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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogger stats stink!

Every now and then I check the "all time" stats here at the Asylum.  It looks like I'll have to change the "popular all time" widget pretty soon, and manually enter some links to "classic posts" or somesuch.  Blogger is pretty good at tallying recent pagehits, but I've noticed that for part of 2011 and all of 2012, the cumulative hits on the Gary Taubes email post have been steadily DEclining.  Now I know it's not read a lot, but most days I bother to check, it gets a smattering of views, and any time there's a spike in traffic, that usually nets a flurry of views for the featured posts on the sidebar.   Point being totals should be going up, not down!  It's currently showing fewer views than at the beginning of 2011 fer cryin' out loud.  

My "Dashboard" here on Blogger is threatening to permanently convert to the new format I have thus far opted out of.  It is awful.  This little glitch just tweaks me a bit more to make the move to WordPress.  It may well be time ...

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Beth@WeightMaven said...

Can you install the code on Blogger to actually use Google Analytics? Since Google owns Blogger, you'd think they'd make that work!

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