More on Dr. John "Jack" Kruse

Good Thursday afternoon my fellow inmates ...  Today is May 10th, Day 4 of the LC Cruise.  There have been a number of developments, so I thought I'd share some links and thoughts in one place for those who don't frequent certain blogs and websites and such.

First, I'm safe, sound, and have yet to be contacted by any legal authorities in this matter.  I suspect that if the FBI is even still involved in this case, it is probably to see whether Jack himself was involved in the whole sordid saga and what part one Kevin Cottrell may have to do with it.   I don't know when Cottrell uploaded the unsigned letter from Carnival to Scribd, but the Harkness' posted a slightly different copy of the letter they blogged was received on May 8.   It seems awfully suspect that there would be a PDF of such a file floating around, and I'm no e-doc specialist but Cottrell's letter does not appear to be a scan.  In the properties, the document was created on May 7 at 7:58:52 pm.  I find it suspect that the document has no security, is not digitally signed, or created by anything of an official title, etc.   The Harkness copy appears to be a picture taken of an actual letter that you'll note is signed.  Given that internet on cruise ships is very expensive, so few passengers purchase it, it is highly doubtful any passengers would be officially contacted electronically.  Things not adding up here, though the story is that it was through FB that Jack reached out to a Carnival exec who fixed things by (a) issuing the letter so customers would not hold Carnival responsible for missing one of speakers they paid to see, and (b) made the offer to fly him to Montego Bay.  The different letters are because Carnival shared a draft with Jack (who shared it with Kevin).  I still think this seems fishy, others I've been in contact with feel it's legit ... passing along for the masses ;-)  If it was just a draft, this dastardly duo should have refrained from making that public until the final had been distributed to passengers.  Lots wrong there.

There is quite a bit of information over at Paleo Hacks on this thread.  This includes a lengthy post by Robb Wolf addressing this.  Patrik sums up:
PaleoHacks is not under investigation, the FBI is not coming for anyone, and while what happened to Dr. Kruse was terrible, it is unfortunate he is using it to threaten and scare people. And in fact, this says a lot about Kruse himself. C'est la vie.
The FBI also was not aware of the TedX talk that that SKS tweet was parodying and PaleoHacks mods informed them.
Earlier in the post, Patrik mentions Kevin Cottrell, one of the organizers of last March's PaleoFX:  "Kevin Cottrell, an organizer of PaleoFX, has written (very hysterically): "Let's see if Paleohacks is even standing after this investigation."   This elicited the following announcement in comments:
The partners of Paleo FX, LLC would like to state for the record Kevin Cottrell is no longer a member of the Paleo FX, LLC partnership and therefore is acting and speaking of his own accord. His opinions written or expressed do not represent Paleo FX, LLC or the partnership of Paleo FX, LLC. – EclecticKitchenEvolved 15 hours ago
I suppose, as with Jack's suspension from his professional society for  lying in a deposition, Kevin will proudly wear this badge of "honor".  Speaking of which, I was copied on this email:
... please share this with anyone you think may benefit. Request from the Federal Agent who I just spoke with (again) with regards to Jack Kruse incident. "Please relay to anyone with direct or indirect knowledge of who is involved that should they voluntarily come forward in advance of us having to come out to find them then certainly they can expect things to be much more positive as far as an outcome."
Read between the lines, if someone knows who is behind @shitkrusesays and it comes out they didn't come forward, they may be brought in as an accessory. Winding up the national security infrastructure and claiming a false terror threat is serious - and that would be an understatement - business. This is not a Kruse issue, this is now a Federal issue and peoples character and willingness to do the right thing will be tested. 
I realize that there's a remote chance you may have been privy to some facts or information that could be of interest. Agent Baker can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX should you or anyone you know needs to reach him

There was some speculation as to whether this Baker was legit, but I think that's been put to rest.  Still, if anyone feels the urge to contact him, get his office number from Patrick at PH.  

Oh, and I suppose I should link to Dick's official contribution to the fray as apparently I forgot to link to something the last time I mentioned him or something and whatever. I dunno why I get sucked in, but I did, and now I've bowed out of comments there for now.  There's just too much to keep track of and Dick just goes back and forth too much to follow with his cryptic comments.  And the semantic idiocy is suffocating.  Look, he tweeted the nasty "the three c*nts will pay dearly for this" (see Dick?  I can use scare quotes too!).  But now "I have no idea who is behind this" when he knows damn well Jack named me.  Jack made the claim on FB that the "electronic footprint" was rapidly untangled and by Sunday night they had traced the trail to IP's in NY, Chicago and Boston.  Folks in comments over on Dick's site are actually trying to say that at the end of the Channel 5 report (links in Andreas' post below) he could be talking about half the citizens of NY.  Sheez some are so deliberately clueless sometimes.  You'll have to excuse me if I don't link to the other posts on the delicate art of working the c-word into conversation and truthiness.  Jack weighs in:
Author: M.
Jack said: “I have never public named any person at all. This is a total falsehood.”
Jack did tweet a link to one of Carbsane’s tweets (“Hope Jack doesn’t infect himself with norovirus and use CT prior to the LC Cruise!”) and labeled it #smokinggun. (7:38am May 12). From wikipedia: The term "smoking gun" was originally, and is still primarily, a reference to an object or fact that serves as conclusive evidence of a crime or similar act.
Whether he “named” her might be semantics, but he did point his twitter finger at her. You can argue whether he was justified in pointing his twitter finger at her or not, but he did point his twitter finger at her.
So Jack, cut it out or as an American citizen, I also have the right to file a complaint and have the FBI investigate you for harassment if they aren't already investigating you for your part in this.  You know DAMN well they have not even contacted me in this.  Regarding that tweet

You know, I was joking to @Paleolite, but seriously now, would this be beyond you given what you've claimed endangering untold numbers with the MRSA stunt you so very publicly shared?   If I had booked the cruise to see Robb Wolf and Gary Taubes, there may have been time to get my cruise money back when they backed out and you were substituted, but likely flights and such would not be so easy to recoup.  Therefore I would have called Carnival and/or Jimmy Moore and demanded medical clearance prior to you being allowed to board, just to make sure you were not carrying MRSA.   I've been on a cruise ship stricken with norovirus, it's no laughing matter and dramatically alters enjoyment of said cruise but there is no compensation (I think you get port fees back if the ship is quarantined which ours almost was and are at the mercy of the cruiseline to do anything more as they are not obligated to).  Dining ambiance isn't quite the same using salt and pepper packets instead of crystal shakers, nor are buffets quite as lovely blocked off by plastic wrap to be served to you.  Not to mention my husband missing one port and spending hours in agony while I ordered ginger ale from room service and swabbed the room with whitening mouthwash, cuz it's the only thing I could think of with its peroxide content, until I could go ashore.  And I take SA infections very seriously after my mother basically lost a year of life's enjoyment due to picking one up (thankfully not MRSA) somewhere along the way in knee replacement a year ago.  You're a joke, but none of this is a laughing matter in the end.

And apparently to all the doubters, even Andreas Eenfeldt knows who Jack was talking about and wrote this screed:
Rumor says that the offending tweet came from a long time stalker of prominent low carb people such as Gary Taubes and Jimmy Moore. Perhaps she will not laugh as hard when questioned by police about false terror warnings, apparently a felony that could result in 20 years of jail time…
Yes Andreas, I'm aware that such a felony would carry serious jail time which is why I live my life as an upstanding law-abiding citizen.   Your fellow medical doctor, not so much apparently.  Lying in a deposition for "expert medical testimony" is serious sheet Andreas.  The lying is bad enough, that such testimony is often for medical malpractice cases or other injury cases, insurance vs. personal liability is involved and that means insurance fraud.  Ahh but don't worry, I'm sure the AANS board only suspended Jack b/c they drink low fat dairy and Big Agro was leaning on them to keep his cure for all diseases quiet.  Sheesh.  And enough with the stalker shit.  Why don't you go back to making fun of fat people, just don't look too long at your host.

OK, so it also appears that the story's changed a bit as to the circumstances behind the Carnival tipper.  The story was a call from "Lance", but the USA Today account mentions an email. Someone said this somewhere, and I can't recall in this blur, so forgive me if I co-opt your ideas here.  But many, MANY, people were following the SJS twitter account.  Folks, including Jack, knew it was a parody account.  It's been around for a while now.  Did Jack take any action to try to get it shut down?  It would seem the way to do that might be to stage something like this.   If he thought I was some sort of ring leader, think on this.  Email me and ask me to stop doing it.   Have me on record at least, right?  Put the fear of a lawsuit in me or threaten to bring down the full force of government on me.  Just a thought there.

Some FB stuff to share:

So I'll have more updates as things unfold here, and OMG, just a few hrs ago this was on Fox News Channel!  I'll try and at least do a cheapy cell phone vid of my TV.  Someone hacked his Twitter?  Jeez, I don't know what's worse, this whole fiasco or the state of journalism in this country.

Folks, if you're still on this Titanic, consider jumping off ship and take your chances in the icy waters.  I'm all in to coalesce to promote a sane, science-based promotion of real food eating (or not eating for that matter).

Before I go here, I hope the internet decorum police who think only certain folks like Eenfeldt are justified in rumoring and speculation, let me tell you what I think happened. < speculation > Jack's popularity took off like a stick of dynamite.  When he signed onto the LC Cruise, he probably saw that as an opportunity to take his business to a new level and capitalize on all of this.  Nothing wrong with that.  But little did he know that his popularity would increase so exponentially, and perhaps his other sources of income (expert witnesses make good coin) were drying up.  His piecemeal revealing of LR then CT was working.  He was supposed to reveal "Factor X" on the cruise, but in his podcast with Abel James, he let the cat out of the bag that maybe he'll hold off and another idea is a webinar (ka-ching!).  Jimmy Moore got wind of this and wasn't too happy, because how to replace Gary Taubes and Robb Wolf with Jack Kruse (and Rosedale) if not for something sensational like the big reveal of Factor X to occur on his cruise.  I'm thinking there was at least an oral agreement in place here.  This stunt served all purposes. Publicity, out of contractual obligation -- written or otherwise -- to reveal Factor X, and taking down his critics at least through intimidation of threat of government force, and now civil action .   Somehow I'm thinking Jimmy Moore would have gladly swapped speaking slots for any of the speakers so that Jack could have given his speech on the last sea day of festivities.  Because we all know he mostly just feels bad for the 300 people who saved and scraped their pennies to see HIM speak that would be disappointed.  Not bad enough to board a first class flight to Montego Bay, apparently, and as Princess Dieter has pointed out, if the whole story is true, Jack would have been in a luxury suite, pampered, given free booze, whatever to do it.  < / speculation  >

FWIW, I've entertained a few dozen "words of advice" over the past few days what to do about the FBI.  On the one hand, many have contacted him and the overwhelming result has been allaying of any fears and I'm confident those who've come forward about their contact with the FBI have nothing to do with this, nor I.  But, since Jack clearly gave them my name, I think it speaks louder at this point for me not to contact them and continue blogging and whatnot from my usual IP addies on my usual computer and just keep on keeping on.  I might change that position, but I kinda think that if the FBI hadn't followed the electronic footprint to my door just yet, there was no "there" there.  This whole sordid episode will backfire on Kruse and Cottrell.  I just hope the national abominable news coverage just dies down and it doesn't irreparably sully the legitimacy of the larger community.  In a fitting twist, I've only seen it called a special diet low carb cruise and Jack a "diet guru" ... no mention of paleo.  There's one plus in all of this.  


Dracil said…
Ok I facepalmed when he did it and said so in comments and I'm facepalming that you're doing it too. But why do people keep thinking it's a good idea to post an agent's phone number out in public?!
Unknown said…
I used to work for the federal government, there is nothing wrong with posting an agent's work number. It is part of the public record. There would be nothing wrong with posting the work number of the Attorney General himself, that is also public information. There is actually a phone directory with all these numbers, I used to be in it.

FBI agents don't get much in the way of prank calls.

/doesn't mean the big doolies like the AG don't have a non-public one as well
Dracil said…
I don't think this is a commonly listed number though. The only Google references attached to his name are some person's resume where he was listed as ISE treasurer with an email address at a dead domain and this Kruse stuff. Also the article she linked to where he posted the number had a comment about the agent getting calls from "crazies" that led to the number being edited out. And then there's her comment to get the office number from Patrick at PH makes me think it wasn't supposed to be there.
Karen said…
Im sure that agent doesnt have that phone number anymore. Anyway I hope not. What a mess Evelyn. Im sorry. Jack is certainly capitalizing on it now.
Is the agent's number posted intentional (to get folks to call)? If not, you need to X it out, babes.

I still can't believe Dr. K did this himself. I mean, he's not THAT nuts to not know the FBI could figure out if it was him or one of his faithful followers who did the email/call/etc.

The continuing idiocy about "hacking Twitter" is nuts. People can really not "get it", it seems. Hacking would have been if it had been posted by someone OTHER than Dr K on Dr K's twitter account.

Anyway, I hope when this all settles out, and the real folks come forward or are brought forward, a real journalist digs into Dr K and his protocols and suspension and webinars and X Factor and gives him all the deep and critical publicity he could dream of...
CarbSane said…
Actually I deleted it. Had not intended it in the C&P. It's been a long couple of days for me between end of semester busyness and this shit blowing up. Perhaps I should turn a public cheek, but I just cannot.

The number apparently does get you to the same person as a direct line I believe Melissa or someone else looked up and called in case it was some impostor private detective or something like that. I have no reason to question Melissa's or Patrik's accounts.
CarbSane said…
Thanks Princess and all. No I did not intend to post it, but since I would be by no means the first one, I'm not worried on that account. X'd now.

I have just the guy ... Geraldo! Hack Jack's ice vault :D:D
Tonus said…
"The continuing idiocy about "hacking Twitter" is nuts."

After all of these years, the workings of large-scale networks like the internet are still magic to a lot of people. I would guess that even now, more than half of all people who use the internet are not aware that their actions can be tracked and traced very easily. Pointing fingers while making sure not to name names (and then shamelessly acting as if that takes them off the hook for doing so) either ignores the fact that much of what we do can be tracked, or is done in spite of this knowledge. Kind of ironic that many of the people doing this are accusing Evelyn of being the bad person.

And by ironic, I mean hypocritical. And yeah, I'm not naming anyone either, so I may remain as pure as the driven snow (and pretending that I didn't write the sentence prior to this one).
Woodey said…
When I saw Lars refer to you as a stalker I just laughed, that word has been used too often and for too long. It’s like a music band that does the same shtick for so long that when people see it they laugh. He has the brains to be a doctor, but not the common sense to know when it’s time to change things up. Please Lars play a different tune!
Alex said…
With respect to Internet access on the boat, if it was within range of usable cellular networks, people could have used their phones to access the Internet. A lot of smart phones have tethering that shares 3G or 4G Internet access over the phone's WiFi.
Woodey said…
Here it is the final speculation on what happened. It was an inside job performed by or possibly by Jimmy Moore. He knew Kruse was going to speak about the wonderful goodness of carbs and that just couldn't happen, not on his watch on his cruise. He knew full well that Carb has enemies in the LC/Paleo community and it would be easy to make her the scapegoat. Makes sense to me, gotta protect the empire. Ok time to move on.:)
CarbSane said…
:) Is anyone else getting a "loading tweets taking too long" type message on Jimmy's twitter feed?!/livinlowcarbman

Times must be tough if the twitter master couldn't manage internet/wireless network access on his own cruise.......
CarbSane said…
While true Alex, most would lose domestic/non-roaming access to their carrier in short order. International cards can be purchased but few will go that route b/c of cost. Internet on cruises is a total rip-off and it goes by the minute not MB/GB (or it did last time for me) and it is slooooooooooooooooooow.

Some planned ahead or are financially able to maintain connectivity. OTOH, on zee islands, internet cafes are quite the deal. Cheaper booze, cheaper internet. Could be interesting :D:D
CarbSane said…
Capitalizing on it FOR now I hope. The support on this is incredible.
CarbSane said…
Lars .... LOL. I don't get folks like this. I mean keep your censored rah rah for low carb blog (my posts have gone into the ether for a long time now) but that "rumor has it" and puh leeze ... stalker is so 2011! :D
Josh said…
5/6 wasn't an inside job, there is a much bigger conspiracy going on. "Lance" is obviously Lance Armstrong who was the original discoverer of Factor-X, a revolutionary performance enhancing supplement that cannot be detected by conventional drug testing methods. Already outraged that Kruse had somehow discovered his cold thermogenesis protocol, he then found out that Kruse also knew about Factor-X and was planning to reveal the secret to the world. This was the final straw and he was forced to resort to drastic action to take Kruse out of the equation ;)
oboereedgal said…
Is this "Factor-X" going to be just as informational and life changing as the "Black Box" was?
oboereedgal said…
This whole thing is a crazy mess! Kruse is pointing fingers and so are his friends. Maybe he's not speaking full names but those who are following low carb/paleo blogs can probably figure it out. I liked how Robb Wolf called him out for naming names! Kruse should take a hint.

I don't understand why you (and others) are so hated. You criticize what they are blogging about and publishing. How is that bad? If they have a problem with it, then they should STOP blogging. Don't hit publish. I actually found your blog after listening to the JM podcast you were on. I couldn't figure out what the big deal was so I checked out your blog. I've been reading and enjoying it ever since! Some people need to grow up.
Christopher said…
That's what I was wondering. Catchy names for these things. If I didn't know better I'd think a marketer came up with them.
ItsTheWooo said…
So much lol.

1) Since when it is illegal to repost original true statements on a twitter feed? What law does this violate? I fail to see how anyone who participated in or created the "shitkrusesays" twitter account is liable for anything. It isn't slander, the twitter feeds were merely copy and pasting jack's own words. If jack is so ridiculous that he is embarrassed by his own statements, that's his problem. The fact Kruse is going around threatening these people is more evidence this man is in a manic episode. PS, KRUSE IS MANIC, or a sociopath. Either or. Not sure yet. The main difference being manic people have an episodic mental illness whereas psycho/sociopaths are chronically disinhibited and indifferent to consequences and lack normal fear/inhibition because their brain is structurally abnormal. Either way, the guy has a brain problem, that is obvious. I am being totally serious here, not at all mocking or ironic. The man is sick. Normal people do not behave this way.

2) Nikoley continues to show himself an obese middle aged low level narcissistic abusive man child. Sure, bud, "cunt" is a word of endearment. Why don't you go call a large man a "cunt" in real life, I'm sure that will go over well; or do you save your posturing for women on the internet? Is it part of being a tough paleo jaguar to abuse women? I suppose so, brave little man! Perhaps you should scribble in a cowering woman and child behind your brave man roaming the savannah, that would be more true to form.

PS, when individuals in the UK use the word cunt, it is done so as a gender neutral term and in a joking way, sort of the way americans sometimes use the word "fuck" or "bastard"; it can occasionally be humorous/ emotionally neutral ("you clever bastard" <-- said to a friend in a lighthearted way, is not offensive)
No one would ever use the word "cunt" to a female, while being clearly upset, without MEANING IT. The fact that you don't even have a pair big enough to own up to your behavior only makes you a pathetic coward in addition to a misogynistic douchebag. But then again, most men who are abusive to women (and children) typically are terrified of realistic consequences in general which is specifically why they save their anger for vulnerable weaker people. We can expect lies and backpedaling from such a type, fear of consequences, cowardice, all very expected.

3) Kruse being pulled over / removed from cruise is terrible, but it is cartoonish and ridiculous that his "main" detractors (e.g. evelyn, deans, harris et al) are being accused as the perpetrators. Lol, can you imagine any of these people doing such a thing? I sure as hell can't, such an act is ridiculously petty and beneath any of these people, and I am not exactly a sycophant. The perpetrator is clearly going to end up being some anonymous hater, only an anon would do this because of the factor of "internet rage" -- people do and say things they might not in real life because of the anonymity factor. No one who has disclosed their IRL name or location will be responsible. The perp is going to be someone who has been following along, perhaps commenting sporadically.
Sanjeev said…
> going to be just as informational and life changing as the "Black Box"

A year from now we'll either

1. completely, totally forget that it ever happened
2. we'll wonder WTFactor-X was that?

(to the tune of a Lou Reed ditty)
and the apologists will say "dit dee dit dit dee deee dit ..."
He's a neurosurgeon, dude
ItsTheWooo said…
Just had to LOL that this is now being called "5/6".

It's the sort of joke that makes you cringe uncomfortably and laugh hysterically at the same time.
ItsTheWooo said…
Oh, PS, I do like Kruse more than not. Still.

Nikoley continues to be an asshole and I can only assume everyone else is as well , seeing as he is their paleo team mascot.

PS, paleo continues to be nothing but an emotional label / RPG playing game for unremarkable middle aged men who prefer to conceptualize themselves as superhumans head and shoulders above the "regular modern society bound" humans. For many this "paleo" thing is a complex grandiose narcissistic delusionalal self image.

Any of the good ideas, or SCIENTIFIC ideas, or arguments, have nothing to do with paleo. Whether we should restrict carbs or not or eat wheat or not or eat dairy or not or how we should sleep and live: none of this is paleo, as paleo doesn't exist. It's something people made up, like god. The benefits and adverse effects of wheat consumption on human beings, or certain segments of the human population, is not "paleo". Paleo, like god, is a made up emotional/ religious concept, entirely subjective, with no consistency between individuals who believe in "paleo".
Nigel Kinbrum said…
I couldn't have put it better myself.
Anonymous said…
Woo said:

"PS, paleo continues to be nothing but an emotional label / RPG playing game for unremarkable middle aged men who prefer to conceptualize themselves as superhumans head and shoulders above the "regular modern society bound" humans. For many this "paleo" thing is a complex grandiose narcissistic delusionalal self image.

Any of the good ideas, or SCIENTIFIC ideas, or arguments, have nothing to do with paleo. Whether we should restrict carbs or not or eat wheat or not or eat dairy or not or how we should sleep and live: none of this is paleo, as paleo doesn't exist. It's something people made up, like god. The benefits and adverse effects of wheat consumption on human beings, or certain segments of the human population, is not "paleo". Paleo, like god, is a made up emotional/ religious concept, entirely subjective, with no consistency between individuals who believe in "paleo".

Although this sounds harsh, there is a lot of truth in this. I believe someone once made a blog post that said much the same thing. : )
MM said…
"If jack is so ridiculous that he is embarrassed by his own statements, that's his problem."

I sometimes wonder if Jack has no clue what actually comes out of his mouth. He just stands up and starts blathering. Then when he reads his own quotes on Twitter, they look totally ridiculous. He literally can't believe he said them because he doesn't really know what he did say. It would explain a lot.
CarbSane said…
He probably doesn't remember them. I agree :)
Unknown said…

Richard Nikoley // May 10, 2012 at 22:34

Oh, the free speech mantra.

I so fuckimg hate that. That’s a constitutional bullshit pussy assed consolation that relates ONLY to government.

Let me put it this way: you don’t have free speech here, or in my living room, or bedroom, and I’d call you a pussy cunt if you offered free speech with no qualification in either of yours. You don’t have free speech in Evelyn’s house either and my substantial respect for her ability would diminish greatly if I found you did.

But, you get to be as stupid as you want to be. That, you can do anywhere and nobody can stop you.

Richard Nikoley // May 10, 2012 at 22:42

Oh, sorry, I musta fucked up, because surely you were talking ’bout like yea, man, I can accuse someone ‘a terrorist threats and it’s freedum of speeches.

Evelyn almost certainly had nothing to do with this. However, she has been a regular critic of Kruse publicly. It is entirely rational for an investigator to have her on a list of suspects.

Jack ought to let that play out.

It has zero, zero, zero, zero to do with “free speech.”

But, I dunno, maybe you’re 15.

gallier2 // May 10, 2012 at 21:56

The funny thing about Carbsane and Melissa about being named by JK is that he didn’t. Neither on TV nor in tweet or blog, he only ever talked about a blogger in New York and Chicago. As far as I remember these two towns count millions of people and probably hundreds of bloggers, that only these two feel named is quite revealing.

But seriously, if these persons are wondering why they were “suspected” in this affair they need to take a deep little breath and look a little back at their own behaviour in this sad story. Even me, who haven’t participated in the slingfest, that were Richards posts about CT and Kruse last month, had immediately these 3 persons in mind when the news broke about the no-cruise for Kruse affair. Why, because these 3 girls had, what appears to be a real obsession with JK’s MSRA story and even stated in some comments (don’t ask me to find them) that they would try to get him stopped before he becomes a real danger.
Thomas said…
Hey, great idea! While we're slappin' around those "paleo" fools, why not get a good slap in on those god fearing fools as well. That'll make everyone feel better. I know I do!
Tonus said…
"The funny thing about Carbsane and Melissa about being named by JK is that he didn’t."

I guess it's natural for people to have this reaction, but are they thinking it all the way through? Yes, Jack did not use names, he used insinuation and innuendo, so that he (and his supporters) can hide behind the 'I didn't name names' excuse. The person quoted above takes it one step further with the old 'if they're not guilty they'd have nothing to fear' ploy. (Because as everyone knows, if you criticize someone for bad science, it's just one step away from phoning in terror threats to a cruise ship!)

In any case, wouldn't you define someone who used the first tactic (targeting people without using specifics) as a coward? Even the person quoted admits he understood who was being referred to (but, hilariously, doesn't appear to name them either!). I keep seeing one of those comedy skits, where a group of people are loudly denouncing another, and when that person turns away they all point and gesticulate madly in her direction, then quickly assume a casual and disinterested pose when she turns to face them.
ItsTheWooo said…
Did read yer rant (and mostly agreed) but I have been saying this, and upsetting people, for awhile now.

I sorta feel bad for the normal paleos who aren't psychos and get swept with the same brush as people like nikoley, but all the same, the whole idea is just RIDICULOUS, rooted in nonsense.

I came into this scene as an obese extremely unhealthy nonfunctioning 20 year old. I discovered controlling blood glucose and insulin responses restored my health. Shortly after, a few years later, I learned of this "paleo" thing; for some reason this paleo RPG was connected to carbohydrate controlling health practices. I disregarded it pretty much instantly as most "paleos" seemed to be primarily interested in a religious-like cult with delusions of human perfection and superiority similar to a bunch of angsty goth teens pretending to be vampires at the local walmart.

Super duper glad to see this paleo thing crumbling. Why is wheat avoidance "paleo"? PS, I like wheat, it typically makes me feel better to eat fiber products in wheat. I don't have a wheat allergy, funny that. On the other hand, my body does not do well with a large amount of paleo-approved tuber starch. I do not thrive on this compared to a fat based metabolism. Eating lots of nuts is a convenient snack that agrees with my body. I simply do better eating fat and fiber probably because my glucose metabolism is intrinsically dysfunctional. I have never observed any sort of problem with wheat or dairy. I fail to see what this has to do with the paleolithic, and I fail to see how anyone could even begin to suggest ALL people need to eat the SAME diets. I don't think all people need to eat the diet I do, but a substantial portion of sick people (obese/gluocse metabolism) may benefit.

(And no, food reward cannot explain this. I pretty much eat chocolate with marscapone cream and nuts and berries and granular erythritol constantly. If I add a fibrous wrap to my high fat protein meal, I eat less and feel better, though that increases reward. If I add ketchup or mustard or another high vinegar product, I also eat less and feel better. Fiber + vinegar = SCFA = metabolic improvement.
Just as the concept of one paleo ideology is nonsense, as paleo is a meaningless emotional religious label that is as subjective as one's concept of god... there also exists the reality of medical diseases and disorders and symptoms and theraputic diets. Some people simply do not seem to process, respond, oxidize, glucose/insulin normally. It is impossible to be 300 pounds of fat without having some kind of metabolic, endocrinological or nervous system disorder; "reward" cannot make your fat tissue grow like a tumor.)
Woodey said…
Recently I've been on PaleoHacks making comments, reading posts and I have to say there are a bunch of people who are normal, sane and just trying to improve their health. It's always the ding-a-lings that latch on to a group and makes life miserable for others. There are a few of those over at PH and some threads that I wanted to give both barrels to, but there wouldn't but it would be a fruitless endeavor and just raise my blood pressure.

I love vinegar and put it on my rice so that helps cut the blood sugar spike.

I wonder if our paleo ancestors ate stuff like this:
ShottleBop said…
. . . one of the lesser-publicized cave paintings at Altamira, in fact, depicts this exact recipe. Nuns at a nearby abbey have guarded the secret since its discovery in the 16th century.
Anonymous said…
That's it Josh!!! You have finally solved the case, now we can all go back to what we were previously doing before Krusegate invaded the Paleosphere! Sheesh!
Anonymous said…
Shit sanjeev...that damn ditty is stuck in my head now...
CarbSane said…
Welcome oboereedgal! Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy reading.
CarbSane said…
Hi Wooo, Yeah, nobody could accuse you of being a CarbSane sycophant, that's for sure!! I don't have time as I'm trying to get some housework done between at least acknowledging most/all comments as is my habit. Frankly I'm more concerned with the fact this has made national news what with the fact that if the FBI ever took the tweet seriously, it would have been cleared up pretty quickly.

I'm not sure there is any record of Jack trying to get the SKS ID taken down. He certainly never tweeted or emailed me to at least get on record that he had, yet he persists with the "not naming" me naming me & finger pointing.

I used to think he was manic, but having known more than one, its unlikely they could have sustained this long without totally losing it. Possible I suppose, but unlikely. Not to mention he looks and sounds quite "with it" (if you ignore some ridiculous claims) which lulls many people into thinking he speaks from grasp of science and authority.
CarbSane said…
I just ignore this stuff Thomas. It's not worth it.

When one has 500 comments, 400 of which are about religion or the fine art of using offensive language, it's too much to wade through. I had to disengage.

Just wish Richard would be more genuine. I mean he says he was in a bit of a rage when he tweeted the three c's tweet. We're to believe Jack told him it was an unnamed c from NY, unnamed c from Chicago, and unnamed c from Boston?
Alex said…
This isn't the first time he's flung a C-bomb at a woman. Some weeks before Krusegate, he did the same thing in the comments on his own blog. His C-tweets weren't some isolated, anger-induced incident. It's who he is and what he does, and he's apparently quite proud of it.
bentleyj74 said…
"Not to mention he looks and sounds quite "with it" (if you ignore some ridiculous claims) which lulls many people into thinking he speaks from grasp of science and authority."

Wow, you thought he looked with it? Granted, I'm not saying I'd look better if I'd just had a surprise visit from HS and the FBI after being booted from a cruise I expected to speak on...but still.
CarbSane said…
Hey bentley, speaking more historically than recently. His writings are almost incoherent, but he speaks pretty well if you ignore the whacky stuff (or don't detect it as easily as someone with a background in whatevahdaheck field he's speaking about!. This current stuff? Well, he looked like crap on the first wave of local interviews, weird on the webcam interviews and OK on the last one yesterday morning. (If you search you'll find all three segments searching on: kruse cruise). These "mainstream" appearances? Eh ... if I weren't interested in it for this reason? I don't imagine I'd pay notice unless he'd ever operated on me. A scene out of 24 my arse!
LeonRover said…
And so is that anarchic academic Aussie feminist Germaine Greer.
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