Been flicking through YouTube and music sites lately.  Came across this video of one of my favorite bands most Americans have never heard of, covering one of my favorite songs.    I saw them live twice, once at Toad's in New Haven CT when their lead singer was new.  He was sitting at the back of the bar going unnoticed before the show.  Got to chat with him.  I was 2-3 rows in on the floor watching a band that has packed Wembley.  Pretty cool.  Here's Marillion singing Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here (I only wish they sang more, but this was just fun to watch)


Woodey said…
One thing I really love in this world is music, in particular progressive styled music. I'm a huge Rush fan, also like Moody Blues, Peter Gabriel Genesis, and Pink Floyd. I have listened to a couple of Marillion's albums; Misplaced Childhood and Clutching at Straws. They have some good stuff.

There's a band from America called the Scissor Sisters that goes unnoticed in the States, but is huge in places like England. They do a great cover of Comfortably Numb you might like.

Studio version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbVE-R1_Izo

Live version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIQ4O0VNsxk
Mike said…
Wow. Marillion's Misplaced Childhood has been one of my all-time favorite albums since it was released. I've been madly collecting Progressive Rock music since I discovered Prog Archives 5 or 6 years ago. Right now I've got 1,654 albums cataloged in my Rate Your Music Profile, and 1,324 of those are Prog.

At this point, it's just a disease. :)
CarbSane said…
We have similar music tastes :D I have a drum stick from Neil Peart around here somewhere! Hu yuge Rush fan ;) I actually like the newer Marillion with Horvath better. The man has an amazing voice.
Sly said…
Hogarth, Steve Hogarth :) I also like them, also saw them live twice, in Poznan, Poland, with Steve. Steve is very good, but Fish was better. Love his old videoclips on YT.For many years i've claimed Misplaced Childhood to be the best album ever, as Mike below:) Must be something in it.
Love Marillion and Pink Floyd! Agree withe the comments about misplaced childhood. We saw Fish about four years ago, and he's still an amazing performer. My husband and I are obviously huge prog rock fans, and Rush is our favorite band. Already have tickets to see them in November. Envious of that drumstick, Evelyn! And impressed with Mike's RYMP :)

IMO one of the best newer prog bands is Porcupine Tree, also from England.
Woodey said…
I'll have to check out some of their newer material and see how they sound. I have a theory that none of the members of Rush are human, they are just too damn good. Anyone watch the documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage? It's a must see.
CarbSane said…
Oops Sly! Thanks for the correction! I like the older stuff too, don't get me wrong, but I was introduced to Marillion by an ex when Seasons End came out. Check here for what the Toad's stage looks like: http://www.heavymetalsource.com/HMS2/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/4110320659_67f2c03640.jpg

So I could literally reach out and touch them. I was just blown away by Hogarth. It was really funny b/c nobody apparently knew who he was, he was just sitting in a corner near the rest rooms when my then bf and I walked by. Heck, it was me that recognized him and we went over to chat! Fun memory for me, Rothery flicked a few guitar picks into the crowd that night. I made eye contact a few times, and he flipped one to me. My 6'3" bf reached over me and snagged it ... because ... um ... you know that he was aiming for the geeky looking guy and not the buxom blonde ;) (yes, he kept it!).

The Rush drum stick comes from a concert at Mohegan Sun Casino -- rather small arena and we had awesome seats. But even better a friend of hub's cousin was a roadie and got us back stage afterwards. Sooo cool!

Therein ends my hero worship :D:D

Oh, BTW, if any of the Americans not from the NorthEast are wondering why the heck Toad's sounds familiar, it might be because that was the bar involved with Barbara Bush (daughter) and the fake ID. Some pretty big names have played there "unannounced" as well. Cool place. Only been twice though.
CarbSane said…
WOW! My siggy on the discussion board comes from Rush: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

So .... any Queensryche fans here?
CarbSane said…
I have a pretty nice vinyl of Misplaced. No way to play it though ;) He he he ... let's not get me into music social media eh?
CarbSane said…
Gonna have to check out Porcupine Tree! Looks like great minds listen alike too ;)
Woodey said…
Huge Queensryche fan!!! Saw them on the Building Empires tour back in 1991. Empire was the last album I thought was really good as a whole, I didn't bother with their last album. After prog rock I went into prog metal, listening to bands like Queensryche, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, and Cynic. I also like Opeth, which mixes prog with death metal.

Queensryche and Cynic have made two of the best prog metal albums ever with Operation Mindcrime and Focus. I cannot emphasize enough how good Focus is, the album came out in 1993 and still sounds current. CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Sanjeev said…
for your consideration (no rock in this comment)


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Sanjeev said…
the "oy vey Maria"

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