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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Imposters & Spammers

From time to time here, the infamous Razwell will make an appearance with his usual all-caps rants citing Urgelt and Freidman and blasting Colpo, etc.  As such, I had to put that Razzy virus warning up a while ago, and it's active as of this post.

Please ignore this person here if comments get through from time to time.  He manages to behave in spurts -- as he has done over on Stephan's blog of late -- but this individual is best ignored.

I bring this up because in the past I'm also pretty sure that whoever Razzmatazz is was behind posting as "Evelyn" or even "carbsanity" using the Wordpress website carbsanity.  Sigh.  Buying up domains just to prevent this is beyond my means and desires, though I have secured and intend in the near future to migrate things there in some way, shape or form.  Perhaps that is what got me on the spam list of so many bloggers to where my comments go into the intervapors.  

In any case, recently someone using the email address carbsanity at tried to post on a blog of a person with whom I have a cordial acquaintance.  I'll let he/she identify if they like, but he/she comments here from time to time and vice versa.  So I received in email a "I know this is not you" alert a little while back.  Oddest thing was that this "carbsanity" wasn't overly offensive but seemed to be trying to sow seeds of dispute/disdain between me and said blogger.  In the past this happened on Peter D's blog, and Galina (thanks!) set the record straight that it wasn't me.  

I ALWAYS post either with this blogger/Google ID or using my carbsane at gmail dot com address.  ALWAYS unless my post goes into the ether in which case I may identify and post a "test" with another email addy.  So if you see anything by an Evelyn that *sounds* like me or any version of carbsane/sanity, it's not me unless it's Evelyn aka CarbSane, and if you're a website/forum admin the registered email is carbsane at gmail dot com.  Period.  

Thanks for having my back peeps!


Tonus said...

I guess this is an example of haters trying to make you famous. ;)

Galina L. said...

It looks like Razzwel's remission didn't last, as I remember from the past, his condition may worsen quite rapidly. He sad a weight loss was not his issue, then it looks like he is concerned with something while ignoring his real problem with mental health.

Woodey said...

Oh no Tonus, you used the word......

Woodey said...

I must admit that my first time witnessing Raz in action I responded. Then I found out from others that the guy is just a whack job and best to ignore. There are some people that even a good razzing (pardon the pun) cannot get their goat.

Careful on the "Razzmatazz", cutting it a tad close to the almighty Nazareth, that would be blasphemy.

ItsTheWooo said...

I'm sad I keep missing this guy freak out. His comments on WHS were pretty normal, albeit emotional, and i agreed with much of what he had to say.

It's hard to believe someone can write such coherent arguments and then devolve into what is being described as a torrent of nonsense spam and all caps, all day. I wonder if he is authentically mentally ill or if he is a troll looking to annoy people?

bentleyj74 said...

Not to worry, hang around just about anywhere long enough and you'll catch him in one of his spells.

Galina L. said...

I agree, my writing often sucks. I will try to get better, but don't hold your breath. I am not a REAL SCIENTIST after all. Do you have any mental issues, or it is just your style makes us think so? I think your style makes people ignore your massage, however Wooo is right, you did well on WHS.

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