Low Carb Friends forum. Nice ladies there. I was actually part of the Duck Patrol, and I was there in the forum posting, and doing online searches for who might be the REAL ladies in the Kimkins pictures, when the "red dress pic" was found by one of the forum-mates. That is what broke it. We finally found proof that Kimkins was using fake pics. People had suspicions--I mean, none of those LOOK like her--but we couldn't find proof. The red dress pic of that Russian gal was proof. Then other pics were found. We searched model/bride sites looking for all those afters. :D

I do think part of the low-fat-phobia is from that. All the talk of rabbit starvation and the effects some Kimkinites were having after weeks and months of 600 calories (or less, and I saw some meal plans where folks were eating 300 cals a day). And I thought, "Well, yeah, you are starving."

I never did Kimkins. I saw the WW magazine article, was intrigued, went online, saw a sample of the foods eaten, and I went, "Uh-uh. No way." And promptly forgot about it until the Kimkins discussion threads started going berserk. I joined the others in blogging about the dangers of the Kimkins plan (in solidarity, not cause I did the plan.)

It made me skeptical of any "movement". I'll happily take tips from any group that offers me some tips that look useful--Paleo, Primal, Low Carb, Clean Eating, High fat, etc. I look at what they offer. But I do wrory about cliques and the orthorexia mindset that comes into play. I can fall for it. I'm human, after all, with all its attendant frailties. I have to watch myself, too, not to look for the Guru. Just to take good info and try to adapt it to my lifestyle. Like, Paleo folks can talk about it till the cows GO home, but I ain't giving up dairy. Life would suck without cheddar and parmesan. :D

I do hope the ones who focus on Kruse and the other gurus always keep a bit of skeptical grain of salt on the tips of their tongues. It's really easy to get sucked in. Those Kimkins folks just wanted NOT to be obese. They ended up having health issues, because that pounds melting away is very seductive, and those before and after pics/magazine articles are alluring.

I'm glad Kimkins--the greedy con artist--got some comeuppance. But she still has a website and people don't do due diligence before signing up for stuff. Sigh.
This guy needs a proofreader. Every time I see a post or comment by him, it's like a hamster on caffeine overdose typed it. :)

Q: that's gotta be a typo. Little to no carbs would be 5 g not 50, right?
bentleyj74 said…
<---- Just sitting back watching the internal structure collapse like a flan in a cupboard.
Unknown said…
I like how they say "don't count calories" while they are counting grams of carb and protein. If you are counting grams of carb you are counting calories, if you count grams of protein you are counting calories, assuming that you are capable of multiplying by four ...
Lesley Scott said…
"Don't let desperation rule You, PCS." *sigh* this is so true. It seems that the more processed stuff & junk food people habitually eat every day as a proportion of their diet, the more hopeless they feel about every being able to gain control (back) of their weight. Hence the desperation, the bingeing, the yo-yo'ing. There really isn't any substitute for changing how - and what - you eat permanently as a "lifestyle" shift, which I guess is the opposite of what many wanna hear. Too bad, because the journey down the scale can actually be quite interesting & encompass so much more than just weight; rather, it can be like "meeting yourself" again and finding that you like that person a lot.
Alma said…
Life would suck without cheddar and parmesan. :D For me that would read Life would suck without rice and 'taters!

I still find it mind blowing that Kimmer's site is still running. Essentially someone is selling a diet that works for weight loss in theory? 300 cals per day is what some people in the world are living on through no choice of their own http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SN.ITK.DPTH

Dropout rates for her plans must be in the high 90's percentage wise. Nobody can stick with a regimen like that out of choice for that long anyway.

The few genuine success stories are no comfort to me either. EVERY diet that ever was has a success stories from low fat, low carb to low onion :)
I'm pretty darn sure she has changed her plan to something "safer". I don't think she wants another lawsuit. :D I would bet her days of suggesting 600 or fewer calories are done and over...and she's emphasizing non-starchy veg and healthy fats (some) and protein. For Heidi (who's never gotten slim off her own diets, looks like), making money is the thing. So, she's not about to give up on any website that brings in any income.

Anyone who doesn't do a cursory web search before joining a site is just pretty darn naive or pretty darn dumb. And I'm guessing naive folks rule in her roost if they PAY Heidi for any advice. Paying for advice from a morbidly obese woman who can't get non-obese on her own diet. How dumb is that?
Rad Warrier said…
"The California Riverside County Superior Court has ruled in Jeanessa Fenderson, et al. v. Heidi Diaz, Kimkins, Case No. 483005 that Heidi Diaz and Kimkins have engaged in false advertising and fraudulent business practices. ..."

I don't have any clear idea of the extent of power of the judiciary in the US, or for that matter, either in Canada or in India. But isn't the above verdict of the California court enough to get the Kimkins website shut down? How is it that it is still up and operating?

Tonus said…
"Step Three: Eat within 30 minutes of rising"

This has to be one of the greatest inadvertent straight lines in internet history. There are just... too many... possibilities... *passes out*
CarbSane said…
Tonus, between you and a few others here, it's a miracle this computer has lasted so long what with me spitting my coffee out!
Woodey said…
I'm a failed VLCer myself and have yet to decide what to do with the lc books I have bought in the past year. There are some good principles in some of the books, but right now I'm not in the mood to wade through them. Right now I'm in my "this diet failed and now I feel like a loser once again" phase and I'm working on regrouping and moving forward.

Fortunately for me Evelyn has this blog and has been helping me work through this and get on the right track. What helps is Evelyn's relatability since she has had her own weight loss struggles. she knows what other people in my situation are going through and she has been able to work much to get to the place she is at now, a place I hope to get to soon.

Taubes says following the principles he laid out made his weight loss effortless, which implies everyone who follows them will have the same experiences. I too can lose 20lbs without much effort, the problem is I need to lose about 180lbs. I don't care who you are, that is not easy. Looking at Jimmy he is in the yo-yo diet phase and gaining more than losing, that doesn't add up with the low carb dogma of easy weight loss and the correct way to eat. Mark Sisson...well he was already a physical specimen before he started his Paleo movement. I have been preyed upon, and to a certain extent that is my fault, but no more.

I'm thankful for a site like this, there is no way I could express my frustrations or concerns in the low carb community, which makes sense since they are immersed in it. I wouldn't have been able to if someone had come to me for help. I would have showed compassion and been sincere in wanting to help, but I would have just been preaching dogma and acting like a cheerleader, "you can do it", "hang in there".

What I don't understand and maybe you can help me, how does Jimmy and Gary, even Tom Naughton make money off the low carb community (enough to not have a full time job)? More so Jimmy than anyone else? Is it sponsors?
Sanjeev said…
Making money off total BS ain't nuffin special.

Just ask Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, the "Law of Attraction" boobs, Kevin Trudeau, Sylvia Browne, dowsers, UFO lecturers & conspiracy theorists (a lot of these do the conspiracy stuff as a labour of love, but some make a full time living off feeding the gullible)

what seems special about the low carbers is the mass of cherry picked studies that lets some of them pretend their stance is "stuff like thet there science".

On another forum where folks tried to convince me Taubes is brilliant (besides being correct and a saint for standing up to "da man") someone talked about arranging a speaking engagement for Gary at a conference ... speaking and writing engagements seem to drop into Gary's lap without him personally seeming to work hard to get them.

It does look like Jimmy's hustling a bit, more than GT. I don't know about the other guy.
Sanjeev said…
> Making money off total BS ain't nuffin special.

Not that I think I could ever do it. Not with a straight face anyway.

Maybe I've just lacked the right confluence of circumstances to draw me into the "right" position.
fr said…
Interesting VLC story. 521 lbs to 262 lbs currently, with photos documenting the process (he seems to be rearranging the website as I write this, but the photos should be somewhere on his site if not at the URL below):

Woodey said…
I'm fairly certain I couldn't do it either. If I were to make money off of people it would be through a medium that they actually benefited from. I think there are enough scavengers, vultures, and salesman out there practicing "everything will be good if you just..." makes me sick enough to not want to do it myself, regardless if it was for a good cause. Although spending 4yrs in a religious cult that made money off of people like myself has made me extra sensitive to it.

I tried reading a Tony Robbins book about 20yrs ago and felt nauseous after about 2 chapters. I recently watched part of an interview with him by Oprah and couldn't get into it. He does have a strong personality and is charismatic (I could feel myself starting to get drawn to it), but the bottom line is he is selling "feeling good" and acts as if he has the answers to make that happen.

What I find hard with Taubes is I think some of the stuff he talks about is helpful, in some ways it has helped me. I just don't know enough about nutrition to spot the bunk. Carbsane has some blogs on here discussing him and I'm going to spend some time perusing them. I'm not sure about Fat Head though it seems sound to me, but part of what he basis his points on are from Gary's work.
Woodey said…
Funny/serious look at diet crazes.

Swede said…
Woodey, if you like it here then I doubt you will find anything useful from Fat Head. He is a Taubes/Eades parrot with enough of a dash of Libertarianism to make it seem like he has the inside track on nutrition and health. He is really just spouts the typical "the government is wrong" and "controlled by the grain lobby" low-carb nonsense that appeals to the conspiracy theorist and the person who thinks nothing is their fault.
Just enough talk to light the hate fire but not much substance beyond that.

There have been plenty of times in my life where I have been on the unpopular side of an issue, but I have no hesitation about saying that low-carb is a bunch of BS. Sure, there are some people (not many, assuming a normal distribution) who are outliers and need to restrict carbs - but most of us are not likely one of those.
bentleyj74 said…
Awww shucks...people will pay for advice from a psychic if it tickles their ears.
Woodey said…
I have noticed a strong anti-establishment theme in some of the low carb circles, especially towards the medical community. "Doctors are bad and in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies, therefore you cannot trust them" is a common theme. I'm sorry, but I am not going to 2nd guess or distrust my doctor (eight years of schooling plus additional training means they know more than me about the body) just because someone else is paranoid, or because my doctor says its ok to eat some grains.

Its ok to be skeptical and question, but paranoid is another thing. It reminds me of the religious people who would rather pray than go visit the demon possessed doctor.
CarbSane said…
Gunther I very much appreciate your comments here. No doubt it's why Taubes has never corrected the record anywhere in print.

@Woodey, yeah it's strong. Many times I hear something like "the best thing I like about so-and-so is how they don't have a degree or they don't buy into conventional wisdom, etc." Somehow some would rather learn science from comedians and such than a "sellout" like Stephan. Nowadays whenever I hear a doc say "they don't teach this stuff in medical school" that's code for here comes the made up bullpuckies!

Naughton's science is more flawed than Taubes! I'd take a pass.
CarbSane said…
I think this is the biggest problem for former low carbers b/c you have to cut the fat or you WILL gain weight. Witness Jimmy's latest n=1 jokesperiment. I'm willing to bet if he ate 3 sweet potatoes for every 1/2T butter rather than 3T butter per half sweet potato, he'd see the scale go the other way.
CarbSane said…
@Princess, you should see his comments on PaleoHacks. He blames it on his technology, but if you can't be bothered to sit at a regular keyboard at least for composing epic blog posts ... I was unaware that iphones routinely switch your, you're, there,their, etc.
CarbSane said…
I've wondered about this too Rad. I seem to recall that Kimmer is no longer behind the KK operation which begs the question (if that is the case) why anyone would want to take on all that baggage.
CarbSane said…
BTW, that Trudeau guy has like 100 suits and still keeps ticking so ...
It's funny, his stuff "they" don't want you to know schtick sounds familiar, eh?
That's exactly the ratio that turned the scales for me too. It's just too damn easy to overeat on fat, even if you don't like fat as much as I do. One tablespoon is like three sweet potatoes right there!

The next hardest thing for me was taking out the salt. It was kind of like taking out coffee: the three first days really sucked! But then you just forget all about it and stop craving it.
CarbSane said…
Forgot to mention, and this is not about the fat, but from the first time I went LC I sort of lost my sweet tooth. Not that it was really bad, but in the binging days sweets certainly made up a fair share of the chosen foods. At Halloween we had a leftover Reeses cup- the mini size - I couldn't even finish it it was so sweet. Baby carrots are very sweet to me and sweet potatoes are high flavor pretty plain. So I don't get adding honey or stevia to them and cinnamon and butter, butter and more butter. That's over a third of a stick of butter!! Yikes! I tried to point out to him many many times that if he just cut back on the added fats ....
Lerner said…
Saw this today: The K-E Diet: Brides-to-Be Using Feeding Tubes to Rapidly Shed Pounds

"...to shed that final 10, 15 or 20 pounds in order to fit into their dream wedding gown have taken a controversial approach to crash dieting that involves inserting a feeding tube into their noses for up to 10 days for a quick fix to rapid weight loss.

The K-E diet, which boasts promises of shedding 20 pounds in 10 days, is an increasingly popular alternative to ordinary calorie-counting programs."
Lerner said…
quote "...it was so sweet"

I am very far from being LC, but usually don't eat much sugar - so I can easily taste the sugar in things like ordinary whole wheat bread.

Also, once I went without any sugar for two months. The after-meal craving for sugar never went away.
Lerner said…
Okay, it's quiz time! Which supposed luminary has this language on their site: "... taught ancient wisdom along with the latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics that allows people to access the extraordinary powers and abilities of their brains to improve their health..." ???

Yep, you guessed it, it's from the site of "Ramtha", the 35,000 yr old Sumerian conqueror, channeled by J.Z. Knight. Remember her from 1989 or so?

She's still around, still has followers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs-iuHHN0vE
Lerner said…
Saw this today: "The K-E Diet: Brides-to-Be Using Feeding Tubes to Rapidly Shed Pounds"

"...to shed that final 10, 15 or 20 pounds in order to fit into their dream wedding gown have taken a controversial approach to crash dieting that involves inserting a feeding tube into their noses for up to 10 days for a quick fix to rapid weight loss.

The K-E diet, which boasts promises of shedding 20 pounds in 10 days, is an increasingly popular alternative to ordinary calorie-counting programs."

bentleyj74 said…
"I'm willing to bet if he ate 3 sweet potatoes for every 1/2T butter rather than 3T butter per half sweet potato, he'd see the scale go the other way."

I'd take that bet ...if he went on a sweet potato and broccoli "fast" instead of an egg fast with no added fats or flavors I bet he'd drop weight like gangbusters but it would expose his problems as being unrelated to a broken metabolism and effect a double tap on his financial interests.
Woodey said…
@Lerner My cravings never truly went away either. They lessened, but never had them vanish, which is contrary to the low carb philosophy. I don't think it really does if it did Stevia wouldn't be so heavily promoted.
bentleyj74 said…
Gross but not surprising :)

If you take away the executive function/decision making aspect of eating lots of people find it easier to lose weight. Combine that with as close to zero reward as you can get without fasting [which involves that pesky executive function again].
bentleyj74 said…
Er... combine it and finish the sentence before hitting send [blush]

Anyway, [ahem...shuffle feet] having that combination is probably just about magic for people who want a specific result and want it on a time frame so I'm not surprised people like it.
Lesley Scott said…
@Lerner "The after-meal craving for sugar never went away." that's the one I struggle with the most. I've been drinking the Stevia koolaid since my days as a longtime raw food person. And I've been thinking about doing the Whole30 and have been able to give up most of the "biggies - legumes, wheat/grains, dairy - but the stevia/sweetener thing is what keeps tripping me up. maybe 'cuz we're in the midst of moving here pretty soon (from Miami Beach to San Francisco) & I'll try again when I settle in there. I wish I could kick it to the curb, but sometimes it just feels impossible.

@Evelyn "Jimmy's latest n=1 jokesperiment" with the sweet potatoes. I have a question about the blood sugar readings. I remember reading on Chris Kresser's site (http://chriskresser.com/how-to-prevent-diabetes-and-heart-disease-for-16) that if you routinely do LC, "less than 75g/day, your post-meal readings...following the simple carbohydrate (rice or potato) challenge will be abnormally high." So I'm assuming that's a factor with this, no? He writes after eating the sweet potato by itself (what, no bratwurst & extra stick of Kerrygold??!!): "While the blood sugar didn’t spike very high, the fact is it was all over the place and not controlled like it has been all week when consuming fat and protein with the starch. The take-home message I see from this is to make sure you are consuming plenty of fat and some protein with that sweet potato to lessen the impact on your blood sugar levels."

I'm thinking it has to do more with what Kresser points out about the impact of long-term LC'ing on the body's ability to do its thang rather than some sort of sleep-affecting, blood-sugar scattering impact of a dastardly tuber?
Woodey said…
My mom mentioned that to me today and I just shook my head. Its such a product of our shallow society that idolizes youth and beauty. I really wish we could learn to be happy in our own skin and if we have extra weight then so be it. This is beyond vane, guarantee the weight they lose will come back with some extra added.
Leave Comments said…
I just googled Jimmy Moore 2013 and he still looks quite thin to me. I guess he lost that weight again. Not this KimKins lady is still running that website! That shocks me that a 300 pound scammer is still at it. Her website whois info shows it is registered to Brandon Diaz.
I guess she got her son to be the legal owner so she could keep scamming people.
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