It's Over

Yesterday on FTA, Jack Kruse posted the following:
Jack Kruse // May 12, 2012 at 13:59
Somebody just pointed me to Deans blog this PM of 5/9. I left a comment there that was similar to the one I posted here last night and she refused to post it. I will say it again here clearly for all to hear again. I named no one to anyone publically. The people protecting the people who participated in this crime and did this are saying I did. I challenge anyone to post one blog or media comment where I listed any names I gave anywhere or to anyone publically. There is none and Deans et al. can’t handle that truth. The only person I shared the list of names I gave the FBI was to Robb Wolf and that was for the protection of the ‘movement”. The people who participated in this behavior caused the proximal harm here. It was not the victim or the caller who has already been deposed by my representation. He is no part of this community and just a concerned citizen which further points the gun at the owner of the twitter account. Not everyone knew it was a parody and his deposition shows that now. I shared that information with Richard because there were some rumors I heard of who speculation that caller was and I wanted that cleared up.
If those names got out, then Robb has a problem and not Jack. Everyone got that point clearly now? I would never publicly expose a list of suspects that I was asked to give to the government to explore in this crime. I’m not as stupid as my the people behind this crime.
If the FBI was investigating this, I'm quite sure Jack was told not to share any information with anyone.  So this is still Jack's problem, not Robb's.   Whether Jack used my name publicly is irrelevant.  He's pointed to me on Twitter, and everybody who is familiar with Jack knew exactly who he was referring to at the end of the Channel 5 report.  He has issued many threats since.  While I can understand how in his anger and whatever else state he might think I'm behind this and tell the FBI, this does not excuse this irresponsible behavior.  You see that has led to more irresponsible behavior by one Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt.  One would have thought he'd be above such rumor mongering on such a serious subject.  I won't even bother with how big a jerk Nikoley has been in all of this.  

In any case, if the FBI investigation were still underway -- less than a week old if even still ongoing folks -- they would not be sharing information with Jack Kruse or his counsel.   Neither would Carnival be sharing tapes of the phone call.   Nor would Kruse's team be involved in investigating or deposing anyone.  Crimes are not investigated by the victim.  I trust Melissa McEwen and Patrik of PH and the various and several other upstanding people I've talked to over the past several days.  The tweet was never an issue, nor was the FBI looking for the source of that tweet.  They were interested in the caller.

Now let's look at the tweet again:
"security confiscated dynamite. talk won't be as explosive as one at PaleoFx. still have vial of Legionnaires for epic biohack."
So we are now expected to believe that some unsuspecting citizen came across this and did enough investigatory work to determine that Dr. Jack Kruse was to be aboard the Carnival Magic last Sunday and called in to alert the cruiseline.  So now the "gun points" again back to SKS.  

It's over.  Let's hope this is my last post on this unless Jimmy  Moore chooses the wrong path on his return and tries to make anything of Jack's attempt to tie whatever the heck went down to his post on criticism before the cruise.  

Jack, I'm pretty sure the law recognizes insinuations such as you are making in harassment cases.  

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's out there.  I'll be celebrating with mine today.  Have a great one everyone!


Woodey said…
Now that this is officially over I wonder how long the three stooges of Lars, Jerk, & Dick will continue to harass you will veiled comments.

To be honest I am inspired by you and how you can have such a large impact on a group of bozos, just by having a blog and exercising your freedom of speech.

That being said I'm sure this whole thing was irritating and at times troublesome. Personally I think this exposes how weak their "movement" and "science" is, that people like you (I mean that with respect) can so easily dissect them and cause a ruckus.

I've noticed that when people are confident in their work, they either respond by dismantling or completely ignoring their detractors. Obviously Paleo & LC is a glass house that thrives on people who don't know much about nutrition (I was one of them). You come along with knowledge and expose them, which has had a big impact on me. They react like children; calling people names and throwing tantrums. The ultimate is when they try to take the high road and say that they won’t discuss anything with people who are not on par with them intellectually. How arrogant! They are more than happy to take money and praise from the layman, but when those same people start to question they treat them like sh*t.

Let's see what Jimmy "Moobs" Moore does, I'm looking forward to the spin job he gives this. He has to say something, he endorsed the quack. Hell a lot of people in Paleo/LC did and now it’s biting them on the *ss.

In the paleosphere I think Mark "Papa Bear" Sisson won't be fazed by this, but Robb "Baby Bear" Wolf might. It seems that he is more tied in with Kruse, but I could be wrong.

Anyhow, grats on weathering the tantrums.
Quarrel said…
Haven't been to your site in a while CS (I just see you through rss)- but gj on how you've handled this. It is ridiculous that you've at all been put through this.

You and Emily should continue the fight of science and reason. It would be horrible if others are put off arguing or asking questions because of these sorts of witch hunts.

Kruse's misogyny has been truly horrible as well :( He had a horrible event happen to him and totally took the lowest of low roads after it.

You DO add colour to your commentary- but the heart of your message is always the science (or at least the studies we have, however flawed, as we try and entice science out of it).

Thanks for all the hardwork - it sucks you were dragged in to this unfortunate event.

Alex said…
Crime? Since when is satire or failing to recognize satire a crime?
Sanjeev said…
> I’m not as stupid as my the people behind this crime.

2 words[0] for ya Jack: Dunning & Kruger

> I won't even bother with how big a jerk Nikoley
Even if one charitably writes the offensive comments off as an individual quirk or a temporary anger thing, what was with the chest thumping "he came to the right guy" thing about? Some kind of threat? Self-inflating blowfish behaviour? For all of Kruse's antics, That one little blurb made the least sense to me in this entire kerfuffle.

[0] and a symbol [1]
[1] what, you expected a Sanjeev comment with no footnotes[2]?

[2] why are you still reading this?
Sanjeev said…
> That one little blurb made the least sense

was it ever clarified what resources made him (and not the FBI[0]) the right guy?

[0] or a good psychiatrist
How did this person get through college, med school, etc, with this level of English-mangling. Holy Obfuscating Smoke! I don't think even the venerable old sister who taught me diagramming in fourth grade could make heads or tails of the structure of some of those sentences.


He most assuredly was pointing your way. Insinuating, but still.

I guess he's not gonna get any major news mojo anymore...but hey, the webinar sold out! He should insist all attendees sit in ice baths while listening. :D

Happy Mama's Day. Mine passed on to glory, but she's in my heart extra strong today. God bless all wonderful mamas!
I don't think there's anything that can harsh Papa Bear's chill, except being force-fed wheat or somesuch, but then he'd just wolf down some grass-fed liver and go do pull-ups to get over it. I actually really like that about him. He's just one happy-go-sprinting kind of upbeat guy. Bet he's loads of fun at a beach fest.

Robb's exasperation was evident in that Paleo comment. But he's got a bundle of girly joy to remind him there are far better things in life to focus on than the antics of a certain grammatically-challenged guru.
Lesley Scott said…
"The only person I shared the list of names I gave the FBI was to Robb Wolf and that was for the protection of the ‘movement”." okay this cracked me right up. I think he's watched one too many classic old movies & James Bond flicks dealing with wartime espionage and topsecret hijinx. It's like, dude, you're Jack-Kruse-Neurosurgeon!! by day, and by night: Leptinman!! (now with Kung fu grip) - not Matt Damon as Jason Bourne with a eyesonly mission to "protect the movement" from The Man. And that dastardly dame Deans as well as that femme fatale Evelyn, apparently.

Round up the usual suspects.
I propose we make failing to recognize a joke/satire a crime of great stupidity.

Plus, really, if security HAD confiscated dynamite....the FBI would have already BEEN involved, so why call them? Who tweets this while under arrest? ; ) Yep. Concerned citizen (ahem) was kinda dumb.
Alex said…
I think it's another case of Poe's Law in action.'s_Law

If you satirize crazy, there's always going to be someone who thinks it's real.
Dawn said…
LOL (see note 2)
Unknown said…
Imo it would be appropriate to organize a "March For Freedom From Censorship And/Or Misogyny" to make sure that this never happens again, to anyone, anywhere.
Woodey said…
I haven't spent much time following Mark, I've only read one paleo book and that was Robb's. I've heard that Mark is quite charming and has a magnetic personality. Robb is distracted and rightfully so, having a baby will be time consuming, stuff like Kruse is back burner fodder.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mark ate grains. When I was drinking the kool-aid and lost perspective I wouldn't have, but now that I am back on earth I realize that no one can fill up their bathtub and walk across it.:)
Lea said…
I hope you're right that this whole mess is over. It's been tiring for me to follow, so I can't imagine how it's been for you. Thank you for your willingness to stand up to Kruse so publicly. I'm sure he will continue to spew nonsense into the world, but my wish is that it's not directed at you or his other critics. I thought you'd enjoy this quote that appeared in his forum today:

"magical thinking is a Right brain endocrinologic secretion that affects the action of the cerebellum and left brain."

I wasn't aware that magical thinking was an actual secretion, but you learn something new everyday. :-)
Frank Burns said…
"It was not the victim or the caller who has already been deposed by my representation. He is no part of this community and just a concerned citizen which further points the gun at the owner of the twitter account"

I don't post often but I had to give my 2 cents worth on the above statement.

Deposing witnesses occurs as part of a FILED Civil Law Suit, if the witness is not party to the suit they must be subpoenaed. Depositions are not done willy nilly on the spur of the moment. A lot of investigation must be completed prior to actually deposing a witness. Deposing a witness prior to obtaining phone, twitter, email records and Police reports (the reason for this action), would take months, would be a waste of time, and need I mention money. And I might add that the respondent would have the right to be or have his attorney present during this deposition, this takes MONTHS/YEARS folks not days.

And Evelyn you are correct, the Police, FBI, Sheriff's Office or any other Government Law Enforcement Agency would not want a private attorney, P.I., friends of the victim/suspect/witness interfering with an official investigation. They would however gather any information already obtained. In almost all cases that cross Civil/Criminal lines the sharp civil attorney has the Law Enforcement Agency do their work for them, by finding and interviewing the concerned parties, along with obtaining records and lab results. This is why Civil Law Suits are filed (most often) after the Criminal proceedings, remember OJ.

I just couldn't let the following slide, Dunning-Kruger effect.

"I’m not as stupid as my the people behind this crime".

As a Professional Interviewer/Investigator I have to grin, as I've heard this many times.


Swede said…
Woodey you leave great comment :) Feels nice to have your head out of your ass doesn't it! (I know exactly where you are coming from - getting off the kool-aid was like having a prison sentence lifted)
Woodey said…
HAHA!! Yeah the fresh air has been nice, plus all the carbs from the kool-aid was bringing me down.
Unknown said…
Interesting Documentary - Did Cooking Make Us Human?
Unknown said…
It actually amuses me no end that JK, whose idea of "truth" is so clearly fluid, claims I cannot handle it. He's really a splendid specimen. I didn't post his comment on my blog because I meant for my post to be about learning from mistakes and going forward, not a back and forth with Dr. Dynamite. (And probably I shouldn't be posting this comment now, but hey, I've been off the internet except for some kombucha-making most of the day, and it's been very lovely out here near Boston.) He's learned from one mistake (that torn meniscus). Let's hope he can learn from others. I'm not optimistic.
Anonymous said…
I imaging Jack showing up to defend himself here. He might say:

"I have identified and cultured MRSA from a family member and injected it into my body prior to surgery.

I had a surgery without anesthesia that I later had to "wake up" from.

Sherpas live on the top of Mount Everest at 26,000 feet, where the partial pressure of oxygen is so low that brain damage occurs with passing each hour if you have no supplemental oxygen.

Wim Hof climbed Mount Everest in shorts and ran a Marathon the next day.

Michael Phelps trains in a pool at 50 F.

Polar bears hibernate.

When animals emerge from hibernation in a lean state, the fact that they have been totally without food is incidental to this.

Cold thermogenesis actuates an "ancient pathway" that invalidates the results of all extant randomized controlled trials on humans.

The discovery of cold exposure and its benefits is a completely novel insight that has wholly escaped the attention of those who live at northern latitudes, where people still actually freeze to death with some regularity.

FIre and shelter are both older than the species Homo Sapiens, a species that managed to evolve a nearly hairless body habitus, but COLD has been the dominant selection pressure on H. Sapiens.

The benefits of cold somehow have implications for the consumption of fruit in the winter.

It is a federal crime to use someone else's name in a twitter feed that contains actual statements they made, even thought it quite clear by the signatures on each tweet that they are not originating with me.

Mixing in an obviously satirical tweet that says "the dynamite has been confiscated" (as in, there is no dynamite in my possession) is not only not obviously in jest to anyone with a brain, but is a federal crime punishable by 15-20 years in prison.

A fake tweet that uses the word "biohack" which I use with regularity on my own blog and in numerous public statements to mean " self-experiment", now means "bioterrorist threat", because they both contain the fragment "bio.."

A person making a satirical tweet about me is facing federal charges if someone is stupid enough to think the tweet is real, even though the content of the tweet is substantially the same as public actions and statements made by me with regularity - including exposing health care workers to resistant bacteria and showing up at a conference wielding a fake stick of dynamite.

I bear no personal responsibly in any of this, even though outrageous physiologically implausible claims and shocking stunts that carry a threat to public safety are my stock in trade to get attention...

Anonymous said…

A person fooled by a satirical tweet referencing a "biohack" with legionnaires, and calling carnival cruise lines to warn them, is an innocent victim, but the owner of SJKS is responsible for the person making the phone call, whether their intent was malign or or not.

The FBI has stated to numerous individuals that they have no interest in anyone associated with SJKS, other than if they know who called carnival. Despite this, I continue to claim that the FBI is "investigating" with the intent of "locking up" someone for a parody tweet on the internet.

I claim that a blogger from new york who has been my critic is a person of interest to the FBI, but even though it is obvious to thousands of people that I mean Evelyn Kocur, and I copied and referenced posts made by her, I deny that I identified the person as her...

I claim that in a mere 5 days, my private attorneys have managed to "get depositions" from witnesses. The FBI and my attorneys are in fact working together, as the FBI frequently uses private citizens to conduct its investigations. The FBI has been in frequent contact with me and tells me what they are doing as they do it. Because I am so reliable and so helpful to them....

Why are you finding these "truths" so hard to handle????"

That's what I imagine Jack will say to us soon.

PS. Lance, that's a JOKE, man!
Sue said…
Woodey, no I don't think Mark eats grains. Mark has remained quiet re Kruse and leptin. I wish he had of done some kind of post on his thoughts on leptin since Kruse starting posting on his forum about it and was a very popular post.
Unknown said…

In 2007 he attempted, but failed (due to a foot injury), to climb Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts.[3][4] Hof has been criticized for his stated justifications for this attempt: "Edmund Hillary's ascent of Mount Everest was a testament to human achievement; my climb of Mount Everest in my shorts will be a monument to the frivolous, decadent nature of modern society.

In 2009 Hof completed a full marathon (42.195 kilometres (26.219 mi)), above the polar circle in Finland, in temperatures close to −20 °C (−4 °F). Dressed in nothing but shorts, Hof finished in 5 hours and 25 minutes. The challenge was filmed by Firecrackerfilms, who make productions for BBC, Channel 4 and National Geographic
Unknown said…
He is, as I said, spec-dac-tacular.
M. said…
Don’t forget that according to Jack’s TEDx talk, the book that let him in on the secret powers of Sherpas was The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It is subtitled “A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny.”

Apparently Jack does not equate “fable” with fiction, and during his TEDx talk Jack acted like this was a true story and said this book about Sherpas mystical powers inspired his research.
Harry's Acolyte said…
Yep, as a guy who is in the legal profession and has been for nearly 20 years, that statement he made about depositions raised my eyebrow. The absolute, total bullshit about knowing what the FBI has or has not uncovered is simply maddening. It's a smoking gun that we're dealing with an untruthful person. (I've been in the criminal law arena my entire career.)
Unknown said…
Gary Taubes' latest article - 2500 words - calories don't count - yadda yadda yadda
Samson Parado said…
If only those were the most ludicrous of his claims. Apparently you can become a tremendous beast in the gym, upping your bench by 150 pounds, simply by taking ice baths! Jack says he has.

"After a recent CT training session I was able to increase my bench press by 150 pounds with no training!"
Harry's Acolyte said…
My God, Samson. I had hoped you were joking or wrong. Alas, you are correct.

"After a recent CT training session I was able to increase my bench press by 150 pounds with no training! In a recent personal conversation, I found out Wil Hof ran a marathon of 26.2 miles with no training. He also climbed to Mount Everest’s base camp from ground zero with shorts, a T shirt and a light jacket with no water or supplemental O2. I want to see any warm adapted hominid duplicate this feat. It sounds crazy until you understand the power of this Ancient Pathway."
Sanjeev said…
Wonder how he (and Lustig) will spin this once they read recent research.

or copy & paste to ensure work safety:
MaryS said…
+1 million to KGH
As someone totally on the outside who rarely blog comments, I am baffled by the controversy surrounding this man. I can't understand why anyone takes him seriously enough for there to even BE a controversy. I'm speaking in general. I certainly take seriously his response to the cruise situation and his personal attacks on Evelyn and others.
Sanjeev said…
> UnknownMay 13, 2012 8:26 PM
> statement he made about depositions raised my eyebrow
I'll see your eyebrow and raise the ante with my head cocked to the side and my dog
Unknown said…

Iceman on Everest: 'It Was Easy'

It's a bitterly cold winter day and students on the University of Minnesota campus are bundled up, hurrying to their next class. Wim Hof, dressed in shorts, sandals and nothing else, appeared from the doorway of a school building.

He's known as 'The Ice Man."

Scientists can't really explain it, but the 48-year-old Dutchman is able to withstand, and even thrive, in temperatures that could be fatal to the average person.

videos on youtube
julianne said…
Thanks for the Happy Mother's Day!

Nothing to do with anything JK related, but everything to do with mothering, my 13 year old son was for some unknown reason mulling over the mother of Jesus and wondering how on earth (pun intended) she got pregnant. The Bible says Mary was a virgin I told him, - impossible he says. The Bible says God is the father I say, - how did he do it with her, he asks, he is not a real person. Thsn "Did God, Joseph and Mary have a three way then?" Dont know I say, - he's still trying to figure out this one.

Being a mother has it's amusing moments.
Anonymous said…
The claims I quoted were mostly abstracted from his TEDx talk. They apparently shape-shift depending on the venue. Nevertheless, I can guarantee no one has ever reached the SUMMIT of Everest in shorts!

The sherpas actually live in a village at just over 11,000 ft. This is only a bit higher than the highest town in the US, which is leadville colorado.

But claiming miraculous metabolic effects is not as easy when you are talking about people who live just a bit higher than an old mining town in the Rocky Mountains inhabited by regular white people....

Interestingly, the highest recorded human habitation is not in Asia, but in south america. In the Peruvian Andes, there were human settlements as high as 17,000 feet, roughly the elevation of Everest base camp.

And if COLD is supposed to be the issue, the environs of Denali in Alaska are much colder than the foothills of the Himalayas - Talkeetna in the winter....

I could go on, but you all get the point.
Samson Parado said…
So...are you just going to keep posting links showing that Wim Hof likes being really cold? I think that's pretty well known at this point :P
Samson Parado said…
So...who's up for having Jack Kruse operate on your spine? SCARY!!! Attention to detail is kind of important in that, right?

Why are Kruse fans not curious about Kruse lying under oath and being suspended by the AANS? Oh mysterious world. It must have been on technicality I guess.
Unknown said…
Sherpas also eat a very high-carb diet. Even in the winter! Maybe Jack should tell them how they shouldn't eat those carbs out of the light cycles or some shit.
Unknown said…
I agree with Kurt - when I trekked to the lower Everest Base Camp - the one at 18,500 feet we spent several days at Namache - a big trading post/village at appx 11,300 feet - it was snowing when we got there - NOT ONE RESIDENT/SHERPA was wearing shorts

With regard to Kruse - he keeps making references to NASA studies on Sherpas - I've googled my brains out and cannot find ANY references to this - does anyone know wtf Jacks is talking about

Also - increasing your bech press by 150 lbs after ONE CT session - NOT POSSIBLE
Lea said…
JK is obviously superhuman . . . "I need to tell Wim about my night I feel asleep in ice for 16 hours in 140 lbs of ice. Woke up the next afternoon in 60 degree water 5 lbs less." (from his public Facebook page)
::::sticking gold stars all over this comment:::::
Anonymous said…
The sherpas do have some amazing stamina at altitude, but this is an ALTITUDE adaptation thing, not a COLD thing..

Jack messed up his magic sherpa story- he should be having people make home hypobaric chambers instead of bathing in ice...
Sanjeev said…
> MelissaMay 13, 2012 10:15 PM
> Sherpas also eat a very high-carb diet. Even in the winter! Maybe Jack should tell them how they shouldn't eat those carbs out of the light cycles or some shit.
High carb rules for cold. My final year at school full time I bike commuted 2 hours a day, every day (weekends included because 4th year required a small research thesis (experimental preferred) at the time and my equipment[0] was only free on weekends). No car, no subway. I wore tee shirts and shorts until it got below -5 celcius.

15 years later I felt like absolute CRAP with cold exposure on low carb. After even a little cold exposure my fingers would go numb. I would run hot water over my hands and after 5 minutes my fingertips would be pale and the rest of my hand would be cherry red from the hot water.

It was visually stunning. For a little while I thought I had develped Buerger's or Raynaud's.

[0] liquid nitrogen cooled SiLi[1] detectors
[1] also called "silicon lithide" which doesn't exist
Woodey said…
"Also - increasing your bech press by 150 lbs after ONE CT session - NOT POSSIBLE"

Couldn't agree with you more. It's just a flat out lie. A standard steroid cycle is 6-8wks and doing that will not increase your bench press by 150lbs. There is no way in hell freezing your nuts off will get you better results, or any kind of strength increase for that matter.

"NOT ONE RESIDENT/SHERPA was wearing shorts"

That's because they are intelligent and want to stay warm. They see someone out in the snow cruising around in their mighty tighty whities their thinking, "dumb white man!" Only in a society that is insecure with their bodies would such stupid ideas be generated, let alone followed. What's next carpetbaggers selling their wares telling us we need to eat like neanderthals?

"Are we not men? We are devo!" - Jocko Homo
Sanjeev said…
It's a good thing the "Lawyer Who Sold his Ferrari" didn't mention the Sherpas worship the Hale-Bop comet[0]

> Kurt G. Harris MDMay 14, 2012 12:26 AM
> should be having people make home hypobaric chambers instead of bathing in ice...

That's not Jack's style, IMHO. If he had gone that route he would suggest "targeted oxygen removal" - he would suggest removing oxygen from their bodies using carbon monoxide (aka "sucking on a tailpipe"), AND (leaches AND tapeworms, both grown in MRSA infected petri dishes).

[0] Note to Jack: THEY DON't - the natives of both Atlantis AND El-Dorado do though
Woodey said…
More than likely he doesn't eat grains. My point was that when I was caught up in everything I stopped thinking and just went with everything I was told. Terrible! Now that I have removed myself I am back to thinking critically and skeptically. The reality for me is unless I can see what a person does behind closed doors all I have is their word or image to go by, which is not reliable or trustworthy. It's a great way to be taken advantage of.
Anonymous said…
Your comment gave me visions of Jack Nicholson, from a Few Good Men... spouting "You can't handle the truth." Somehow I don't feel we have been living too far from the pseudo-realities of movie dramas, I keep saying you can't write this shit.
Anonymous said…
Doesn't hypothermia kick in there at some point? Oh wait, now I remember he was hibernating, he left the part out where he awakes shredded, too...please carry on.
Nigel Kinbrum said…
Lyle McDonald has an expression for people like JK:- "Bat-shit Crazy"
Unknown said…
I guess if you have never bench pressed before, and the first time you do it you press 150 pounds, then your press improved by 150.

Put a fork in the Kruse Caper, looks like it's done.

/by using the common expression "put a fork in it" the author in no way is threatening to actually stick a fork in another living creature
CarbSane said…
Fantabulous Kurt! Welcome Samson & MaryS. LOL Michelle -- hibernating ;) Bwa haha.
CarbSane said…
Ugh ... if I hear one more version of CICO fails or does not apply I'm gonna hurl. I think Nigel nails it with "probably" most need to find a way to do this subconsciously, which is the glory of LC to a point for most (especially the very) overweight people. However for anyone who has ever had a significant weight problem there will probably always be come conscientious effort put forth. If LC'ers think obsessing over 5g carb is any more sane than the low fatties obsessing over every gram of fat, they're kidding themselves.
CarbSane said…
Thanks all for the comments, I'm unable to answer all individually but thanks for all. Just FYI, concurrent to this post I emailed Jimmy Moore urging him to step back and assess what happened, take the high road, disassociate himself from Kruse and not allow Jack to continue this through Jimmy's "attacks on me" post. I also took the opportunity to address the stalker nonsense that he started. We'll see what the post he promised soon in Twitter brings.
Unknown said…
Sanjeev you are right about cold, that's why these cultures put in a huge effort to eat them. I used to think eating "seasonally" meant eating keto in the winter and I felt awful all the time in the winter. The most important thing for me in terms of working out and living in the cold (I actually do live in a very cold place and have lived in one for a long time unlike Kruse) is getting caloric density and the perfect meals for me are fat + CARBS.
Katherine said…
I know, right? Where is the like/thumbsup/+1 button when you *really need it*.
Anonymous said…
"The most important thing for me in terms of working out and living in the cold (I actually do live in a very cold place and have lived in one for a long time unlike Kruse) is getting caloric density and the perfect meals for me are fat + CARBS."

Spot on common sense metabolism. If we grant that LC can be advantageous by leading to lower caloric intake, and that caloric needs increase in the winter with "calor" in short supply, who on earth would think LC makes any sense in the winter? It's like chopping wood in february to get ready for summer......
bentleyj74 said…
Seems teenagers lately are asking...shall we say...more technically sophisticated questions than you might expect while still missing the point entirely :P
bentleyj74 said…
Well...there had to be SOME explanation for all the super duper high carb warm climate folks who aren't obese.
Sanjeev said…
> NOT ONE RESIDENT/SHERPA was wearing shorts

but they were, every single one, bench pressing 2,000 kilos right?
Anonymous said…
Wishful thinking guys. Nothings bitting anyone in the ass. Duh.
Christopher said…
ItsTheWooo said…
While I'm sure Kruse will make up a fabricated lie to explain why we shouldn't eat fruit in the winter, there actually is a valid metabolic reason why glucose intolerant (obese/diabetic) people should limit carbohydrate in the cold months. Glucose tolerance and insulin responses to food/carbohydrate follow a seasonal pattern, with glucose intolerance peaking between the months mid fall to mid spring. This mirrors temperature and light patterns. This is well observed and replicated in research, glucose tolerance and average blood glucose in diabetics is at a nadir in july and peak in janurary, also reflecting peak temp/light.

The reason this seasonal variation exists is because light and temp modulate the nervous system and endocrine system.

Cold stress increases cortisol, which leads to more glucose output, resistance to insulin, impaired glucose oxidation, growth of new fat tissue, and a preference of energy use away from growth/repair toward fat storage.

Cold stress causes dopamine insensitivity, a major metabolic controller. In some hibernating mammals the d2 receptor all by itself can prevent hibernation; in seasonally obese animals the d2 receptor will prevent seasonal shifts in metabolism (glucose tolerance/weight).
One of the more archaic and primitive functions of dopamine is to help the organism adapt to ambient temperature. The lower the temperature, the less dopamine signalling.

Darkness increases melatonin synthesis from serotonin; melatonin antagonizes serotonin and dopamine. It promotes glucose intolerance, fat gain, and infertility, all adaptive seasonally.

Cold and darkness cause these changes because coldness and darkness suggest nutrient scarcity, as the sun makes plants which makes ruminants which makes food. We have evolved to view lack of light and cold weather as potential stress and famine, our bodies will change to conserve energy. We all want to pig out in the winter because our bodies compell us to. No one wants to eat christmas cookies in july for a reason. In july we eat light foods, fresh fruit and things like this. Appetite and food craving exist in the winter because we are neuroendocrine driven to conserve energy at this time, which leads to food craving.

There is an entirely valid reason why a person may elect to restrict their carbohydrate in the cold dark months, if one tends to obesity or diabetes. However, a person with obesity or diabetes really should restrict carbohydrate year round anyway.
CarbSane said…
What this whole episode has shown people is that Dick is both more vulgar and offensive than previously thought, and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.
shend said…
it only shows me how stupid you are Evelyn
Lerner said…
Wow, what a strange story. I doubt I'll ever read it all and see each of the many twists and turns. But one thing would be constant: its ridiculous to think that Evelyn ever had anything to do with it.

Yes, it's a myth that not explicitly naming a person somehow protects against being accused of defamation (just as it's a myth that saying "in my opinion..." offers protection). Also, it might have already been stated that accusing someone of a crime is defamation per se. What is probably much less known however is that in some places (like CA), a victim who sues for defamation might very well be awarded less if they never demanded a retraction.
CarbSane said…
Feel better now that you got that out?
Woodey said…
@shend If your going to shoot someone down incorporate some flare and style in your comments, boring and bland just doesn't cut it.Send me an email and I'll give you a free lesson on how to improve your technique.;)
Sanjeev said…
I had a boss once who would regularly scream his head off at female employees and never, EVER, EVER openly confront males. With boys he would go quietly behind the scenes or completely overlook ineptitude and failures and tardiness

The list of "I gave Jack a pass" incidents plus apparent facility with not giving women leeway[0] reminded of "that guy". 18 years since I saw "that guy" and I still get a bit of nausea.

[0] and the weak-ass, mealy-mouthed justification. He learns and regulary uses "c*nt" from Brit expants but when I was reading him I never read squire, gov, guvnor, bollocks, "bloody 'ell", "blooming ijit" ... something does NOT add up
Sanjeev said…
exPANTs ... sigh ... expats