Fame ~ The Remake

The discussion is interesting on some of my recent posts.  As always, the more I try to explain, it seems the more some try to read into things what they will.  The best example is this:
Me: ... Which is not to say my story is relegated to the dust-bin, but that I want this blog to be more than just about me ... as I think it really has been for quite some time! I never intended this main blog to be about my story. It is relevant, but as I've always said -- this is important! --  I could weigh 100 lbs or 400 lbs, that doesn't change the science I present here.
justprayin: As a person who also just started reading this blog i tend to view her 'exposing and debunking' more reminiscent of a scorned wife who has been cheated on by her husband. And as for the 3x tshirt, i guess you might have to order one for evelyn too, who apparently could weigh up to 400lbs, (her words, not mine).
Sigh.  What I meant was that if I say something like "de novo lipogenesis is not a significant source of fatty acids packaged up into VLDL by the liver" , it is either right or wrong.  Open to interpretation of the peer review studies, but the messenger of this information matters not.   To the extent that I matter at all, it would be if my track record and qualifications -- whether I'm a trustworthy purveyor of the evidence or have a track record of making stuff up and falsifying data.   But justprayin reads that and interprets this to mean that I could weigh 400 lbs.  Wha???  Inasmuch as I share personal struggles, achievements, shortcomings, my weight is relevant.  But it doesn't make a dang bit of difference to the science.

Ya know, I've never quite been able to put my finger on exactly what it was about the LLVLC/Kimkins fiasco.  Jimmy followed the diet and profited off of it until far past the "expire" date on that smelly fish.  Then he had to fess up.  But if Kimmer was real, all would be fine with the LC world, and Kimmer would be promoted by Amy Dungan as a success story on CarbSmart.   Yes folks!!  Those low carbers really are interested in images matching reality.  Ahh, but not so much it turns out.  Because what they really HATE is that I've posted pictures of their "success" ... and they are worthy of far greater outrage than Kimmer, and here's why.  Kimkins, however flawed, worked for many who stuck with it -- Jimmy included.  What Jimmy's crowd has been peddling ever since -- fat, fat, fat, high fat and more fat -- does not ... not for those spreading the word about "healthy" low carb.  The results don't even come close to matching the promises.  Not EVEN close.

I've exposed the "inner Kimmer" in LLVLClueland....

Jimmy and Amy are "open" about their struggles ... but not so much, and this is the reason for these posts.  If  someone like me doesn't expose this stuff, how many more are being deceived?    

Imagine you stumble upon Jimmy's discussion board today.    Perhaps you're looking into LC for the first time, or you've hit the wall, or you are trying once again to recreate those glory days of low carb weight loss of bygone years.   His search engine ranking may not be what it was in 2009 when I found LLVLC, but there's no denying his heavy presence and influence.  So here's what you find:

And here's a recent post by Jimmy:

Check out that avatar!  ROFLMAO!!  So you click on the profile and you see:

For the vision challenged, let me C&P the bio:
In 2004, I lost triple-digit weight on the Atkins diet. Now I am actively seeking to educate, encourage, and inspire as many people as I can about the healthy benefits of the low-carb lifestyle not just for weight loss, but vastly improved health.
Up until he closed the menus blog around a year ago, his bio there read {paraphrase} "180 lbs lost in 2004 and kept it off ever since" .  He hasn't used a current picture on a bio page or avatar on any of his websites except on Low Carb Conversations where we get the "truth" among friends I suppose, but one has to go to the About page and look past the skinny-necked caricature.  Oddly, he posts tons of stuff on FB, as does Amy ... but you really have to search past the menus and do an awful lot of clicking to find the stuff on the websites.  It's not "hidden", but it's not front and center as it should be for two advocates of a lifestyle they have no other qualifications for advocating for other than personal story.  

So, rather than posting his picture as an avatar, he posts the slogan.
Submitted without apology.

No mention of the struggles, no current picture.  No mention of how his metabolism has been damaged from 8 years of LLVLC.  What's TRULY SAD is that the Jimmy of 2006-2007, what with all the frankenfood and affiliate revenues, was pretty trim.  He spoke of the importance of exercise ... and walked the walk, literally.  Read all about it in Just Eat Less - Move Moore, Jimmy <-- though I suppose I'm a "stalker" to have found the gems linked to in that post.  Does Jimmy ever read his own blog?   Does he even remember thinking, feeling and writing his old posts?  

Fame, the movie, was great.  Some say I owe my own modicum of fame to Jimmy for being on his podcast.  His plan to destroy me backfired, big time.  Now he's resorted to bashing me while crediting me for his "new" fame.  I seem to remember the remake of that movie bombed pretty badly! 


LeonRover said…

The most recent RazWell incarnation labels himself

"R A Z Z"

Y'all take care now.

P2ZR said…
I've noticed that there is a new subspecies of 'defender of [righteous/well-meaning] hatees' around here.

It used to pass scrutiny when dogmatic LC'ers claimed that Evelyn (was a mentally unstable blonde woman who) mangled the science out of malice and ignorance.

Alas, there are now so many solidly written science posts here that that no longer holds up even to the most casual observer (who possesses even half an iota of impartiality).

Cue the latest breed of 'I actually like your science, but...' zealots:

SeXxXAyyY Double-X-Chromosome MuSckLeZ (& Co.)!!!!!!!!

(Please tell me I wasn't the only one who nearly died from LMAO upon seeing that username....)

Ce type a un comportement vraiment passif-agressif:

(1) 'Oh, your science is great, but it's haplessly obscured by your calling out LC gurus. Readers can't be counted on to discern [useless] rants from science.'

(2) 'Validity of facts and analyses is inversely proportional to the blogger's weight.'

(conflict between (1) and (2) notwithstanding...)

(3) 'My anonymous Saviour can save you and all your malcontent hangers-on; y'all are just too blind to find Him. I'll pray for your lost souls.'

Endlessly amusing world, isn't it?
P2ZR said…
*'Malcontents who are a liability to your precious reputation, should you at some point encounter a Taube$-comparable book deal--which will give your life all the meaning it never had.'

@Evelyn: O/T, maybe you're considering this for your move to Wordpress, but any chance of a search bar somewhere on the right-hand menu? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would find it useful.
Unknown said…
Jimmy Moore is so stupid


1. Consuming MORE fat, especially saturated fat (85% of calories)
2. Eating LESS protein overall (12% of calories)
3. Keeping carbohydrates significantly reduced (3% of calories)

"In the meantime, I’m still plugging away at my experiment and it was a challenging past 30 days for me. Nine days into this 30-day period I had to go to the emergency room with a 102-degree fever which turned out to be a urinary tract infection requiring me to be on an antibiotic for a month. UGH! The doctor said I needed to drink cranberry juice to help with it and she recommended the diet version of it since I don’t consume sugar. But it still had enough sugar in it that it negatively impacted my ketone levels for a few days. ARG! The fever continued for four days before it broke. Of course, I couldn’t go to the gym while I was sick and the antibiotics were giving me some bad diarrhea. Then I went on vacation to Tennessee and then Indiana and caught a nasty cold that required Sudafed and Mucinex and got poison oak (while playing frisbee golf with Tom Naughton on his farm) treating it with calamine lotion and Benadryl."



Do Low-Carb Diets Increase Kidney Stone Risk? Let’s Ask The Low-Carb Experts

Dr. William Davis, MD, cardiologist and health blogger at the “Heart Scan Blog”

So the bulk of observations on urine composition on low-carb diets suggests increased potential for urinary stone formation.

All in all, low-carb likely increases likelihood of stone formation in those susceptible to the effect. However, there are a number of strategies to consider to mitigate the risk, such as vigorous hydration, balancing protein intake with generous green vegetable intake, magnesium and potassium supplementation, vit B6 supplementation. I advise some patients to monitor urinary pH and try to trend towards maintaining an alkaline pH (i.e., greater than 7.0).

Dr. Stephen Phinney, PhD, noted low-carb researcher and co-author of The New Atkins For A New You

A significant contributor to kidney stone formation is dehydration. Here is something that might significantly benefit your readership. When you take away peoples’ soda/pop and fruit juice, they tend to drink less fluid. Add to that the diuretic effect of nutritional ketosis and some people following low carb diets may be prone to being short of fluids much of the time. This is one of many reasons why I’m like a broken record in urging people on low carb diets to add 2 cups of broth/bouillon to their daily intake — not just in the first few weeks of adaptation — but permanently (as long as they stay low carb). And yes, 4-6 glasses of water per day probably also helps.

So - it looks like Jimmy may have given himself kidney stones which led to his urinary tract infection
Unknown said…
The 4 sticks of butter a day diet.

It's wholesome, it's natural, the cows are grass fed. You might get a tiny bit of something other than fat but no worries, you can work off the protein and carbs in the gym.
Nigel Kinbrum said…
@P2ZR: Scroll to the top of the page. Look in the top left corner. There's a search box for this blog there. Is that what you meant by "search bar"?

@Evelyn: The link LLVLC/Kimkins fiasco needs a tweak!
Unknown said…

And if how I feel right now eating this way is how it will always feel, then you bet your sweet bippy I’ll be eating this way for life. Although my Paleo blogging friend Sarah Ballantyne shared in Episode 589 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast that consuming less than 100g carbohydrates daily is “not sustainable or even necessary” (presumably over the long-term), perhaps for some of us it’s EXACTLY what we need to do in order to overcome the damage that has been done. I guess I’ll have to be the guinea pig for this in the months and years to come if (and when!) I continue pursuing nutritional ketosis and making this a truly sustainable plan for me while reaping the benefits to my weight and health it is giving me.


Some people find ketogenic diets propel their weight loss while others find that ketogenic diets stall their weight loss. The difference is likely due to regulation of a variety of hormones, but probably most importantly, cortisol management. Ketogenic and very low carbohydrate diets necessarily increase cortisol expression in order to create glucose for the few cells in the body that cannot run on ketone bodies. In the absence of adequate sleep, adequate stress management, adequate sun exposure, and any other factors that may affect cortisol management, ketosis can lead to complete derailment of cortisol expression. I believe that cortisol management (because my kids still get me up several times per night most nights) is why my body is doing better on more carbohydrates these days (I also think it’s why my body refuses to lose the last 10 pounds that I want to lose). Independent of cortisol issues, there are also other people who simply need more carbohydrates (kids, endurance sport enthusiasts, athletes, older people). What type of carbohydrates you consume is fairly individual as well (if you have SIBO, you’ll want to avoid starchy veggies; if you have a history of metabolic derangement, you’ll want to be mindful of your fructose intake; if you’re an athlete you’ll want to consume more starchy vegetables).
I got 3 kidney stones on VLC too, FWIW. Not fun.
CarbSane said…
Hey P2ZR, Yer just gotta laugh sometimes. ;-) RE: Search, there's a box in the right sidebar. Personally I prefer searching blogs in Google -- even though Google powers the search here -- "key words" site:carbsanity.blogspot.com . Better results display as there are limitations in formatting.

Thanks Nige, fixed!
CarbSane said…
Jimmy is truly clueless when it comes to his health. Every time he went on one of his extreme diet adventures, he got sick. That he "managed" to still lose weight is a miracle to him only because he didn't develop a respiratory infection requiring massive amounts of sugary cough syrups (because desperate times call for desperate measures).

But he's feeling soooo fantabulous he might just eat this way for life??!!

What I really don't get are the "fans" ... oooh Jimmy Moore is losing weight eating XYZ ... I'm going to try that too!
CarbSane said…
This fat burning schtick needs to be addressed.
CarbSane said…
So ... in the two months he's been doing this he's had a UTI (accompanied by high fever) and some sort of cold requiring Benadryl and Mucinex. This is what he calls: " reaping the benefits to my weight and health"

I'm wondering what Volek & Phinney's next book will be titled: The Art and Science of Breaking Your Metabolism? LOL
Tonus said…
"So - it looks like Jimmy may have given himself kidney stones which led to his urinary tract infection"

That's just his broken metabolism, from the days when he ate according to government guidelines. Nothing to do with his current diet, which is what we were meant to eat. I mean, come on-- have you SEEN his blood panel???
LeonRover said…
Only when the number of s(ch)ticks reaches four.
Woodey said…
My lack of success following a VLC diet made me question its validity, as well as seeing Jimmy Moore's pics and how heavy he was and how they differed from the ones he sports on his blogsite. I found out about all of that by coming here and reading your posts and seeing the pictures.

I hope when Jimmy dies someone does a tribute to him just like Jimmy did with his brother. Then they can do close ups of Jimmy's boobs and gut (just like Jimmy did of his brother) and discuss how LC made Jimmy's health poor and ultimately killed him (just like Jimmy did with his brother). Then maybe that will wake up some of the people who followed him and scare off potential LC dieters. Then again Jimmy plays the Jesus card and the mindless will just say, "It was Jimmy's time. God called him home and he's with Jesus now" and they will go on doing the same ole, same ole.

BTW, I liked the original Fame, but avoided the sequel. I heard it was a real corn-filled floater, definitely not low carb.
CarbSane said…
I'm glad you bring up that tribute video ... at least I know I'm not the only one who was weirded out by it. I lost my brother around that age and remember putting together pictures for the tribute at his funeral. Sadly, I've been involved with picture collation for too many tributes to those dying young, but that's another story. You want to show the best of a person in a tribute, even if they aren't at their best. Jimmy's presentation in honor? of his brother zoning in on his belly in flimsy shorts was quite disturbing. I recall reading some older blog posts where he said some unkind things about his brother, and even folks calling him on it -- to which he would reply that his brother wasn't on the internet so what did it matter cuz he'd never read it. I wonder if he's ever looked at pics of Kevin then and himself now singing karaoke. It would be supreme denial not to see some similarities :(
P2ZR said…
Oh wow, not sure how I missed that after scouring the blog for sooooo long. Thanks both!
Unknown said…
Looks like Jimmy has gone back to the future

His NEW n=1 diet/experiment sounds a lot like this one he tried - also high fat - low carb - the only difference is he's now trying low protein instead of high protein

Oh well - the more things change the more they stay the same


Starting on January 3, 2011, I began a new experiment to see what I could do to get my body to match my health numbers and how I feel on the inside. After interviewing literally hundreds of experts over the years with all sorts of ideas and opinions about what is best for fat loss, I have come to the conclusion that there are some basic things that will probably work for me:

1. A very low-carb diet (under 20g daily consistently)
2. Avoiding soy, artificial sweeteners, wheat and dairy
3. Engaging in purposeful intermittent fasting
4. Adding in interval workouts as well as weight training
5. Not obsessing over calories, but being careful not to over-consume them

Unknown said…
LOL - he intervied literally HUNDREDS of experts and this is what he came up with???
Sanjeev said…
> 5. Not obsessing over calories, but being careful not to over-consume them

"no caring about what matters"

> 3. Engaging in purposeful intermittent fasting

curiously distancing turn of phrase. If he really wanted to just write

3. fast

so it's clear now JM's addicted to 2 things -
1. food
1a denying 1.
2. pronouncements of personal change
2a not actually changing
Lesley Scott said…
"Not obsessing over calories, but being careful not to over-consume them" um, this wouldn't this qualify as CICO or anything now would it? WHAT will the great GT think?!
Sanjeev said…
stands to reason, if he's systematically rid his environs of anyone who'll challenge him, leaving only the easily dismissed ("the other" or outsiders or "the enemy") to provide corrective feedback.
Lesley Scott said…
@Sanjeev "2. pronouncements of personal change 2a not actually changing" Change is great...as long as it happens to other people. :)
Sanjeev said…
> qualify as CICO or anything now would it? WHAT will the great GT think?!

mixing messages liberally and often ... That IS straight out of the book of Taubes.

"calories don't count but carbs make one eat to excess"
Unknown said…
The only way he can get to 85% fat is to fry everything he eats in 6 tablespoons of coconut oil. It will not work.
CaptVee said…
"1. Consuming MORE fat, especially saturated fat (85% of calories)
2. Eating LESS protein overall (12% of calories)
3. Keeping carbohydrates significantly reduced (3% of calories)"

That's absolute madness! I'm not a nutritionist or anything, but I have a general sense of what I eat, and I don't even know how that would be possible. Do you just eat sticks of butter like candy bars?

Why would anyone of any weight do that to themselves?
CarbSane said…
Ain't that the truth CaptVee!!

I find it interesting that none of Jimmy's fans have noticed his diminished returns. 25ish lbs in 60 days is woo hoo for most, but hardly for JM.