A Shout Out to Paleobuzz.com

Paleobuzz.com, a site that has included me in their blog-roll for quite some time (thanks!), is a great resource.  I've mentioned it here a few times, but thought I'd give one more formal shout out for those not familiar with the site who might find it of value.

I read a lot ... too much really ... about the net.  But it's sites like PB that make it easier to do so.  Yes, subscribing to blogs in RSS feeds is helpful, and I do that with several blogs and comments feeds, but sometimes just seeing what's new and interesting about the net in this community is better experienced the way PB does it.  I'm not sure if they are making any money from referrals or whatever, and I don't care.  They provide a valuable service without capitalizing on the blogger's content per se.  

I find the chronological listing of content from various blogs, some I wouldn't normally bother to read, complete with excerpt of post, a nice format.  For example today and part of yesterday we have a C&P below.   I think they're worth the daily visit!

Paleo Latest News
May 21   Monday
Carbon Dioxide: The Real Reason Safe Starches Are a JokeThe Danny Roddy Weblog
Big ups to Cliff McCrary and his excellent blog that I blatantly plagiarize. You complete me Cliff. Onto this weeks post: "If we learn to see problems in terms of a general disorder of energy metabolism, we can begin to solve them." - Ray Peat, PhD The dark days of carbohydrate restriction bore more than the Teletubby version of myself; ...
   2 more images...
Paleo Interview with Professor CordainDietdoctor.com
What is the Paleo diet and why should you care? Well, as you know it’s the original human diet and it’s probably still the healthiest way you could eat (unless you have a health reason to reduce your carb intake even more). Here the world’s #1 expert, professor Loren Cordain, explains what you need to know and answers common questions. ...
My Paleo Challenge Is 60 Days YoungRobb Wolf
I took part in the 30 day paleo challenge in a group setting as part of an exercise and fitness education program offered by my workplace. The group challenge was exactly what I needed to get started down the path of paleo. I had heard of The Paleo Solution and ...
Audio Interview With Dr. Brad From the Paleo “30 Day Challenge”Naturally Engineered
I recently had the pleasure of chatting over the phone with Dr. Brad Fackrell, the organizer of paleo30daychallenge.com. He's a really down to earth guy and I think we really hit it off, talking about a wide range of topics going all the way back to when I first got into evolutionary health & fitness, to more recent events like ...
May 20   Sunday
Shameless self-promotion: I have been very fortunate recently, having been given the opportunity to join the cool cats at Whole9 as a member of their consulting team.  I’ve long admired the work Melissa and Dallas do, the professionalism with which …
Have a cuppa pesticide and #dontdestroyresearchEvolving Health
Earlier today, plant biologist Mary Mangan (@mem_somerville) shared the bad news that anti-biotechnology activists had succeeded in breaking into and damaging a publicly funded research project at Rothamsted Research Station in Harpenden, England. The vandalism happened only a week ahead of a planned demonstration organized by the Take the Flour Back environmentalist group (which I wrote previously about here). Mangan ...
Do Sugar and/or Saturated Fat Make You Stupid?Evolutionary Psychiatry
Two more heavily publicized papers came out in the past week or so, just in time to be fodder for questions at my talk on Evolutionary Psychiatry and Alzheimer's Dementia in the upcoming week. Have you ever heard the Adagio from Spartacus? Hang in there for a little bit. Around 1:09 you get the early rendition of one of the ...
Almost there!Primal Cooking Today
Just 1,500 views away from my super-duper secret turkey recipe!


Anonymous said…
Looks like a great resource! Thanks for the tip.
Eric W said…
Hello, CarbSane. Thank you for the shout out!

I'm happy you and others have found Paleobuzz useful.

Our intent is to facilitate quick browsing of recent blog
headlines so the user can choose posts interesting to them to
click through and read in depth at the original site.

For the near future, we're working on adding some new features
for finding recent posts of interest, but the front page will
remain simple and load fast.

Earlier this year we integrated a search engine, available at the
top of the site, which has indexed content from the tracked sites
over the last three years. We've received a good response on this
so far, as the results are ordered by relevance of these sites to
each other, not the rank of these sites compared with the rest of
the web, like that of a regular web search. So it can be useful
for finding results that would otherwise be buried.

The Paleobuzz search is also useful for finding an article one
read a few months ago, but can't remember which blog it was
located at. Not that you have a problem with recalling sources,
CarbSane, as I've read quite a few of your science-based posts
with their many references.

Thanks again for mentioning the site. And thanks for your
informative and interesting work here.

- Eric W.
CarbSane said…
Hi Eric! You're welcome and thanks! I didn't realize that about the Paleobuzz search -- maybe a "doh!" moment, but just never thought to use it. You might want to put a little note next to it like "search archives of blogs PB follows" or something like that.