Chris Kresser talks Fish @ The Real Food Summit

Hey gang!  Sean Croxton is holding an online Real Food Summit starting today.  I'm sure you've seen the logo on the blogs/websites of others ... and perhaps you're wondering if I plan to "live blog" on this one as I did for the Paleo Summit.   The short answer is no ... at least not in that same manner, and I'll make a short post on the reasons sometime today.

But since we were talking fish here recently, a discussion that included contamination, I recommend listening to Chris Kresser's presentation on Seafood.   If you're going to listen for this reason alone, the selenium "protection" against mercury is discussed around 22 min mark.    Phew ... I don't eat swordfish often enough to worry about it.  He discusses PCB's and dioxins and some studies on cancer risk vs. CVD risk and how these toxins are present in beef, chicken and other protein choices.  So if you're eating animal protein, eating fish vs. beef can alter some exposures like mercury, but there's other trade-offs that can make fish a better choice.  Lastly he addresses fish oil supplements v. eating fish and megadoses of fish oil.

He's going to be on Sean's UW Radio show, so I'm hoping to be able to call in and ask a question.  I don't know that I agree with the ratios of O6:O3 being so definitively problematic, but he presents many reasons to eat fish outside this argument.    Enjoy!


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