The In yo' face HYPOCRISY of Jimmy Moore

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I'm floored.

I usually read Jimmy's cluttered-with-ads blog in my feed reader, so am not normally subjected to the sponsors, etc.  But I went to his site directly this past week and lo and behold, Jimnatius Mooreilly has a new sponsor.  The promo image is shown at right.   At first I thought, this looks like a supplement, so eh?  So what if it apparently isn't working for Jimmy Moore, who no doubt was given free product to evaluate, at least it's just a supplement containing all of those micronutrients we know deficiencies in cause obesity.  Hypocritical, yes, but not tragically so.

And then I clicked the link ... The manufacturer's site is HERE, and the specific product link is HERE.  It's a meal replacement shake.  That's right.  A meal replacement shake.   Is it Primal Fuel?  Bwa ha ha.  Not even close.

For $35-40 (-10% LLVLC discount) you get 21 servings of this shake.  Let's forget the claims made for a moment, and look at this product.   That's a pretty pricey 168 calories.  At 37% fat, that's way too low for proper LC!  Only 2g saturated fat per serving and 4g total.  That's like only a teaspoon!!  Below is the nutritional information and ingredients:

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Let's look at that list:  Protein blend ... OK lacto-paleo if you're not too picky about that pesky real whole foods thang.  Cocoa powder ... OK we all know Grok had access to this sheet!  Dunno if he alkalized his though.  Non Dairy Creamer (Sunflower Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Mono- and Di-glycerides)    SAY WHAT?????  Omega-6, grain derived and whatnot all in one "ingredient".  Fibersol TM (vegetable fiber) -- we'll come back to this one in a bit,  Oat Fiber -- someone alert Wheat Belly!, Dicalcium Phosphate, Dried Cream Extract, Nat Chocolate Flavors, Guar and Xanthan Gums, Flaxseed Powder, Other Natural Flavors, Sodium Chloride, Lecithin (cough ... soy! ... cough), Magnesium Oxide -- I note this is the least bioavailable form of Mg, Silicon Dioxide (Anti-caking), Sucralose  SAY WHAT?????, Artificial Sweeteners are NOT paleo!!  Acesulfame Potassium -- aka Acesulfame K = another non-paleo artificial sweetener, Ferrous Fumarate, Ascorbic Acid, DL Tocopheryl Acetate, Zinc Oxide, Biotin, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin K (Phytonadione), Niacinamide, Copper Gluconate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Chromium Amino Acid Chelate, Vitamin D Cholecalciferol Pyridoxine HCL, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), Folic Acid, Potassium Iodide.

Oh Evelyn, you're just picking on Jimmy now.  His ingrate readers haven't been donating so he has to have some sponsors.  At least it's low carb so ...  Not so fast.   Because in a blog post not even six months ago entitled Low-Carb Dieter Beware: Soy-Based ‘Body By Vi’ Visalus Protein Shake Mixes Not A Panacea, Jimmy tells us how he goes about his endorsing/affiliate/etc. business.  First he's a natural skeptic so he always checks the ingredients list!
Anyone who knows me will tell you I read labels very carefully before putting something inside my body. If there is an ingredient in a food I am going to consume that I don’t want to have in me, then I want to know beforehand. Scouring the ingredients list of this Visalus protein shake mix, I noticed the very first ingredient in the shake was the primary source of protein–SOY!
In that blog post he ranted against Body By Vi shakes, the ingredients list shown at right.  He goes on to complain about the fat content of the shakes:
Speaking of dietary fat, there was only 1g of it in this Visalus protein shake mix along with 7g carbohydrate (5g of which is dietary fiber) and 12g protein in this 90-calorie meal replacement shake.
Which I would point out is really not all that much lower fat and actually slightly higher in carb compared to the MRP he's now happily hawking.  Based on an email exchange with the company, Jimmy concluded:
I was left even more disappointed with the company and sealed the deal that I’d NEVER even consider working with this company as a consumer of their product or to sell their stuff. 
A paraphrasing of his questions/responses/conclusions (some direct quotations in ""):
  • Jimmy:  Where's the sat fat?   Visalus:  There's 1 g of healthy fat, you can add more of your own  Jimmy:  This company is a bunch of lipophobic idiots.
  • Jimmy:  Why is this made with soy?  (his educated readers are eliminating soy from their diets).  Visalus:  Addresses concerns then states soy is complete easily digested protein.   Jimmy:  Hoo boy rant going on about all the nasties in soy (seemingly unaware that protein isolate likely doesn't contain most of these offensive components, and a 90 cal shake hardly makes for a soy based diet!)
  • Jimmy:  MCT source?  Visalus:  Coconut   Jimmy:  Well at least these idiots got something right.
  • Jimmy:  "Why does this product contain artificial sweeteners like Splenda instead of natural ones like stevia or a stevia/erythritol blend?"   Visalus:  Cites issues with aspartame, possible problems with xylitol, concerns over mass use of stevia.  Jimmy:  
"What a convoluted answer! I can appreciate the information but it still doesn’t address the primary concern–why do you have an artificial sweetener in a protein shake product that is supposed to be deemed as healthy to consume? This business about stevia not being put through the same “rigorous” testing as sucralose (Splenda) is simply a red herring and ignores the crux of my question. More and more people are moving away from artificial sweeteners to more natural options because they don’t want chemicals in their body. Trying to undermine the definition of “natural” with the mushrooms example is yet another attempt to deflect attention away from the issue at hand. And she totally ignored saying anything about erythritol and instead chose to blather on about xylitol and how toxic it is for dogs (which I was already abundantly aware of!). Then at the end after lamenting the lack of science supporting stevia she said if they can make it taste good that they’ll “consider moving to using it.” Which is it?! Hoo boy, I’m getting more and more disgusted with this Visalus company by the minute!"
  • Jimmy:  "What is this “Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin” and why is it an essential part of the Visalus product?"   Visalus:  It is a patented fiber [Fibersol!!] that is non gassy, derived from corn.  Jimmy: "Oh great! Another product with some form of corn in it. Gee, that’s real healthy. I wonder if that corn has been genetically modified in some form or fashion. Venture to guess?"   
  • Jimmy:  What's with the O6's and where are the O3's?   Visalus:  Our product only has 1g fat   Jimmy: "therein puts the nail in the coffin of these Visalus protein shake mixes. While totally dismissing my question about omega-3 essential fatty acids, she notes this program is low-fat AND low-carb.
Jimmy closes out the post with some thoughts:
The unanswered questions that still remain about this Visalus company should make it next to impossible for any low-carber dedicated to the high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb lifestyle change to embrace this concept wholeheartedly.
And I can’t in good conscious promote something that I myself cannot believe in. Before I work with any company, I personally vet them out for myself to see if what we believe about nutrition and health is on the same page. I’ve turned down some extremely lucrative sponsorship offers from companies to advertise on my blog/podcast simply because I would not expose my fans who trust me to something I’d never use or consume in a million years. It’s a promise I’ll always strive to keep to you for as long as I’m entrusted to sharing information publicly on my sites.
If you’re already involved in promoting or participating in Visalus or their accompanying “Body By Vi” 90-Day Challenge and are happy with it, then I’m happy you’ve found something that works for you. But I couldn’t ignore writing about what I discovered about this company and sharing it with my beloved readers today. It is my hope and desire to arm people with information so they can make an informed decision about what is best to do for their own health. Hopefully that’s the service I’ve provided for you guys today.
So, there you have it folks.  Jimmy would NEVER involve himself with a company like Visalus selling a low fat low carb protein shake that contains soy, maltodextrin (corn), and artificial sweeteners.  Educated low carbers have been moving away from these ingredients for years now (well, in Jimmy's case about 8-9 months now).  He would NEVER expose his trusting fans to a product he didn't properly vet.  Or not it would appear.  Because this MRP contains soy, maltodextrin (remember that's the fibersol), artificial sweeteners, and even one more little thingy:  corn syrup solids (wonder if that corn is GMO!)   

If just 10% of all you freakin' ingrate readers of LLVLC would just pony up $1, Jimmy wouldn't have to be such a lyin' hypocrite to raise spending money for this week's upcoming LC cruise and month long vacation.  It's all your fault, and to think how he's sacrificing his own health to help you.
Would you trust this man?
"Isn’t it ironic that in the midst of trying to help others live a healthy lifestyle that perhaps I’m partially destroying my own in the process? " ~Jimmy Moore 
(this is the only avatar pic that is somewhat current as of this post, it's on his Low Carb Conversations podcast website) 


Sly said…
You are sooo cruel :) This picture made my day ;)
CarbSane said…
Don't forget rude and vitriolic! LOL. I am AMAZED this man posted this picture on his LCC podcast about page:
Sorry, I'm about reality and all that, but I'm not going to post every unphotogenic pic or joking one I've ever taken on zee webs!
Woodey said…
Jimmy the shyster. Everyone else in the LC/Paleo community that knows this and still supports him are guilty by association. Tom Naughton, Gary Taubes, Fred Hahn, Zoe, and on and on are all a part of it. Why? Because he will push their name, blogs, and books they write. Its a big racket! But you already know this, I'm still putting the pieces together.

The man has no shame. His memorial for his brother has pictures exploiting how heavy he was, he even zooms in on one picture of his brother's gut/groin area while talking about how he died.....WOW!

Love the picture you posted of Frumpboy! That must have been taken after his wife told him that there is no more butter in the house.
I'll preface this with : I don't pay attention to ads. I just assume it's a revenue path for people who blog/have sites, and I assume it's a lot of hooey. Capitalism. I cut people slack for ads (especially those whose ads come up by Google, which can be pretty weird and random).

However, once someone has taken a STAND on ads--as Jimmy has--then I don't cut them slack. It's not random. It has a discount LLVLC code. Jimmy IS accountable for it.

So, he needs to either clarify why this product is GOOD, despire the crap ingredients (non-dairy creamer? Really? It's so expensive and it's got that dreck in it???) Something's gotta give, and he should offer an explanation. He either changed his idea of wht is a good product, and needs to recant. Or he needs to admit that he just wants revenue and is slacking off on what he's willing to advertise for "filthy lucre".

Like I said, normally, I don't care what folks advertise if it's obvious they are making money on the web and it's about revenue. In this case, that doesn't apply. He took a really emphatic moral stance, and he needs to follow up on this because of that stance.

Yep. He surely do.
bentleyj74 said…
He's looking at an apple :) Seriously though, it's not a terrible's a funny and even cute pic. Sort of gives a glimmer of hope that there might be a real person under all the layers of bullsh*t. I'd for sure be laughing with him not at him if it weren't for the other appalling bits of nonsense he promotes.
CarbSane said…
Thanks for weighing in on this. I value your wisdom and level headedness. I don't care much about ads really either, its just when someone's blog rants against stuff that gets promoted on their sites it's just sleazy IMO. Further, folks like Tom Naughton will say how they only make like $15/year or whatever nominal amount they make. Would you not think that they could just forgo that pittance to remain true to their hard fought convictions?
Tonus said…
"He's looking at an apple"


I was amused by the following typo: "And I can’t in good conscious promote something that I myself cannot believe in."

A Freudian slip, perhaps?

On a more serious note: like Princess Dieter, I would normally not see any issue with the ad, because I would have assumed that like many sites, he struck a deal with some ad agency and only has limited control over what shows up. But the blog post you quoted indicates that he takes an active and ideologically-driven approach to who he allows to advertise on his site. He uses the experience with Visalus to portray himself as a zealous protector of his site and of his readers.

Thus the new ad for the meal supplement looks bad, because one assumes that he has either reneged on his promise to protect his site and readers (by not vetting the ad) or has simply sold out. I'm guessing that his response to any inquiries about this post will be along the lines of 'I'll answer those questions as soon as CarbSane stops drowning kittens in the East River.'
CarbSane said…
I stopped drowning puppies last week ;)
Unknown said…
LC/Paleo sites tend to sell crap protein powder, they must be assuming they are dealing with a bunch of rubes. Compare the nutritional info to ON Gold Standard, which is a highly regarded whey and actually cheaper

The crap powders throw in a bunch of vitamins, call it a "meal replacement" and triple the price.
Lerner said…
side trip: what happened with Jimmy's lipid panel after his eggfest? I believe he lost ~27 pounds in one month - that was maybe 2 years ago.

Did he have a lipid panel done and what were the results? I've looked but can't zero in on that detail. Thanks.
CarbSane said…

Total transparency? Yeah right :D Loved the cropped image!

As you can see, LDL and total cholesterol was pretty high, but I don't worry about that number. It's the HDL and triglycerides that are MUCH more important. Interestingly, while the triglycerides remained below 100 as they have been for the duration of my low-carb lifestyle, my HDL cholesterol actually went down slightly to 49. When I inquired with Dr. Mary Vernon about this at the Seattle conference last weekend, she said that is COMPLETELY NORMAL when you put your body through a significant change like losing 27 pounds in a month! She said that as my weight stabilizes out at some point that the lipids will follow.

So the "eggfest" is continuing to reap huge dividends for me and will continue to do so now that I've transitioned from that to a mostly real, whole foods low-carb nutritional approach.
CarbSane said…
BTW -- lest anyone think I have some bank of Jimmy links, I recalled that Mary Vernon had commented on the results ... so a specific search on the blog for cholesterol Vernon egg got me the link :D
Christopher said…
Wow. You can't make this stuff up.
Lesley Scott said…
@evelyn "I stopped drowning puppies last week" say it ain't so - you're slipping, methinks. :)
Woodey said…
"I stopped drowning puppies last week"

I'm devastated! I'm going to tear down my poster of you in my room and replace you with Jimmy's "Working Class Hero" poster. I'm at a loss for words, I'm glad I have time between semesters to recover and re-evaluate my life.
Unknown said…
I love these menus

December 31, 2007 Low-Carb Menu
FUZE Slenderize low-carb fruit juice mixed with creatine

Satiatrim energy shake, Stallone protein pudding

Extend protein bar

30-minute resistance training with personal trainer

EAS Protein Shake with heavy cream and Satiatrim energy drink

Side salad with Ranch dressing, 2 sides of green beans with butter, 4 grilled chicken tenderloins with bacon, cheddar cheese, and mayo

Side salad with Ranch dressing, bacon, sausage, eggs with ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese, mixed veggies with butter

Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Bar

Supplement Facts - Chocolate
Serving Size: 8 fl oz
Calories 50
Calories from fat 30
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 3.5g 3%*
Saturated Fat 0.5g *
Trans Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 4g 1%
Dietary Fiber 3g 13%
Sugars 0g **
Protein 3g
Vitamin A 0 IU 0%
Vitamin C 0mg 0%
Calcium 313mg 30%
Iron 1.3mg 8%
Sodium 70mg 3%
Potassium 240mg 7%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
**Daily values not established.
Ingredients: Water, cocoa powder, soy protein isolate, safflower oil, sunflower oil, L-Glutamine, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, calcium carbonate, carrageenan, disodium phosphate, glycomacropeptide, tea extract, caffeine, acesulfame potassium, natural flavor, sucralose.
ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains soy and milk.
Woodey said…

I'm glad you posted that because it reminded me of a question that I've been wanting to ask. Is eating at night something that should be avoided for people who want to lose weight? Let me add if its ok as long as the amount of food eaten keeps them within caloric balance or keeps them under what the body requires?
Sanjeev said…
> Evelyn aka CarbSaneMay 4, 2012 11:49 AM
> I stopped drowning puppies last week ;)

oh ... that explains why my pentagrams, runes, incantations and transmutation circles lost power since last week
river rance said…
whatever was cropped appeared to be: borderline, high, and very high! This guy is an absoulte "train wreck". How many of Jimmy's #paleopeeps, you reckon are buying the "meal deal"?
I'm not gonna name names, but there's a weight loss blogger who has ads on her blog, and the last approximation I heard was making enough off the blog to help pay the rent. Maybe her readers just like to buy oodles, or her rent is a few thousand a year, but that's not chump change. If my blog could yield me 10K a year without being a total eyesore, I might be tempted, but I don't want to invest the time, energy, and salesmanship I'd have to do to make it work. And it is work (the bloggers I know who rely on that bloggy income have to post daily, do reviews, keep up with ads, be a product, almost, themselves).

Another one I know only was making maybe 20-40 a month, but I suppose it's about numbers and dedication to pushing products and ads.

I suspect Jimmy M, with his large readership, is likely making income in the thousands yearly from his blog, perhaps 10s of thousands. I honestly don't know just how lucrative this can be for a popular person. Although I did hear one political blogger made over 100K from blogging. That's one heckuva nice income for yapping.
I'd like to enter for the record that I tried Stallone's protein pudding back in my low-carb experimentation beginnings, and it's one of the vilest things I've ever tasted. A lot of the Atkins and low carb processed stuff I tried was truly, truly AWFUL. I'd rather eat carbs galore and be fat than eat that stuff. Really. Egg whites sans salt would be preferable. Bleh. The "eggfest" must have been heaven after THAT menu.
Susanne said…
Did you notice this part from JMs last entry? "Maybe I’ll blog some here and there when I return from the cruise. But it could be quite regenerating to just let it all go for the month of May and come back strong in June. I dunno what I’ll do just yet (I can’t imagine NOT blogging at least a little), but I will DEFINITELY be back full force come June 4, 2012 with my podcast schedule. "

My prediction: He goes away for a while and returns having lost considerable weight, to increase his selling power, having either:
1) gone on a decent, healthy diet, ideally involving dumping processed for whole foods, and learning how to cook.
2) gotten weight loss surgery or possibly those hormone shots things -- what are they called? HGB?

Jimmy, if you're reading this, please, please try #1 and pay consistent attention to your calories. It really does work if you are patient. Even using the USDA recommendations. Have you seriously seen how many portions of vegetables are on there? And how there are no sodas or "bars" of any sort on the recommended list?
CarbSane said…
That caught my eye too Susanne, it almost sounded like he's considering retiring the blog in a way and just do his podcasting. Dunno. I believe WLS of some sort is in his future. I truly believe that he should seek some help dealing with the reasons for his weight issues and I'm not talking a bariatric physician.
CarbSane said…
When I first found Jimmy's world, I had no idea he was struggling with weight gain, but at the time he was actually pretty close to his "goal weight" and he kept talking about the mystery weight gain from end 2007 in 6 weeks. So I looked back and saw those menus and I was like "C'mon!" I mean it's like he was weight training for the Olympics or something. It's no mystery! And Princess, I agree, most LC product is pretty awful I don't know why anyone would eat it. The few that are pretty close to the real deal end up causing folks to overeat/binge, the rest are worse than deprivation!!

@Woodey: I looked into meal timing, etc., and while many obese tend to be "night eaters" there's no causal link that I've found to when you eat and how much each meal so long as total calories are the same. I think meal timing/size is more important to how it effects how much YOU eat. For example, some eat less if they eat many small meals so long as they aren't eating chips from a family sized bag. Others do very well with IF but others are so hungry they binge in the eating window. Some eat a huge breakfast and aren't hungry all day till dinner time if at all.
CarbSane said…
Love that ingredients list there! Y'know, Jimmy not only is the poster boy against Taubes' "you can be a fat and protein glutton" nonsense, but he also pretty much is a black swan for just about every theory out there. Omega 6's? LC junk is full of it yet folks lose weight. AS's cause cephalic insulin? Jimmy lost 180 lbs drinking a 6 pack of Diet Coke.
CarbSane said…
His last full lipid test that he shared was pretty crappy too. LDL & TC were very high as was his LDL particle number. He said Westman called his results excellent or something like that. While I'm not fond of statin pushers and all that jazz, I'd rather have a doc that was concerned with outta whack lipids than a LC doc if that's true.
CarbSane said…
OK OK ... I'll go find one to dispense with today :D
CarbSane said…
Y'know, magnesium is pretty cheap, yet Mark Sisson's vitamins are at least part MgO -- MgO is the cheapest form and is also the least bioavailable. But someone on Jimmy's board pretty much swore by them because of the source. The meal replacement schtick is truly a rip-off.
CarbSane said…
I'm sure Jimmy is making a good living. He used to work in customer service and quit that job and said in an interview that he makes more now. But he's not living the super high life, and AFAIK from many statements he's made, he has no health insurance for himself nor his wife. I do suspect his income has dropped some over the past couple of years. It must be quite stressful to have one's sole source of income ride on a diet and one's weight. It's telling that the more current pic is on the LCC podcast site.
CarbSane said…
Hubs cracked up when he read this: "That must have been taken after his wife told him that there is no more butter in the house."
Tonus said…
He may simply be using the "maybe I'll go away" ploy to get more sympathy (and public outpourings of support) for himself. I would imagine that his page view levels would take a considerable hit if he simply stopped blogging for a month and then did so only sporadically afterwards.

Perhaps he is confident that his podcasts will make up the lost revenue, or maybe he finally got his skinflint visitors to chip in a dollar and is set for the rest of the year. :)
Unknown said…
The smoochy fest continues


Have you considered getting someone to screen your e-mails and/or message board and just delete any mean viscous attacks so you don't even have to read that stuff? I agree with the comment Zoey Harcombe made. They only make personal attacks when they have no substantial arguments to use and are grasping at straws (my paraphrasing)... so it's a shame you even have to read those e-mails. I don't know how you do it. I would have to have someone screen my mail, etc. or I would be curled up in a fetal position. Have a good trip. You deserve a nice relaxing vacation!
Woodey said…
I was thinking that he might get surgery as well and spin it so not to make it look like the diet was the cause of failure. Something about his deranged metabolism or the years of gorging himself with whatever he wanted and his trusted team of LC doctors said that WLS is necessary to save his life. Either that or he goes off the diet, follows another and comes back lighter and claims LC conquered his deranged metabolism. Or lastly he will just lie about his weight and say he is losing when he isn't and give false numbers on his website.

Anything to protect the empire. Although I think him getting a day job where he gets off his ass and has to face real people instead of insulating himself with *sslickers would be very helpful. Nothing like pressure or stress from reality to help motivate someone to change; for better or worse.
bentleyj74 said…

It doesn't matter unless it results in some undesirable "If I start eating while watching TV before bed I'll double my calories without noticing".

I always like to put my own preferences high on the pecking order unless I have a substantial reason not to. If I wanted/enjoyed to eat in the evenings I would just expect that as part of my daily intakes rather than allowing it to be set up for failure as "My intakes plus what I failed to resist"
MelJ said…
Jimmy's going on a week-long food fest (AKA a Cruise!) Maybe he's giving himself permission to eat all he wants for the week and then get serious about dropping the weight after? DH and I have been on over 20 cruises and it's just too easy to eat all the time... even when not hungry. I still can't believe that the group chose to use a cruise for their yearly conference; yeah it's great fun but really tough to eat low carb.
Sanjeev said…
> looked into meal timing, etc., and while many obese tend to be "night eaters" there's no causal link that I've found to when you eat and how much each meal so long as total calories are the same.
It's unfortunate some of the intermittent fasters are looking for ideological support beyond calorie control. It could have benefits over and above calorie control but an ideologically motivated search (a cherry picking expedition) is not the best way to prove that.

It's the same process that led to the whole "ketones are the human body's preferred fuel source" which naturally (given the process) morphs/segues into "no level of glucose is OK".
Woodey said…

Thanks for the info. I was raised on the "your metabolism slows after 6pm and you should not eat from that point on". Then LC/Paleo came along and it was ok to eat after 6pm if it was mainly fat and some protein. I don't really trust either one, but the slow metabolism after 6 was stuck in my mind since that is what I have been told since I was little.

I figured that if anyone was going to have a straight answer it would be here.
Woodey said…
I can see them pigging out and telling everyone that its just a week and then back to the diet. Which defeats the whole, "I don't need carbs or I have gotten past my sweet tooth now that I am no longer addicted to them". Even though they are on a LC cruise I highly doubt that they will only eat fat and protein.

It reminds me of the cult church I was apart of back in the 90s (I was one of the smart ones and didn't stick around). The leaders would tell everyone to sacrifice for "special missions", which was a once a year contribution that was to aid in setting up churches, yadda yadda yadda. They would tell us to sacrifice and eat beans and rice to save money to give, even selling your possessions. They would also use guilt trips like "what would Jesus do?" and "don't be selfish, its a sin and exposes your heart". A real mindscrew. Then these guys would have their conferences and fly first class and stay in nice hotels....they even had houses that cost a million dollars and a couple had beach front homes.

Anyhow I would not put it past these *ssholes to be talking big sh*t to their followers and then go on the LC Cruise and have a carb gorge-a-thon, at the very least drinking steady amounts of alcohol. Proof is already there with the pictures Carbsane has put up of some of the LC figureheads who are porkers.
Unknown said…
That might be a good menu for a professional bodybuilder or an offensive tackle but not for a sedentary guy who weighs 300 pounds. I have some whey protein for breakfast but that's pretty much it, and exercise 11 hours a week.
CarbSane said…
It's interesting that menu is from December 2007. That would be the year when he went on Kimkins and got down to the low two teens. He was doing Youtube vids at the time and I watched one once. His face was quite thin for him (even his neck). It seems he went on a binge-o-rama after that, and in 6 months piled on like 50 lbs. The weight lifting was an excuse to eat all of these sweets like crazy and wonder why he was gaining weight.
CarbSane said…
@MelJ: I can believe they chose a cruise, it's the perfect place for it! But I can't understand going on such a cruise year in and year out. I mean they *know* it all, they've heard it all before. Why on earth would you want to spend 3 sea days in a dark room watching presentations when you could be lounging by the pool? Not to mention that if you drink at all, or go on any shore excursions, cruises work out to be huge rip-offs compared to other vacation choices. They're good once or twice to get to see lots of different places, but I think each one has gone to Cozumel on Carnival. Eh ...
Lerner said…
Wow, that lipid panel looks pretty bad. Assuming that Jimmy's results after the eggfest were in fact worse than before, then that's the first time I've ever seen someone's lipids get worse after a weight loss.

To gamble so much on thinking that Pattern A will save you while all the other measures are so bad, that is quite a risk. Still, I believe I've seen him state that his CAC is quite good. If so, then especially considering his Fx that is remarkable.

I've heard that people with Familial Hypercholesterolemia didn't have reduced lifespans several generations ago. I tend to be a little suspicious of that claim, because of wondering if they could measure LDL-P back then (and saying that FH = Pattern A today doesn't necessarily mean that it also did back then). Or could they even know their LDL-C a hundred years ago?
Anonymous said…
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